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Maharaj Parikshit Fasts unto Death


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Maharaj Parikshit Fasts unto Death

What three things Maharaj Parishik asked from Sukadeva Goswami?

Hume chahte hain ke main karna chahti hoo. Maye e karoonge maye karoonge ….. aur usme ham begad dete hain sabb. Parikshit Maharaj ne e seeka hain fixed in God. Aagaya hain uski tayare kar lo. Aur before kyonki e prakyaat raja the, to jab sabi ko pata chala ki Parikshit Maharaja ko mruthyu aaraha hai to bade bade saints sages sabb aane lage vahah, including Vyasa dev and everybody. To aagaya sab saints and sages to before Sukadev swami came, Parikshit Maharaj told him that what he wants

[We desire that we’ll do everything ourselves. “I’ll do this, i’ll do that.” and in this way we spoil everything. We learn this from Parikshit Maharaj that “Don’t worry”. It (death) has come, get prepared for that. And before, because he was very renowned King, when everyone came to know that Parikshit Maharaj is going to die, then very big, big saints and sages started coming, including Vyasadev and everybody. When all saints gathered, even before Sukhadev swami came, Parikshit Maharaj told him that what he wants.]

punaś ca bhūyād bhagavaty anante

ratiḥ prasańgaś ca tad-āśrayeṣu

mahatsu yā yām upayāmi sṛṣṭiḿ

maitry astu sarvatra namo dvijebhyaḥ

[Again, offering obeisances unto all you braahmanas, I pray that if I should again take my birth in the material world I will have complete attachment to the unlimited Lord Krsna, association with His devotees and friendly relations with all living beings.](S.B. 1.19.16)

ś ca bhūyādhe says I am definite that because my life is sinful so I will have to come back again. punaś means again edi mujhe aanahi pade “punaś ca bhūyād” to mujhe please bhagavan ittina dena ki “bhagavaty anante” tere taraf mera aakarshan ho hamesha. Ye phele bath bhagavan ko mange inhone before Sukadev swami came.

Phir dusri baath mange hain inhone “ratiḥ prasańgaś ca tad-āśrayeṣu” ratih means attraction, mera aakarshan hamesha “tad-āśrayeṣu” tera jo aasraya lete hain unke taruf mera aakarshan ho. Bhakto ka sangh mere ko ho–e dusri bath karne hain.
Aur teesri baath inhone kahe hain ki main “maitry astu sarvatra namo dvijebhyaḥ”, ki mujhe maitriya chahiye Friendly relations with everybody. Equal relations with everybody. Aur Bhāgavatam me kaha hain ki friendly relations and equal relations main bahuth humme care lene hain. To hum kya kehata hain kabhi mujhe equal hona hain sabi ke saat koyi intimate karna nahi intimate relationships hojati hain. Under the name of friendly relationship hum intimate hojate hain Bhāgavatam me ye na kaha hain.
[punaś ca bhūyād – he says I am definite that because my life is sinful so I will have to come back again. Punaś means again. If I have to be reborn, “punaś ca bhūyād” then, Bhagavan, please grant me this much that “bhagavaty anante”, that I be always attracted towards you. This was the first thing Parikshit Maharaj asked before Sukadev came.
Then the second thing he asked was ratiḥ prasańgaś ca tad-āśrayeṣu” ratih means attraction. That my attraction be always towards You, tad-āśrayeṣu. “I may have attracted towards those who are surrendered towards Krsna. I may have association of devotees.” This was the second thing he told.

The third thing he told was that “maitry astu sarvatra namo dvijebhyah”, that I have friendly relations with everybody. [Have] equal relations with everybody. And in Bhāgavatam it is said that we have to take great care in friendly relations and equal relations. So what we do is “we have to be equal to all”, but we get intimate, don’t get intimate. Under the name of friendly relationship we get intimate. Bhāgavatam says “no” to this. ]

You have all relationships, very workable relationships with everybody. No intimacy. Intimacy me aur katara hain. [There is more danger in intimacy.] This has got to be digested. Nahi to equality hain ki bhai sum rehana hain sama sarveu bhūteu [BG 18.54], maitry astu sarvatra [SB 1.19.16] e shiksha hain shastronka. “Hum I am every equal/equality to everybody.” Aur equal hota nahi hain kahi intimate relationships hojati hain. To aise na karein please. [Otherwise, we think that we have to remain equal to all, Samo sarveshu bhuteshu, maitry astu sarvatra, this is the lesson from sastras. We think: “I am very equal to everybody” and we fail to remain equal and get intimate. Don’t behave like this, please.]
What is the art of living?

Try, and these equalities will definitely appear in you automatically provided your unflinching faith in shastras and Krishna.  Then you go through it again and again and Kṛṣṇa will gives you intelligence, dadami budhi yogam tam. Ye deta hai intelligence. [He (God) gives you intelligence.]

teṣāṁ satata-yuktānāṁ

bhajatāṁ prīti-pūrvakam

dadāmi buddhi-yogaṁ taṁ

yena mām upayānti te

[To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.](BG 10.10)

This point we should never forget or overlook.  We have to be very careful about this. 

Siksha shaatro main already hain. [This lesson is already there in the sastras;] How to change our life style depends upon us. Sune aap jaise sunrahe ho vaise and then try yourself. Kab karenge hum? [Please listen just like you are listening and then try yourself. When will you act?] We already travelling by aero-planes we already in vulnerable situation, don’t know when we have to end our life. So get to this point that everything good auspicious thing must assemble in your life. Hamesha magala cheejein hamare jeevan main ho amagala hamarese door bhag jayenge. Ye jevan hain. Issme sari acche buri cheejein hamesha aati rahenge. But boore ko be aap magala karlo. Jo hame lagta hain ki bara bar nahi hain usko be magala kar lo. That we can do. yoga karmasu kauśalam [BG 2.50]. Heh kaushal hain.

[There be always auspiciousness be in our lives. Inauspiciousness should stay away from us. This is life. In this, good, bad things will keep coming. But you can turn bad things into auspicious things. What you think is not up to the mark, make that also auspicious. That we can do. yoga karmasu kauśalam. This is kaushal.]

This is the art of living the human life wherein we don’t create enemies at all.  We don’t have any misunderstanding at all.  Because why? Our whole attention is to Krishna. We don’t have any time, we don’t have any time. And thus by creating amicable relationship with everybody whatever time is saved should be invested in the pages of Bhāgavatam. 
Otherwise hume relationships acche rakhte hain and again we vile away our time. To wo na kare. [Otherwise we maintain good relationship but again we vile away our time.] To wo na karein. [Please don’t do that.] This is a greatest danger.  We may go half a road but other half you don’t take.  Then you won’t achieve anything.  In order to achieve the favor of the Supreme Absolute Truth Kṛṣṇa the whole thing has got to be together.  And as soon as you do this your style improves. And this way, Parikshit Maharaj asked and fortunately Sukhadev swami walked in and then the whole Bhāgavatam was recited.  This is how this whole episode should be understood, chewed, digested and end result is our own behavior should improve. 
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