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Essay Two: Personal Index of Topics from all Six Cantos


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Essay Two: Personal Index of Topics from all Six Cantos

NOTES: SB-4 read to Chapter 25. Still have 25-31 to read and index.
108 means... SB 4.3.23

Abortion - History, reaction, atonement. 6.16.14

Analogys, Material Nature, Grasses take up all the water in the pond. 4.22.30

Arcana, the lord in the box, SB3.19.24

Asses, feel respectable, SB3.17.11

BBT Mistakes - This is NOI. Says NOD but it is NOI 2 & 3 to a tee! SB 2.8.21


[See Also – Epistemology]

Amara Kosha is the most authoritative dictionary in Sanskrita language. 6.3.24

Bhrgu-samhita, reveals past and future lives. 6.1.49

BG - Lord Caitanya has advised all His followers to go everywhere and preach the message of Lord Krsna. Since this message is essentially Bhagavad-gita, the preacher's duty is to study BG as it is understood by disciplic success and 4.16.3

BG - Catur sloki - As in the Bhagavad-gita, Tenth Chapter, the Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna, has summarized the whole text in four verses, namely, aham sarvasya prabhavah, etc., so the complete Srimad-Bhagavatam has also been summarized in four verses, as aham evasam evagre, etc, SB 2.9.37

BG and SB are interdependent, sb 1.2.29

Kesava sruti SB 4.4.25

Pinda Siddhi, pregnancy. SB3.17.18

Srimad Bhagavatam - Structure

End of the Chapter. Very nice Chapter, pastime. SP mentions the Maha-mantra many times. He relates the pastime to himself and ISKCON much more than we usually see. This Chapter shows a definite preaching strategy and example.

Text flow. Srila Sukadeva Goswami has given the general principles, answered the question, in terms of educating his disciple, now he gives as illustration, Ajamilah. 6.1.20

Many glorifications of Bharata-varsa in this chapter. 5.5.19

Last verse purport in Chaper 14 is summary of the forest of material enjoyment. 5.14.46

So many interesting things here. The number of hells is unlimited. Vivid desc. of hells for basic rascals such as thieves etc. We feel challenged again for our own egoistic activities. Some people say that Bh.vinode Thakura said that these desc. of hells are imaginary, but Prabhupada says at least twice that they are real. Illict sex. Everyone should join ISKCON and hear from the devotees there. Hear of Virata rupa and Krsna rupa. 5.26

SP Glorifys the Prayers by Rsabadeva as very important if we want to live peacefully in this world. Every word in Rsabadeva-lila are important. Difficult to extract anything. 5.4.19

Nice project, to collect all the preaching strategys used in the SB by Narada-muni or others. 6.5.44

Cantos One and Two. are Lotus feet of the Lord. 4.24.52

Canto by Canto summary. SB 2.10.8

"Please describe the Manus also, and please describe the descendants of those Manus." This is basis of rest of the structure of the SB! SB 3.7.25

Vyasa (sages-nimsar

"Tell line of Svayambhuva manu", SB3.21.1 5*

Srimad Bhagavatam Special Content 3.2 & 3 are wonderful meditation on Krsna lila, a little Krsna book!

Gaura kishore das babaji. SB4.2.19

Narada = mail man. SB 4.5.1

Prahlada Maharaja, SB 3.14

Priyavrata Dynasty more famous than Raghu, Iksvaku or Yadu, 5.6.14

Sarasvati, SB3.12.26

Sarva bhauma = Brhaspati. Brhaspati = Mayavadi. 4.22.6

Saunaka is a descendent of Sukadeva Goswami??! SB3.10.3

Vilasa tirtha Maharaja. 5.18.22

Brahma-muhurta, SB 3.20.46


In Vaikuntha the stool and urine are pleasantly scented. 5.5.33

Maya is a dream. Don't lament losses in our dream before or after the dream, so don't lament gain or loss in this life. 6.15.5

Maya, Purpose: "It should always be remembered that the material creation is created for the salvation of the conditioned souls." SB 2.10.5

Time, ghatika = 24 minutes > 30gh./day & night each, and day & night is six parts (= 5x24minutes = 2-hours/part). 2½-muhurtas. 6.8.20

Time in the spiritual world! SB3.11.38

Yugas = 6 opulences and 3 reg. principles. SB3.16.22

Garbhodakasayi visnu merges into Karanadakosayi visnu. SB 5.1.27 (28?)

"The impersonal and localized conceptions of the supreme lord are more or less materially contaminanted". 6.4.47

SP gives different cosmos from modern atronomers eg. stars are suns, bhu-mandala radius 93,000,000 miles. 5.16.4

Gravity is power of Sankarsana. 4.17.27

No sex agitation in the spiritual world. SB 4.6.30

Sense gratif in Vaikuntha but rejected. SB3.15.17

81+ Different body types, SB 3.9.28

bhu, bhuvah, sva = patala, mrtya and svarga lokas. Others say earth, sky and svarga, SB3.11.28

continents, SB3.21.7

14-worlds, sb 2.1.26

Cow Protecton - Cow/Brahmana Protection. Must do! 6.18.52


Vidura tirtha-yatra, Vanaprastha, avoid bogus Dhama-gurus, SB3.20.4

Navadvipa, Sankirtana 5.19.24

Vrndavana - Harinama – (In Vrndavana only Krsna and Balarama kill demons.) 6.2.16


Beyond descending knowledge, direct perception of spiritual world. 4.12.19

"Simply by worshipping and decorating Radha Krsna in the temple one is studying all the Vedas,SB 4.7.46

Krsna talks through dreams, SB3.25.35

Amara Kosha is the most authoritative dictionary in Sanskrita language. 6.3.24

"The Vedic injunctions are known as "sruti', and the additional supplementary presentations of these principles, as given by the great sages, are known as "smrti". 4.18.3

BG is the culture of the intellect and SB is the culture of the soul proper, SB2.7.18

Devotees words, writing directly dictated by the Lord. Hare Krsna in letters is not mundane. Prabhupada (cont'd end of 9.5). 4.9.4

Mundane PhD = Plough Department, frog in the well, SB3.6.10

No facts, modern history > 3,000 years. SB4.2.31

Atheistic opportunists pick up slogans from BG but can't understand who is Krsna, SB 3.2.22

It is also not possible to repeat all that one has heard from his spiritual master, but one can narrate as far as possible by one's honest endeavor." SB 3.6.36

"We cannot explain in terms of technical knowledge". Prabhupada is expressing limits of his presentation? SB3.11.14

Brahmacari - Work wonderful with brain. History - Therefore books did not exist in former times. SB 5.1.26

Etiquette - receiving guests. 4.22.10

Evolution – KC summary 4.24.72

Free will - So even in the material nature there is a chance of an independent choice by the living entity, and according to his choice the material energy offers him different varieties of material bodies, SB 2.9.2

Ganga - If can't bath in Ganga Yamuna then may bathe in the waters of the sea. 6.5.27-28

Gayatri mantra. 5.1.31, 5.7.13


Types of Guru

One must accept a certain type of guru to accomplish a certain type of duty. 6.7.32

“One who cannot deliver his dependents from the path of repeated birth and death should never become a spiritual master, a father, a husband, a mother or a worshipable demigod”: Prabhupada approved of marriage, Sannyasa, Goswami, so these people should become spiritual masters and fathers. A Madhyama adhikari can save his dependents by directing them to Srila Prabhuapda and helping them in that connection. SB 5.5.18

Although a follower may not be a liberated person, if we follow the chain of disciplic succession of people who are strcitly following the liberated Lord, we are also liberated ... Lord Caitanya says, "By my order you may become a spiritual master." One can immediately become a spiritual master by having faith in the transcendental words of the SPOG and by following His instructions. 4.18.5

Woman as diksa guru SB 4.12.32

Siksa, vartmana pradarshika, iksa, more advanced disciple takes guru back to Godhead. 4.12.32-33

ONLY songs by Hare Krsnas, 6.16.33

Mantra more purifying when chanted by Guru at initiation. 4.24.32

MEDITATE on order of Guru. 4.24.15

Offers obeisances to disciple. SB 4.3.22

"One who is now the disciple is the next spiritual master." Also, NOI 1, SB 2.9.43

Initiation through the heart, Brahma SB 2.9.7 & 8

Instructs not in private but in public; guru gives practical service (wrote poetry and articles) SB3.22.7

Guru does not = God. (BG 10.42?), SB2.5.7

Even though one may be an incarnation of Krsna, or especialy empowered by Him, he should not advertise that he is an incarnation. People will automatically accept the real truth in due course of time. --- Is this Srila Prabupada's situation? 4.22.5

Hatha Yoga is great! SB2.5.26-29

HpS Mana Siksa

As we were reading this our mind was analyzing our debt to our father, son etc. Helped us resolve some of these questions. SB 3.13

Let us take impetous from Indra's example, story, to feel ashamed of our offenses and understand how to act properly. 6.13.Chapter Summary

If we become weak in chanting our rounds our sex desires will become so strong that we will not be able to shake them off. Also, sure seems that Maya can present a form "just to our liking" that would cover our intelligence. Like Ajamila? CANTO 6, Chapter 4

In general we feel like the fool in the Forest. Are we taking money and using it for sense gratification, even in the name of religion? This is universal in the material world, but we pray to become sincere and only engage in sense gratification as it is necessary to make the senses work. 5.14

On the lower platform, one may sometimes be interested in philosophical speculation with a tinge of devotion. However, at that stage one is still interested in sense gratification.SB 5.5.7

Write articles and poetry, SB3.22.7

Homosex - Is madness, SB3.20.26


We never noted that this is two different incarnations in two different Manvantaras. this resolves some of our long held questions. SB 3.13

Lord Caitanya is channa-avatara. SB 3.16.22


The exact Sanskrit terminology for Krsna Consciousness is herein mentioned, Krsna, Parayana, going forward to the goal of Krsna. 4.12.38

ISKCON - Simple profession and dress. ***** 6.5.14

ISKCON devotees become Devas. 6.16.28

ISKCON devotees who deviate may form monkey-sex societies 5.14.30

"Anyone who is trying to be aloof from this Krishna Consciousness Society and yet engage in Krsna conscousness is living in a great hallucination, for this is not possible". 4.9.11

For re-establishing DVAD. 5.19.19 & SB 5.1.24

Rsabadeva's Instructions. 5.20-24

"Chanting is the medicine and prasadam is the diet". SB4.7.25


Arya-samaja, Jain. 5.15.1

God is one and He is appreciated according to different angles of vision. SB 5.3.18

Siva worship (nasty). SB4.2.29

Sankara, His mission, He is Lords Siva, Saivism. 4.24.17-19

One should not criticize others processess of religion. It will simply agitate the mind. 4.22.24

Animal Killing and Relgion 4.22.24

Basic Principle is Ahimsa 4.22.24

Yoga x Bhakti - Chanting and dancing also considered Pranayama. 4.23.8

Rituals of Vedas x Sankirtana at present moment 6.3.25


Deity worship, must continue so that chanting is effective. 6.3.25

Free from offenses by continuing to chant. 6.3.24

If chant 16 rounds strictly, adminstration of so called matter is spiritual. 5.16.3

Read SB or chant HK/R 24-hours a day. 5.6.16

"While chanting the Hare Krsna mantra, the words Krsna and Hare immediately remind him of all the Lord's activities."SB 5.1.6

Candala chants once he becomes liberated toward a brahmana. 5.1.35

Must keep numerical strength, really 24-hours daily. 4.24.70


“A killer of an animal must be killed in his next life by the same animal."6.16.42

We should chant to get free from sinful desires that force us to act, even unwillingly. 6.2.49 (Supplementary Notes)

Brahma, 100 lives VAD, gets his post. 5.20.33

From Cows, lions, monkeys become human. 5.14.30

Previous misdeeds - A liberated person therefore does not think about whatever he has ignorantly done in the past. Instead, he acts in such a way that he will not produce another body by fruitive activities."5.1.16


Om Namo Bhagavate vasudevaya, authorized. SB 2 Innvocation

Mantra, puja, Diksa. 1) Impotent if from book but not from Guru. 2) Focus on sound and Form will be revealed. Don’t try separately to see Form. ***** SB 4.8.53-54


Om is O.K. for neophytes. "mechanical though transcendental tricks", sb 2.1.17

Manasa puja NOT sufficient. Must worship physical form. SB 4.8.56

Om, sb 2.1.17


Hogs offered in sacrifice. 5.7.5

Minding Monkey

Awake, dream, higher deep-sleep, visuddha sattva. 6.4.26

More bio of Ajamila. Like us all, tried to control mind but could not. 6.1.62

Control the mind by 1= Neglect, 2= Stick beat, 3= Sp. master order. 5.11.17

Moon trip

An unsuccessful attempt has been made.."SB 5.1.8

They went. (?) 4.9.10

"Always doubtful". 4.22.54

Mukti - do not aspire to get out of material world nor try to enjoy it, sb 2.1.11


Text 1, This is like a Ding-dong-daddy of Purports. About three pages. The previous Acharyas must lay into it the same way. This series of verses is of course in the beginning of NOI 1. Why is that? Also, they relate to the first verses of NOD, four stages of distress. Then the question of what stage of bhakti on are we. Maybe even the lowest, like the constitucional position of service? No, like to chant also. Go mad sometimes thinking of different scenes in Vaikunth? ***** 6.1.15

This is NOI. Says NOD but it is NOI 2 & 3 to a tee! So nice. So nice. Substantiates our thesis that NOI 2 & 3 are yama and niyama, SB 2.8.21

NOI 2, Simple Living High Thinking (SLHT), Material comforts only make us more miserable, rather we lose the natural comfortable position of the animals, SB3.10.26


God feels happy/sad by our acts, SB3.18.6

Krsna w/o potencies = vasudeva > dvarkadisa, SB3.26.21

Origin of the Jiva

Come from vaikuntha, SB3.16.35

Only fall down for Vaisnava aparadha and Krsna's desire (lila) [But these are surrendered souls]. SB 5.1.5

Mahārāja Bharata purposefully became over-addicted to the deer and neglected his spiritual advancement... they are again promoted to the spiritual world 5.8.26

There is no necessity of tracing out the history of when the living entity desired this. SB 2.9.1

Factually, there is always the chance that this will happen, SB3.26.23-24

Why this material world was created for the suffering of the conditioned souls is a very intricate question; defintion of Nitya-badha; ***** SB3.26.5

"Everyone is at liberty to desire as he likes, but the desire is fulfilled by the Supreme Lord. Everyone is independent to think or desire..." SB 3.4.11

"Some of the jivas, however, wanted to lord it over material nature in imitation of the lordship of the Personality of Godhead. Regarding when and why such propensities overcame the pure living entities, it can only be explained that the jiva-tattvas have infinitesimal independence and that due to misuse of this independence some of the living entities have become implicated in the conditions of cosmic creation and are therefore called nitya-baddhas, or eternally conditioned souls." SB3.5.51

No sex agitation in the spiritual world. SB 4.6.30

Sense gratification in Vaikuntha but rejected. SB3.15.17

Fall from brahman but nor bhagavan position, SB3.25.29


Little effect if no service attitude, sb 1.2.26

Definition, Mayavada & Devotee, SB3.21.31

Prasad, distribution better than money in Kli yuga. 4.9.25

Psychology - [S/A Minding Monkey]

The psychologist makes a serious study of the physiological conditions of the brain, as if the construction of the cerebral lump were the machine of the functioning mind, but in the dead body the psychologist cannot bring back the function of the mind, SB2.9.34

Psychopathology - SB2.5.26-29


SB 5.25, What is Lord Anantadeva's relation with the Paramatma, Ksirodakasayi Visnu, who resides Svetadvipa. He resides in or below Patala loka. Maybe answers in CC in Glories of Lord Nityananda.

SB 6.3.21, It seems this history of Ajamila was spoken long before appearance of Bhisma deva or even Sukadeva Goswami. But they are counted as Mahajanas. Even before appearance of Lord Rama and Janaka Maharaja? When was it spoken. 6.3.35

Racist -- Although God is black He is very, very beautiful. Does this imply that black people normally are not beautiful? And then also what about Srila Prabhupada, he was brown?! Hmmm? So many interesting questions. SB 5.3.2


Rama-lila. Bibhisana, breaks friendship vow becomes br. or ks. in Kali-yuga, 5.15.7

Ravana kept gold in Brazil. Brazil was Lanka. *****4.22.36

Even the animals may be included in devotional service to the Lord, and the best example is set by Sri Vajrangaji, or Hanuman, the great devotee of Lord Sri Rama, SB 2.8.18

Rtvik Defined as Priest 6.5.14

Sad-bhuja worship - sb 2.1.10

Saligram sila – must be present for demigod worship. SB 4.8.41


Narada’s Sadhana for Dhruva Maharaja, SB 4.8

3 regulative principles. SB3.16.22

Sleep not head north or west, other women, sunrise or sunset, etc. 6.18.50

KRSNA book, sleep, SB3.22.33


Super Purport – Sankirtana, Sannyasa and Grhastha, SB3.21.31

Deity worship, must continue so that chanting is effective. 6.3.25

Uncle Sam wants you! "...invite all men and women advanced in knowledge to join the KC movement and sacrifice their lives for the great cause...". 6.10.6

Áll devotees, especially preachers, must know the philosophy of Krsna consciousness [Lord Caitnya] so as not to be embarrassed nor insulted when they preach.'6.1.38

Indians must help. 5.19.10

Indians, bharata bhumite haile = Strong preaching for Indians. 5.6.14

Srila Prabhupada's greatest challenge in Sankirtana are the bogus gurus. 5.14.29

Of course, it is not possible for everyone to become KC, the KC movement can create an exemplary society wherein there is no envy. 5.13.12

Every family can perform Sankirtana, at least every evening and become prosperous and happy. SB 5.4.3

Means reading and inducing others to read and hear also. 4.23.39

In Kali yuga do Sankirtana not politics to adjust things. 4.14.12

Leaders of KC movement must start schools for kids from 5 years all over the world. 4.12.23

Basic principle of Missionary Activities. "Pure Devotees", SB2.5.9

Vaisnava should not try to kill anyone, but should try to revive their KC... ISKCON formed for this reason. -> 48 & 49 Compassion. 4.6.47


Prakrti is made of five groups of five elements, SB 3.20.14

Anu, the atom. Kanada, sad-darshana = paramanuvada. Is the atom being discussed here the minimum acoustical arc? 15x5x3x3x199 = 2minutes x 15 = 24 minutes, approximately. SB 3.11

Gravity is power of Sankarsana. 4.17.27

Mind not = brain SB 4.7.5


ONLY songs by Hare Krsnas! 6.16.33

Sri guru carana padma, sung daily. 6.7.21

"Narada muni bhajaiya vina...". One of only two songs that SP puts in his purports. Other cc adi 7, gauranga bolite habe. Both super sanirtana. ISKCON go everywhere and chant Maha-mantra, BG, SB & CC". 6.5.22

Ten offenses - sb 2.1.11


Capital punishment. 6.1.8

Democracy. 5.20-24

Inheritance, Law of. Must pass it to next generation. 5.7.9

ISKCON for re-establish VAD. 5.19.19, 5.1.24

Brahmanas x Ksatriyas, Protect each other, SB 3.22.4, 3.21.56

Brahmana and Ksatriya don’t exist in Kali-yuga.Bibhisana, 5.15.7

Divisions Even sub-divisions of Vaisyas. Related LOB, Greedy Merchant, SB 3.6.32

Brahmacari ashrama

Work wonderful with brain. Therefore books did not exist in former times. SB 5.1.26

8-aspects of Brahmacari, control tongue. 6.1.14

Leaders of KC movement must start schools for kids from 5 years all over the world. 4.12.23

General Description of B’cari SB 4.8.1

Grhastha ashrama,

Garbadhana-sanskara, SB3.16.35

Jaipur King has Deity in house, KRSNA book, sleep, Svayambhuva-manu SB3.22.33

Wedding, Lord Brahma worshipped. SB 5.2.15

Even if one is a grhastha and has to earn his livelihood, he should be satisfied by collecting only enough money to maintain body and soul together. One should not have more than that nor less than that." SB 5.5.3

Husband Wife in Vaikuntha. 4.23.29

Husband wife attracted to each other. 4.24.11

Detailed Discussion SB3.14.7+

Detailed Discusssion SB3.21.15, 27, 3.22.15

A father should not banish his wife or children nor neglect their maintenance... in a case where the wife and children are disobedient and do not follow the principles of home life, they are sometimes given up. SB 4.8.65

Kardama and Devahuti Matched by qualities. SB 3.24.15

Divorce usually caused by wife. SB 4.4.3


Vena as example of bad King chapter 4.13

If chant 16 rounds strictly, adminstration of so called matter is spiritual. 5.16.3

Ksatriyas can break four principles. 4.22.13

Cuts off thieves hands. 4.13.20

Brahmanas control the Kings. 4.13.22

Citizens should not insult King 4.13.23

In Kali yuga do Sankirtana not politics to adjust things. 4.14.12


Kali-yuga no Salyasva austeritys, but 4-principles and maha-mantra effective without delay. 6.5.27-28

Indra as false Sannyasis. Ritvik (4.19.27), 4.19

Accept Srila Prabhupada's curse to travel. 6.5.43

Unless one is a preacher there is no need to travel, 5.5.32

Four stages. SB 5.1.27

Sannyasi attached to a temple or few things, but grhastha attached much more. SB 5.5.8

Inspired by Krsna’s arrangement as bad wife and bad children. 4.13.39

Old politicians must retire, sb 2.1.15

If want to enjoy this super title of swami must be strict in controlling the senses. 4.22.24

Satsified just with fruits and vegetables. SB 4.8.56

Stri dharma

Prasuti could see Daksa’s death coming, SB 4.5.9

Husband cannot protect SB 5.18.19

Oriental civilization, ornaments, fully covered (disguised), sleep not head north or west, other women, sunrise or sunset, etc. 6.18.50

Diti Plans to Kill Indra, pumsavana-vrata 6.18.22-52

Attract men to the lower part of their body. 6.5.14

Priyavrata Maharaja (everyone) empowered by his wife. SB 5.1.29

Six months baby drinks milk of mother, gets qualities of mother. 5.2.21

Visnu-priya as Sannyasini, one grain each round. 4.23.20

Mother gives son to Visnu and gets benefit. 4.12.34

Lady has good qualities and husband then good children 4.13.12

Parvati’s example. Chose Vaisnava, Lord Siva, as husband. SB3.23.1>

No sannyasa, SB3.24.40

Conversation of Siva and Sati, chapter 4.3

Tears ultimate weapon. SB 4.4.3

Women soft hearted, men sometimes hard hearted. SB 4.4.7

Vaisya - Citizens should keep their income and treasury balance secret but spend it for good causes. 4.16.10


ISKCON Vrndavana & especially Mayapura offer facility for Vanaprasthas. 6.2.39

ISKCON Vrndavana has places for people past 50 to retire and elevate to the spiritual world. 5.13.8

Vaikuntha Grhastha, Husband wife one unit. 4.23.4

At least, SB3.24.41

Go to Vraja etc., SB3.20.4

Vaisnava aparadha - Daksa tried to satisfy visnu but avoided devotees. SB4.3.3

Vairagya, sense gratification like salt, SB3.15.8


“Om apavitro...". 6.8.4

"Mukhan karoti vacalam...". 6.7.23

Vraja-mandala=parikrama SB 3.2.27, SB 4.8.42

War, nuclear - ISKCON devotees should not fear. Krsna will protect His servants. (Even the cheaters like us?). 6.3.18

Writing - a speech should be composed of selected words, very sweet to hear and appropriate to the situation. Such a speech is called meaningful. 4.22.17


"to hear the activities of the Lord means to associate with the Lord directly, and association with the Lord directly means purification from material contamination", SB 2.8.17

Patanjali Yoga sutras, SB3.21.1-12

Yoga ladder

Neophyte worship of Radha Krsna by rules and regs of Pancaratrika is actually accepted b

Laksmin an Narayana. 4.24.46

.1% possibility go Vaikuntha from B'jyoti. 4.23.16

Jñana-misra-bhakti -- discussion. 4.9.16

Abidheya - Pure devotee does not see himself, only Krsna. 4.22.27

bhakti yoga process. Narada to Dhruva *****. SB 4.8.54 +

"There is a difference between karma and karma-yoga. Karma is regulated action for the enjoyment of the fruit by the performer, but karma-yoga is action based on bhakti, or pleasing the Lord...", SB 3.1.6

Surrender, "One should depend only on the causeless mercy of the Lord for deliverance and not even slightly on one's own strength." SSB 4.7.31

" A Jnana-bhakta, or one whose devotion is mixed with the monistic viewpoint, is not a pure devotee." SB3.4.10

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