Biography in remembrance of our dearly beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother

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As written by daughter Deborah A. Williams

Our mother, Mrs. Hattie Mozelle (Hill) Williams was raised on a farm in Howard County, Missouri, and she knew the difference between planting of bulbs and of seeds, she knew the soil and the rivers of life. She learned to cook on an iron stove beside her mother, Bessie Canole Hill. She learned to play piano on an upright piano beside her aunt Molly. She heard of a place called Wichita, Kansas and ventured forth. She met a very dapper fellow in navy uniform and won him over with her delicious pies and sassy ways. She gave birth to 17 children, the hard way, one by one. She raised each one with strict principles and sincere love. She lived to see every president from Roosevelt to Obama. When asked what she thought of the election of a first African-American president on a doctor visit at the age of '85, the office became hush quiet as she smiled and said: 'I think that's all right." She enjoyed listening to Kathleen Battle, Paul Robeson, Nat King Cole. She wore dresses always but enjoyed watching the antics of the youth and 'Dancing with the Stars.' She is a part of Wichita history, this is her chosen city. Here she dwelled and shall be laid to rest. Mom, Mama, we love you, we thank you for your multitude of sacrifices on our behalf and know we can never thank you enough. Your children are university graduates, three of your daughters, Donna, Deborah and Darlene, graduated from Friends University here in Wichita Kansas. You have a son, Christopher, who is a city surveyor, a son, Charles, who is a postal manager, a son, Albert who is a noted artist and draftsman, a daughter, Dawn, a teacher, and so much more. When we have strayed from your principles, our faults are our own and do not take away from the wonderful legacies of love you leave to us. Swing low sweet chariot in the sky to carry our dear mother home. In this great getting up morning may she fare well along with her dear sisters, dear brother, mother and father. In remembrance of you, our dear mother, grandmother and yes, great-grandmother, I now read poetry as you gave me my love of poetry.

Family Tree for Mrs. Hattie Mozelle Hill Williams

(of the Hills who resided on farmland and town in Howard County, Missouri)

Grandparents: Mr. Jack Hill and Mrs. Sarah Hill

Parents: Mr. Thornton Hill and Mrs. Bessie Canole Hill

Aunts and Uncles: Molly Hill (paternal), Ira Canole (maternal)

Sisters: Sarah Hill Burris, Amanda Hill Jones-surviving, Cleavie Hill White, Gladys Hill Boothe, Corene Hill Morris

Brother: Warren Fisher Hill

Spouse: Raymond Williams

Daughters: Dorretha, Dawn, Darlene, Deborah, Donna, Dorcas

Sons: Marcus, Christopher, Glenn, Charles, Warren, Albert, Raymond Jr., Vermond, Robert, Melvin, Steve

Grandchildren: A wonderful host of many grandchildren and great grandchildren.
"Sparrow Song"

Neither do they spin, O Lord, neither do they toil

Yet, they reap a plenty, these of a fairer gentry

We, of fears, of tears, stand to till hard soil

Who to tend our needs: Who to hear our pleas

Early morning sparrows sail upon broken wings

As pale moon fades, a new day is dawning soon

So golden in a meadow, glory ever does unfoil

Then no more to spin, O Lord, no more to toil

Copyright 1999 by D. A. W.


Remember me if I grow withered embittered

Remember perfumed scents fresh blossoms

Remember my faith if I have doubted at all

Remember greenery as brown chestnuts fall

Remember this spirit of a thundering horse

Remember the way if I stray off course

Remember the rhythm gentle winds sway

Remember soft kisses raining down today

Remember warm golden maize in a field

Remember sweet berries a plentiful yield

Remember as hawks sail above stormy sky

Remember me a dove so much higher I fly

Remember me as I am and I will be complete

As a red leaf beneath swift dancing feet

Copyright 1999 by D. A. W.

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