Black Hole Story Board Lesson- lesson Plan & Story Board Template

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Black Hole Story Board Lesson- Lesson Plan & Story Board Template


English Listening & Speaking Skills

& Identifying Metaphors


Up to 160 minutes

Grade Level

3 -12


1. Students can express what they see in a video.

2. Students practice speaking English in complete sentences.

3. Students can distinguish spoken words through listening skills.

4. Students are able to organize their ideas into a story board and share

those ideas in English to their classmates.





A copy of the “The Black Hole Video Clip” This video clip has been uploaded for educational purpose to you can also borrow a copy for educational purposes from (Use the free program “Tube catcher” to obtain a portable copy of the music video from

Story board, pencils, and art materials.


Subject matter


Time Allotted





Engage students in lesson


Before class begins make a blank story board consisting of about five or six boxes lined up in a row side by side.

Ask the students what magic power they would like to have and why.

Students answer the questions

10 min.

Whole Group/

Class work


Identify vocabulary and order of events.

Show the video clip “The Black Hole”. Play the short clip twice so that students can see all that happens.
 After the movie ends discuss what happened in the video clip. Ask the students to describe the order of events that took place in the video clip.

 Write the student responses of what happened in the various scenes on the story board outline that you drew on the board before class started.

After completing the storyboard outline on the board, review the scenes with the class. Each box in the story board contains a picture depicting the scene with a brief one to two sentence caption below each box explaining what is taking place.

View the video clip.
Students dictate what happened in the various scenes of the video clip.

50 min





Recognizing Vocabulary

Ask the students what they would do if they had the portable Black Hole.
Briefly make a story board of what a student might do with the Black Hole.
Instruct the students to make a storyboard of their own scenario of what they would do if they had the Black Hole.

 Students explain what they would do with the Black Hole.

Students make their own individual story boards of what they would do if they had the Black Hole.



Small Group/

Paired work



& Wrap-up

Ask students to share their story boards with their rest of the class.
If they are too shy you can ask the students to anonymously submit their work to be shared by the teacher. The students are still free to explain further their story board even if they decide they want the teacher to present their story board.

Students share their storyboards with the rest of the class depicting what they would do if they had the Black Hole.



Whole Group/

Class work

Please see the story board template on the following page.

You will need to also acquire the short film “The Black Hole” possible at

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