Blackguard – Adventure Walkthrough


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Blackguard – Adventure Walkthrough



General note

For the alignment and class requisites, or for other generic notes, refer to the notes found at the beginning of Chapter One.To complete this module, you must attain at least 10 levels as a blackguard.

Henchmen note

During Chapter Three, henchmen works a little different than before.

Just to start - when you’re allowed to get someone on your side - you can choose to pick up two henchmen at the same time. Your choice, however, is restricted to only two candidates. This happens two times. When the module begins you can choose to pick up both the two orc clan leaders. Later on, you may take on a nice couple of drow. Of course, if you want only one henchman – or if you want to go alone – you are free to do as you please.

When you manage to arrive near Yartar, you won’t have freedom of choice anymore. Your current henchmen (or henchman) will leave you, and Fargrak himself will replace them. Later on, before you enter the Shield Tower, Fargrak will be replaced by Valshera - the succubus queen. Finally, you will have to complete the module all alone.

You can always instruct your henchmen about the tactics they must follow. You cannot manage their inventory, though. You may think this limitation a bit unfair, however - given the many overpowering items you may find during your adventuring - I believe it is necessary to keep the game balanced.

Items note

During this Chapter you will find a lot of magical items, many of them extremely powerful. I suggest you to keep the more items you can. Often, they may save your day.

Also, use all of your money to buy potions, scrolls (if you can use them) and the like.

Unique Items note

Some unique items can be obtained only by sheer luck, that is you must find them as a part of random treasure.

This Chapter features seven brand new items you can find.

The cloak called Alzroth’s Heritage has quite a story. Centuries ago, on the fifth layer of Baator in Belial's palace ( the Abriymoch fortress), this artifact of great power had been made for Alzroth, a blackguard tiefling. Alzroth was very famous among the baatezu for his victories in countless battles in the Blood War. Seeing that the tide of the battle was turning because of him, the forces of good decided to go after him. All we know is that every celestial had been dispatched, but Alzroth was never seen confirmed dead or alive. Usable only by a blackguard, this cloak grants the wearer a +4 Charisma bonus, acid and cold resistance 5/-, divine resistance 10/-, a 25% immunity bonus against divine energy, electricity and fire, plus regeneration +5.

The face Ark'lash the warrior-mage made after a wish granted by a vizir efreet! ‘I want the power of a hundred swords’ he had said. Not quite what he expected, he still thought his gift very useful. Indeed, the odd-looking item tagged as ‘Blade Frenzy’ can be used once per day to cast a Blade Barrier spell.

The ‘Burning Brass’ looks like a gem but it is actually a magical piece of brass. It was made by a vizir priest from the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire and it is very warm to the touch. This item can be used to cast a few fire-related spells: Elemental Shield (3 charges), Fire Storm (5 charges), Fireball (2 charges) or Wall of Fire (1 charge).

Inspired by Volo himself, the Helmet of Bardic Knowledge is a very practical tool for those who don't want to go through all the books of Candlekeep in order to find some information about legends and lores. On a negative note: Volo didn't have combat in mind when he thought about this helmet! The wearer of the helmet can cast the Identify spell and the Legend Lore spells once per day. The helmet grants also a +20 bonus on the lore skill and a +10 bonus on the use magic device skill. The wearer, however, will suffer a – 2 armor class penalty.

The Horn of Cold feels very cold when touched. Legend says this horn was made by a powerful elementalist sorceress from Icewind Dale. One can unleash a powerful frozen wind by blowing in it. Each casting of the Cone of Cold spell will consume one charge.

The simple ring called ‘Mystra’s Bane’ is in fact a powerful relic of protection that had been searched for by many adventurers. Rumours say it was crafted by Mystra herself, but cautious people would simply say it was made by unknown powers using unknown materials.

The wearer of this ring has the power to cast the Dispel Magic spell, the Lesser Spell Breach spell and the Spell Mantle spell once per day. The wearer receives also a 25% immunity bonus to cold, electricity, fire and magical energy. If you think that’ss not enough, the ring grants the wearer complete immunity to death magic, a +2 bonus on any saving throws and spell resistance 22.

The small Talisman of the Dead has unusual power against the dead. It is said it was made by a very old svirfnebelin priest tired of having problems with his cemetery. The talisman would give life back to what's dead, or would give death back to the undead. Indeed, at the cost of one charge, the user can activate this item to cast a Raise Dead spell or an Undeath to Death spell.



Chapter Three starts just like the two previous chapters – with a dream.

Standing before you, trapped upon a small stone platform that floats in a pool of bubbling lava, there is a bunch of scared commoners. These people are very frightened and they cry and beg you to be merciful and spare their life. They swear they are innocents - they did not have part in your brother’s death. It was not their fault and you just cannot blame them for his fate.

Of course, you won’t listen to their pathetic whining – if not to amuse yourself with such a mournful music. Instead, you take great pleasure in tormenting and burning down these pitiful souls. You begin by incinerating them one by one, but - as hatred and anger burn stronger and stronger inside you - you cannot control yourself anymore. As you shout they all will suffer and die, you wave your hands and all the remaining fools are turned to ashes.

Then, the dream walker comes in. This time, though, you can greet him with his proper name. Indeed, the being who has been visiting your bloody dreams for a while is no-one less than Tothur, the Storm Prophet of Talos.

It seems your dreams have become quite populars for another – and better looking - creature pays you a visit. Valshera, the powerful Queen of the Succubae, has appositely came from her Abyssal home to tell you how much she enjoyed the slaughter of Mornbryn’s Shield. According to her demonic judgment, you are *almost* ready to destroy Yartar.

When you hear the word ‘almost’, you protest you’re more than ready to accomplish such a task. Tothur, however, shares Valshera’s opinion. He says you sure are strong – but not that strong. Then, to your dismay, he resurrects all the people you’ve just incinerated. In a fit of blind rage, you resort to all of your powers and sheer will to make the commoners stay dead. After a few failed attempts, your will prevails. As you rejoice, you claim that nothing can stop you. No one can prevent you for destroying Yartar just like you’ve destroyed those fools!

Valshera giggles she likes your attitude, then, before to leave your dreams, she congratulates with her old friend Tothur. Indeed, he couldn’t have chosen a better candidate...

You don’t like the idea you have been ‘chosen’ for something you don’t even know, so you ask Tothur for an explanation. The Prophet, however, eludes your question. Then, he says it is time to wake up...

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