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On behalf of Her Majesty’s Government,


In recognition of the contribution made during the Second World War,

GCHQ will present a commemorative badge to surviving veterans of Bletchley Park and its outstations


Surviving veterans on 1 July 2009:

  • who were employed by the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Bletchley Park or its outstations during WWII;

  • who served in the Armed Forces at Bletchley Park or its outstations during WWII;

  • who served in the “Y” Services of the Armed Forces collecting material which was sent to Bletchley Park during WWII;

  • who served in SLUs or SCUs;

  • who served in the RSS; or

  • who worked for the GPO in the COLOSSUS team at Dollis Hill.


Post this form to:

Bletchley Park Commemoration

Room B2g


Hubble Road


GL51 0EX
Or email this form to

Please use these addresses for any queries regarding this award.


You will not receive acknowledgement of your application before it has been processed. Badges and certificates will be dispatched through the post and are usually received within one month.

Full Name:



National Insurance Number (UK Citizens)

Other identification number (please expand)

Date and Place of Birth:

Did you work at Bletchley Park or at an outstation? (Please give details)

Name to be entered on certificate (in capitals):

When were you employed?


The above information may be used to check the validity of your request and will be retained by GCHQ for business purposes only.

We expect this story to be of interest to the media, both locally and nationally: would you be happy to be contacted by the media? Y/N

A Roll of Honour is being compiled, to be held at Bletchley Park and linked from their web site at Are you happy for your name and where you served to be added? Y/N

In order to help us ensure that we have as complete a historical record as possible, we would be grateful if you would write down any memories you have of your time working in Signals Intelligence. You may consider anything that happened before VJ Day as unclassified.

Here are some questions to jog your memory:
How did you come to be engaged in this work?

Had you been asked about any relevant qualification (eg typing, foreign language)?

Where did you do your basic training?

When were you told you would be engaged in intelligence-related work?

Where were you billeted? Were any colleagues there as well?

Who were your supervisors?

What shift pattern did you work?

How and where were you finally demobbed?

This information may be used to enhance our historical records of Signals Intelligence in the Second World War. We will not make this information public without your prior consent.

NB: If you are filling in this form on behalf of a Veteran, please provide your own contact details in addition to the above.

Those who served at Bletchley Park and who are sadly no longer with us are currently listed in a register held and maintained by the Bletchley Park Trust. Although we cannot issue the commemorative badges in respect of those who have died, GCHQ will support the Trust by preparing a bound copy of this Register to be held at Bletchley Park, and by maintaining an on-line copy of it. If you know someone who was a Bletchley Park Veteran and is no longer alive, please fill in a Posthumous Form on the Bletchley Park website ( and post to the Bletchley Park Trust, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB, United Kingdom, or email to: ; alternatively please write to Bletchley Park if you wish to add someone’s name to the register.

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