Blind Date Teacher’s Notes

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Blind Date

Teacher’s Notes
1. Put students in groups of three or four and tell them you’re going to ask them some questions. They have fifteen seconds to agree on and write down an answer (on mini whiteboards if you have them). If their answer is the same as the one you have, they get two points. If their answer makes sense, they get one point.
3. Ask the first question and stop the discussion after fifteen seconds. Ask each group for their answer, and at the end of the round, award points. Tell students that they should also make a note of the “correct” answer. Repeat with the other questions and find out each group’s grand total of points.
The questions are:

  • Write down one kind of seafood. (lobster)

  • Write down one thing you can light. (candles)

  • Write down one thing you can blow out. (candles)

  • Write down one thing you can send. (a message)

  • Write down one thing you can fly across. (the sea)

  • Write down one word that goes with get. (lost)

  • Write down one thing you can turn off. (a light)

  • Write down two things you can put on. (goggles, make up)

  • Write down one thing you can drink. (wine)

  • Write down one reason why you might wait and wait. (for a blind date).

4. Tell students that they’re going to watch a clip about a blind date, but they can’t take any notes while watching. Play the clip until 02:30.

5. Students order the verbs and vocabulary from exercise 4.

6. Play the clip again to check that they have the correct order. Get them to note down anything that they don’t know how to say in English eg She put her contact lenses in, she was dazzled by the light etc. Then ask them to predict the ending before showing the last part.
7. Finally, ask students to retell the whole story in pairs, paying attention to natural sounding rhythm and intonation, varying pace, and making sure they include new vocabulary.

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