Blood diamonds Focus Questions

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Blood diamonds
Focus Questions

  1. Discuss the main issues raised in the Blood diamonds story.

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    Episode 22

    17th august 2010

    Learning Area

    Society and Environment

    Key learning

    Students will complete a range of activities relating to diamonds and the issues linked to `blood diamonds’.

    hat do diamonds symbolise in our society? Think about images and references in advertising, movies, songs and magazines.

  3. What was the cause of the civil war in some parts of Africa?

  4. During the civil war, diamonds were often swapped for _____________.

  5. How were kids involved in the conflict?

  6. Explain the term `blood diamond’.

  7. What happened when the world found out about blood diamonds?

  8. How do consumers know that they are purchasing `conflict free’ diamonds?

  9. Describe Naomi Campbell’s involvement with blood diamonds.

  10. How did this story make you feel?

    Blood diamonds

    Students will investigate blood diamonds in more depth. Negotiate with students how many activities they will need to do.

Remember and Understand

  • Research ten facts about diamonds and display them.

  • Why is a diamond so hard? Show your research findings using illustrations.

  • How are diamonds mined? Write a brief explanation of the process.

Apply and Analyse

  • What are human rights? What are the human rights issues associated with blood diamonds?

  • Write a personal response to the blood diamond story.

  • What has Australia’s role been in curbing the worldwide trade of blood diamonds?

Evaluate and create

  • Choose a country that was involved in the civil war, for example Sierra Leone, and create a profile of the country. Include information about how the country has recovered from the civil war.

  • Which country produces the greatest amounts of diamonds and which continent produces the most? Show the information on a world map.

  • Create a poem or a piece of music about blood diamonds. Publish the poem or music using multimedia.

Reflect on your research and learning

What were the most important things I learnt from this activity? Write a response under each of the following headings:





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