Board of Officers Meeting Agenda

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Venice Neighborhood Council

PO Box 550, Venice, CA 90294 /

Email: / Phone or Fax: 310.606.2015

Board of Officers Meeting Agenda

Westminster Elementary School (Auditorium)

1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, 90291

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order in honor of Mark "Sponto" Kornfeld and Robert Graham. Roll Call.
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Approval of any outstanding minutes submitted by the Secretary
December 16, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports are provided in written form when available
4. Scheduled Announcements (no more than 1 minute per report unless otherwise stated)
A Mike Newhouse ( Affirmation Election of Cynthia Rogers & Karen Wolfe
B Governmental Reports

  • DONE: Deanna Stevenson

  • LAPD: Officer ?, Senior Lead Officer
  • State Assemblyperson Ted Lieu: Liaison

  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: Stephen Cheung, West Area Director

  • City Councilperson Bill Rosendahl: Arturo Piña, Field Deputy

E Ivan Spiegel (310-821-9556;

  • Town Hall Feb 26: Impact of State Budget on VNC Budget

  • Masters in the Chapel Concert: Community Improvement Project Event

  • Community Improvement Project: Application forms for allocation of CIP funds of $20000.

5. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 min, no more than 2 minutes per person) no board announcements
6. Old Business Westside Regional Alliance of Councils [Ira Koslow to chair this item - 20 min discussion & then vote]
Request that the VNC adopt the following six motions:

Motion No. 1

1. That Early Notification of all applications to the Department of City Planning, the Bureau of Engineering and to the Department of Building and Safety shall be sent to all impacted certified Neighborhood and Community Councils recognized by their Councilperson (hereafter, “council”), and the applicant shall be required to send notice, by certified RRR mail, to the applicable council, of all subsequent requests for modifications, adjustments, amendments, alterations, or revisions to the application.

2. Planning and Building and Safety shall review all such applications, and such review shall include, prior to approval, compliance with all relevant Community Plans, Specific Plans, and Overlay Districts.

3. With respect to all applications to Planning and Building and Safety for which a public hearing is not required, notice shall be sent to the applicable council of the terms of the proposed approval, no later than 10 calendar days prior to issuance of the approval, and consideration shall be given by the decision maker to any objections, comments, or questions submitted in writing by the applicable council during the 10-day period.

4. Planning and Building and Safety shall each establish an ombudsman or community advocate who is accessible to officers of a council and whose responsibilities shall include facilitating access to Department personnel, procedures, and documents.

Motion No. 2

That the Los Angeles City Council be requested to supply each Neighborhood or Community Council with an accounting of both 5117 parking funds, and Quimby Funds for its district.

Motion No. 3

The Venice Neighborhood Council hereby supports adoption of an Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) / moratorium as proposed by the City Planning Commission temporarily prohibiting the installation of all new offsite advertising signs and supergraphic signs, as well as prohibiting alteration to existing offsite signs and supergraphic signs, until a new offsite sign ordinance can be developed, adopted and implemented. There should be no exceptions that might weaken the enforceability of the moratorium.

Motion No. 4

As gridlock is a major quality of life issue, the City of Los Angeles City Council is hereby requested to implement an enforcement mechanism and fine system to alleviate the constant gridlock in intersections in the City Limits. While the City has found it both effective and profitable to implement “Tiger Teams” to clear ‘No Parking, Tow Away Zones” during peak hours, the city has been unable to control gridlock.

Motion No. 5

That the Los Angeles City Council be requested to amend the working documents for Neighborhood and Community Councils, thereby allowing N.C./C.C.’s the right to appeal city department decisions.

Motion No. 6

The Westside Regional Alliance of Neighborhood Councils understands that if we don’t prepare, no one will. Our goal for first quarter of 2009 is for the following:

• The Westside Regional Alliance of NC’s pledges to make Emergency Preparedness a top priority and to identify resources to help our communities.

• The Westside Regional Alliance of NC’s will work together and with other Alliances, Government offices and Agencies to share Best Practices, information and resources.

• The Westside Regional Alliance of NC’s will develop a Master Calendar for EP (including choosing evacuation/gathering places and locations to store emergency supplies).

• Finally to implement and/or refine the Incident Command Structure so that there is cohesion in all responses throughout the Westside.

7. Treasurers Report – See Exhibit A accept report as presented
8. New Business
A Mike Newhouse ( Nomination of candidates for Board vacancy, closing of nominations, and time for each candidate to take 2 minutes to disclose qualifications and reason for submitting name as candidate.
B From Rules & Election Committee
I Ira Koslow (310-392-0868; Motion to amend Standing Rule 13IId as follows:
Within 15 calendar days after the hearing, the Chair shall notify all parties and the President and Secretary in writing of the decision. Within 7 calendar days following transmission of the decision to the parties, a party may appeal the decision to the Board by written request to the Secretary. The request must include grounds for appeal. and The decision and any appeal will be heard by the Board within 60 calendar days of receipt of the decision or an appeal by the Secretary. The Board may adopt or amend or overturn a decision of the CRC by majority vote. The decision of the CRC, as amended by the Board, will be final and a synopsis shall be [posted on the web for one month] [published in the next VNC newsletter].
C From Conflict Resolution Committee – See Exhibit B

I Conflict Resolution Committee: Review and decision regarding November 21, 2008 CRC decision regarding July 15, 2008 Standing Rule 13 Complaint by Nathalie Guntz against Challis McPherson

II Conflict Resolution Committee: Review and decision regarding October 14, 2008 CRC decision regarding Aug. 5, 2008 Standing Rule 13 Complaint by Fabiola Wright against Challis McPherson

D [The following three motions are considered under this Item 8D]
I Challis Macpherson ( on behalf of LUPC: it is requested that the Board adopt the following as a standing rule:
Projects which comply with the development standards of the VCZSP or which LUPC determines to be

de minimis shall be placed on the board consent calendar without requiring a LUPC hearing or preparation of a LUPC report. The below form letter will be sent to the appropriate entities if the Board agrees with LUPC.

De Minimis Form Letter
Los Angeles City Planning Department

200 North Spring

Los Angeles, CA 90012-2601
Subject: CASE NO. (Insert Here)

Project Address: (Insert Here)

Applicant: (Insert Here)
Madam/Sir…….: (Note: this will probably go to the ZA or planning staff person)

Please be advised that the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Board of Officers, upon the recommendation of our Land Use and Planning Committee, has consented to take a position of “No Opinion, No Recommendation Without Prejudice” and not send a recommendation for action to Council District 11, Planning Department or any other governmental entity on the referenced planning case. However, we reserve the right to take a position and/or appeal at a later date in the event the project, as initially presented to the hearing authority, is changed without the consent of the affected parties.

Please provide a copy of the decision letter to the Venice Neighborhood Council, Post Office Box 550, Venice, California 90294, or electronically to and
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Very truly yours,

Venice Neighborhood Council


Mike Newhouse, President of Venice Neighborhood Council

Cc: Applicant

Applicant’s Representative

CD11, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl VNC Land Use and Planning Committee
II Joe Murphy (310-895-0344; it is requested that the Board adopt the following as a standing rule:
Upon request by affected parties to a Venice-related dispute, the VNC will provide facilitation assistance to negotiations between them by maintaining and web-posting a list of willing facilitators from which the parties may choose and arrange appropriate meetings at their mutual convenience.
III Challis Macpherson ( on behalf of LUPC: Move that Board accept projects listed in Exhibit C which LUPC recommends be sent the above De Minimis Form Letter registering "No Opinion, No Recommendation Without Prejudice"

E From Neighborhood Committee [15 min discussion only, 15 min discussion & vote @ Feb 17 Bd Mtg]

I Linda Lucks (310-745-3240/310-450-2554; on behalf of Neighborhood Committee: At its meeting on 12/8/08 the Neighborhood Committee UNANIMOUSLY approved recommendation of the following motions for Board approval:

(i)  The VNC Board shall rescind its previous decision to deny considering placement of all street furniture in Venice.
Background: The VNC Board previously voted to deny the placement of street furniture in Venice.
(ii) The Board shall authorize the Neighborhood and Ocean Front Walk Committees to a) identify possible locations for automated toilets and street furniture and b) negotiate with the CD 11 office on a formula to share revenue for the Community Improvement Fund program. All negotiations will be approved by a vote of the VNC Board.
Background:  The OFW and VNHC’s met recently with Arturo Pina from the Council office and were asked to search possible locations for recommendation to the VNC. There is no point in pursuing this approach unless the Board reverses its previous position. Arturo Pina informed us that the furniture will be placed with or without VNC input. Some of the possible street furniture pieces (bus shelters) will offer an opportunity for VNC information as well as shared advertising revenue. This can be an excellent opportunity to create a partnership with CD 11 to provide funding for one of our most visual and successful programs. The council office has agreed to work with us and wait for our input before installing any further items. We will also consider removing inappropriate items of furniture which have already been placed.
9. Consent Calendar
A From Stakeholder

I Michael Rosen ( Request that VNC send a letter to the Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles Police Department requesting that the Department of Transportation extend the ‘no parking’ red curbs at the 7th Avenue intersections between Broadway and California Boulevards and that the Los Angeles Police Department strictly enforce the expanded red curb restrictions on parking at these intersections; and that that the Department of Transportation conduct a traffic study to determine if additional stop signs at these intersections would increase pedestrian and vehicular safety.

B From Board Member
I Linda Lucks (310-745-3240/310-450-2554; Motion to endorse and partner with American Red Cross in providing DP training. All VNC board and committee members and stakeholders are invited to receive training to help support the community when a large disaster event occurs. Attendees will have photos taken so ARCGLA identification can be issued to become an affiliated Red Cross Disaster Volunteers.
II Linda Lucks (310-745-3240/310-450-2554; Request board endorse the efforts of the following food banks and encourage donations of food and clothing:

West Side Food Bank
1710 22nd St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone:(310) 828-6016
Fax:(310) 828-2646

Fill the Food Bank

  • Fruit Gallery Juice Shop – 1 Westminster Ave

  • the otheroom – 1201 Abbot Kinney Blvd

  • Urban Escape – 1505 Abbot Kinney Blvd

  • The Slave Boutique – 2122 Lincoln Blvd

  • Trim – 1424 Abbot Kinney Blvd

  • Paper Scissors Rock – 1711 Pacific Avenue

  • to schedule Pick-Up

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