Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) April, 2010 Newsletter Love, Hope, Joy


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Bon Air Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

April, 2010 Newsletter
Love, Hope, Joy

On Maundy Thursday we remember the “mandatum” Jesus gave his disciples, “Love one another”. That is his mandate. Love one another. How’s that going? You realize of course, Jesus wasn’t talking about some vague fuzzy feeling that we are to have for all of humanity. Jesus meant love that person in the office who is grating on your nerves. Love that relative who always has something critical to say. Love your neighbors; love the clerk at the discount store who is tired from a long day’s work. Love and forgive and live as Christ followers. Today can we love one another, regardless of our opinions or politics or eccentricities?

Some scholars think the word Easter comes from the German “eostarun” which means “dawn”, recalling the time of day that the women went to the tomb and the fact that Jesus’ resurrection brings a new dawn. A new day has dawned. The old has passed away. In baptism we celebrate the new life we know in Christ Jesus. Easter Sunday we come to praise God for the new dawn of our lives. We come on Resurrection day to let our hearts be filled with the joy of the love and hope that Christ brings to us. It is glorious. It is truly cause for celebration. Life is stronger than death. An itinerant Jewish preacher is more powerful than the might of Rome. Jesus breaks through the bonds of the tomb and through the locked doors of fear. God says, “I have the final word, and that word is the word of life.” Thanks be to God who comes amidst the challenges of life and brings hope. Believe in the hope. Believe in the new life. Believe the dawn breaks and with it comes joy. Believe.


Holy Week Services & Activities

Holy Week is a time for us to remember our own story as we hear the salvation story unfolded once again. We hope you will share with us in the events of this sacred time. We gather to prepare our hearts and our lives, to deepen our faith. Come share with our community of faith as we sing hosanna, receive the bread of life, drink from the cup of salvation, look upon the face of the one who has loved us to the end. We invite you to share in these Holy Week worship services and activities:

March 28 – 8:45 and 11:00 Palm Sunday

Worship Services

April 1 - 7:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday Worship Service – A commemoration of the Lord’s Last Supper

April 2 – 12:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Good Friday worship service

April 4 – 7:00 a.m. Easter sunrise service

7:45 – Brunch – bring your favorite covered dish and enjoy this time of fellowship

8:45 & 11:00 Easter worship services

12:15 – Easter egg hunt

Easter Sunrise Service & Brunch

We invite everyone to come join us for our 7:00 a.m. sunrise service followed by a potluck breakfast. This is a great way to start our celebration of Easter.

Please come share with us in worship and time of fellowship. You are invited to bring a covered dish to share. Coffee and juice will be provided.

Graduate Recognition

If you are graduating from high school, college or other learning institute, please contact the church office. Graduate recognition is Sunday, June 6. We will recognize our graduates during the 10:45 worship service and have a reception following the service.

Maundy Thursday Service

April 1st at 7:00

On Maundy Thursday we remember the Lord’s Last Supper with his disciples by sharing in Holy communion. The service is also a Tenebrae service. The Tenebrae is the extinguishing light as the scripture describing the passion of Christ’s suffering and death is read.

We are reminded that the road to Easter always passes through Golgotha. Please plan to join us for this inspiring service.
Parents Morning Out

Wednesday, March 10th

Parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers may drop off their children Wednesday, April 14th at 9:00 a.m. at the church nursery. Please let Shirley or the church office know you will be coming. The cost is $10.00 and parents can pay Shirley when picking up their children.

Christian Women’s Fellowship

The C.W.F. is open to all women of the congregation. There are three C.W.F. groups women can choose from:

Day Group: Meets on April 13th (2nd Tuesday of month) at 10:30 at church. Alma Spivey is the group leader. The hostesses this month will be Ruth Fraker, Helen Macklin, Mary Elizabeth Jonas and Mabel Garrison.

Evening Group 1: Meets on April 6th at (first Tuesday of the month) at 7:00 p.m. in different members home. Kitten Whitlow is the group leader. This month’s meeting is at Sally Phifer’s house.

Evening Group 2-The Salad Group: This month the group will meet on Tuesday, April 20th at 6:15 at the church. Group leader brings the greens and each member brings an item to add to a tossed salad. Carol McGowan is the group leader.

This year all three groups will be studying the Old Testament book of Joshua. Our country of study for the year is Bosnia.

Family Concerns:

Our sympathy and prayers go out to Jerrell Todd, upon the death of his wife, Laura.

Shirley Heath had knee replacement this month and is recuperating at home.

Nancy Sexton had surgery this past month. She is recuperating at home.

Stephen and Cecelia are still in Boston. Stephen continues to be treated at the hospital. They appreciate your prayers.

It was wonderful to see Ron Hill come in to church on a walker. He continues to grow stronger with therapy.

We keep in our prayers: Gerry Roppe′; Joe Smith’s mother, Glenda who has cancer; Joe Edwards’ sister, Jeaneen Lile who has cancer, the VerBeek’s friend, Benjamin, Jessica Moritz who has cancer and Brenda Bracey’s sister, Sandra Blount. We continue to pray for the Burkhalter’s son-in-law, Tray Isley; Kevin Stargell; Bria Pendergast; Mary Ann Casdia’s granddaughter, Daisy Hansen; Susie Smith; Arlene Blythe’s mother, Margie Best who has leukemia; Stacey Price; Debbie New’s friend, Rick Cline who has lung cancer and a brain tumor, Brand and Debbie Inlow’s friend, Tom Harris who has cancer and Cathy Law’s friend, Milo Marr who has cancer.

The Church Staff

The Rev. Cynthia K. Stratton, Sr. Minister

Vickie Brooks, Organist & Choir Director

Shirley Acree, Nursery Attendant

Becky Harvell, Church Secretary

Thank you!

The church continues to be grateful to Bob Lenhart for keeping the fellowship hall and hallway floors clean and buffed!

We also thank Alice Carden for donating the changing table and baskets for the ladies’ room in the education building.

Thanks to Ann Thomas who did the extended session planning for March.

Special thanks to all who helped with the church’s clean up day. All you do and give is most appreciated!

BACC has received this thank you note from the Disciples of Christ General Office:
Dear Rev. Cynthia Stratton,

Thank you for your generous and faithful gifts! In 2009 you were one of the top 250 congregations in your support of Disciples Mission Fund. In gratitude for your faithful support of our common mission fund, I have enclosed a copy of Diana Butler Bass’ book, Christianity for the Rest of Us.

On behalf of the 72 ministries of the Christian Church that are funded by Disciples Mission Fund, know that we are grateful for your gifts and blessed by your partnership.


Todd Adams

Associate General Minister

BACC has received the following thank you note:

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for all the prayers and the many acts of kindness during my recent hospital trip.

Mazie McCann

BACC has received the following thank you note from Gerry Roppe′

April has always been a special time for me. In or around this special time, the flowers wake up, palm branches wave in a sea of joy, I celebrate my birth and baseball season begins. But this year is a tad bit different. Through the grace of God, the skilled hands of the medical magi, and your prayers full of love, I celebrate and honor you. The only person who gave up on me was me. I've been given a second chance. I am keenly aware that God is still working overtime on my case.

Some days my physical pains are unbearable. Some days I ache spiritually, and some days I just want to hide. But most of the time I simply pause in awe and celebrate the wondrous world around me. I'm a work still in progress, and your love and that of God will hopefully mold me into a better man who still has lots to give. I pray each day for you my family.    

Gerry Roppe′

Book Club

April’s book Three Cups of Tea (One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . .One School at a Time) by Greg Mortenson has been on the New York Times best seller list over a 159 weeks. It is the inspiring account of one man’s campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote and anti-America reaches of Asia. In 1993 Greg Mortenson was the exhausted survivor of a failed attempt to ascend K2, an America climbing bum wandering emaciated and lost through Pakistan’s Karakoram Himalays.

After he was taken in and nursed back to health by the people of an impoverished Pakistani village, Mortenson promised to return one day and build them a school. From that rash, earnest promise grew one of the most incredible humanitarian campaigns of our time -- Greg Mortenson’s one-man mission to counteract extremism by building schools, especially for girls, throughout the breeding ground of the Taliban.

Join the Book Club as they meet on the third Thursday each month which will be April 15th. All members of the church, families and friends are invited to come.

If you have a special book that you would love to share, then please come and suggest that book for our May meeting. We meet at 7:00 pm in the Sojourners Sunday school room. If you do not like to drive at night please call Jean Turlington 272-1561 or Andee Kirk 330-9275. They gladly pick anyone up that would like share the fellowship and enjoyment found in reading.


In our recent Lenten Bible study on prayer, we were reminded that the first prayer most of us said was the bedtime prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take. Some said that they did not like the idea of a young child having to pray about death, especially his own. There is another version of this prayer which you may want to use with your children instead of the traditional one. It is printed below. If you have a child (or grandchild) who is afraid of the dark, the poem, “God’s Dark,” which is also printed below, may be of help. Both of these poems are from the book, “Masterpieces of Religious Verse,” copyrighted 1948 by Harper & Brothers.

An Evening Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray Thee, Lord, Thy child to keep;

Thy love go with me all the night

And wake me with the morning light.

Author unknown
These reflections came out of the Lenten Bible Study,

which focused on praying the psalms
The Dark is kind and cozy,

The Dark is soft and deep;

The Dark will pat my pillow

And love me as I sleep.

The Dark is smooth as velvet,

And gentle as the air,

And he is good to children

And people everywhere.

The Dark can see and love me

Without a bit of light.

He gives me dreams and resting;

And brings the gentle Night.

God made the Dark, so Daytime

Could close its tired eyes

And sleep a while in comfort

Beneath the starry skies.

The Daytime, just like children,

Needs rest from work and play,

So it can give us children

Another happy day.

God made the Dark for children

And birdies in their nest.

All in the Dark He watches

And guards us while we rest.

-John Martin, 1865-1947

Flower Chart

Providing flowers on Sunday morning is a way to be a part of worship. Please consider providing flowers on a Sunday morning. The flower chart is on the bulletin board outside the church office closest to the side sanctuary door.

Craig Springs Rally/Musical

April 25th at 3:00

Seventh Street Christian Church

There will be a Craig Springs Rally/Musical on Sunday, April 25th at 3:00 at Seventh Street Christian Church. All proceeds from this rally are to support Craig Springs Camp and Retreat Center.

All youth and adults are invited to attend.

Companions in Christ – an opportunity for spiritual renewal

Please join us in a 5 week journey of spiritual growth and renewal. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 7 we will have small group meetings at Lloyd Thacher’s home. It will be a wonderful time to get to know one another better and also to grow in our own faith.

This is what Lloyd had to say about the group he attended last year: “The small group experience changed me in ways I could not have predicted. It caused me to “think outside the box”. In other words, to look at myself critically and ask myself, “How could I serve Christ in a new and invigorated way?” I so believe in its power to renew one’s faith that I want to lead such a group.

If you have questions or are interested in participating please call Cindy (272-6228 or e-mail or call Lloyd Thacher at 804-378-7878. We will need to order participants books, which cost $15, so please let us know as soon as possible.

Youth Groups Dates to Remember

The youth groups will meet Sunday, April 25th at 12:15. There will be no meeting April 11th due to spring break.

The end of the year picnic will be Sunday May 2nd. The youth will leave church at 10:00 to go to Maymont Park. Please pack a bag lunch. Drinks are provided. Transportation is provided to the park but children will need to be picked
up at the barn at 3:00.

JOY Group Presents Gene Cox April 20 at 10:30
Gene Cox is coming to Bon Air Christian Church April 20, 10:30 am for a lecture and book signing for his new book,  “Six Pigs in a Tub; A Grammatical Repair Kit.”

It will be a covered dish luncheon. All members of the church are invited to attend. Please RSVP to Laura Hollis, 320-3466 by April 18.
Craig Springs Camp 2010

Camp forms have arrived. Contact Diane Clark or the church office for a camp registration form. Forms must be turned in to the regional office by May15th to receive the early registration discount.

The church will pay for half of the cost of camp. Please make your half of the cost of camp payable to the Christian Church in Virginia. Also, a completed registration form includes a copy of your insurance card.

The camp that our youth usually attend is the one listed below as “cross-roads” which is scheduled for July 18-23. This camp fills up quickly. Please turn in completed registrations to the church office as soon as you possible.

Listed below are the dates for 2010 at Craig Springs:

GAP (graduated 12th to age 22) June 10-14

AMPDD-Art Music Photography Dance Drama - June 20-25

CYF- June 27-July 2 (high schoolers)

Special Camp  - July 4-9

Nature- July 11-16

Cross-Roads - July 18-23 (Accepting all three age groups)

Outdoor Adventure- July 25-30

Chi Rho- July 25-30 (middle schoolers)

New Covenant- August 1-6 (elementary)

Family Retreat- August 6-9


The Evangelism committee would like for you to Invite A Friend to church on Sunday, April 25th.

Adults and kids alike … come share in faith & fellowship.  All are welcome to Sunday school, early & late services, extended session and children (2nd grade and up) can even stay after for Youth Group activities. 

There will be refreshments available after both services for additional fellowship time with our guests.

If you have any questions, please contact Kendra VerBeek at 804-594-0128.

Christmas in May!

The Billy Foutz Memorial Library will have an Victorian makeover.  Now we need to raise funds to make this happen.  The Bon Air Historical Society has agreed to give us a table to sell Christmas decorations.

I am making sequin/beaded balls that can be hung on your Christmas tree or chandelier and Moravian stars.  If anyone has something special that make for Christmas and would like to donate those items please contact Andee Kirk at 330-9275 or 929-2270.  The goal is to make $450 to buy new brass/glass ceiling light fixtures to replace the fluorescent lights.

Teacher Appreciation

  We will recognize our wonderful and dedicated Sunday School teachers at the late service on May 23, 2010.  Please join us for a light breakfast in honor of our teachers before Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. on May 23, 2010. 

Worship and Wonder -- Memorials

  This fall we will enhance our extended session by using Worship and Wonder.  This program focuses on helping our children learn key Bible stories.   The Bible stories are told through wooden figures and cut outs.  The figures and accessories for each story are kept in their own individual boxes or containers.  We believe that this program will greatly enhance the spiritual experience for our children during the extended session time.  You can help us get this program off the ground by sponsoring one of the stories.  The stories range in price from about $40 to $150.  Donating a story in honor of or in memory of a loved one would be a wonderful way to recognize Memorial Day.  If you are interested in donating a story, please contact Andee Kirk at 330-9275 or 929-2270 or Sandy Collins at 323-3816. 


 Nature Camp

Nature Camp was developed in the 1970’s by the Youth Ministry Committee of Virginia. The camp is run by the youth, with the help of adult volunteers. It is an opportunity for at-risk children to experience a week at camp and an excellent opportunity for high-school age counselors to develop skills for ministry and service.

Nature Camp Wish list for this year includes: Bubbles, stickers, paint, board games, basic school supplies, stuffed animals, craft supplies, hygiene kits, rainy day activities, gently used clothing and new underwear, socks and t-shirts for girls and boys ages 9-12. Gifts cards to Sam’s Club and Walmart are appreciated.

This wish list will help to offset the cost to enable the camp to purchase the perishables needed for the week.

Supplies may be put in box labeled “Nature Camp” which will be in the hallway in front of the fellowship hall. Kitten Whitlow will take collected items to Craig Springs work weekend which is May 28-30.

April 4

Elders: Bill Heath, Lloyd Thacher

Deacons: 8:45 Arlene Blythe (P), Steve Blythe

11:00 Susan Teachey (P), Shea Hollifield, Jason Whitlow, Kitten Whitlow

Worship Leaders: 8:45 Jean Turlington 11:00 Kitten Whitlow

Acolyte: Charlie, Jake & Lilly Ver Beek Nursery Helper:

Extended Session: 8:45 11:00

April 11

Elders: Joe Bancroft, Barbara Bancroft

Deacons: 8:45 Chris Bates (P), Lena Neal

11:00 Kristopher Clark (P), Bob Skowron, Russ Johnson, Tim Johnson

Worship Leaders 8:45 Joe Bancroft 11:00 Cassie Price

Acolyte: 8:45 Jefferson & Josh Huddle

11:00 Clayton, Evan & Caleb Lenhart Nursery Helper:

Extended Session: 8:45 Anna Huddle 11:00 Cathy Law

April 18

Elders: Steve Craft, Sandy Collins

Deacons: 8:45 Steve Blythe (P), Arlene Blythe

11:00 Polly White (P), Doug White, Lena Neal, Cindy Cochran

Worship Leaders: 8:45 Guy Barker 11:00 Kim Teachey

Acolyte: Madison Arthur Nursery Helper:

Extended Session: 8:45 Doug Collins 11:00 Maggie Pace

April 25

Elders: Steve Goff, Bob McGowan

Deacons: 8:45 Cindy Cochran (P), Guy Barker

11:00 Jasmine Heath (P), Josh Vaden, Casey Kirk, Andee Kirk

Worship Leaders: 8:45 Harley Larson 11:00 Barbara Bancroft

Acolyte: Hannah & Zachary Moon Nursery Helper:

Extended Session: 8:45 Katie Smith 11:00 Cassie Price

Offering: Steve and Angie Goff

Ushers/Greeters: 8:45 Carnell & Iva Teachey 11:00 Bonnie Davis & Teresa McGee

(P) denotes communion preparation

April 2010








8:45& 11:00 Worship Services


Sunday School

7:00 Maundy Thursday Service

12:30 Good Friday Service


Lloyd’s flock feeds homeless

5:00 Casual Service

4 Easter

7:00 Sunrise Service & Brunch

12:15 Easter Egg Hunt



1:45 Exercise

7:00 Choir

7:00 CWF at Sally Phifer’s


8:00Men’s Breakfast

7:00 pm. AA, Quilters




5:00 Casual Service

12:15 Youth
3:00 BAHS



10:30 CWF

1:45 Exercise

7:00 Choir


8:00Men’s Breakfast

9:00 Parent’s Morning Out

7:00 pm. AA

Book Club 7:00



5:00 Casual Service

Cathy’s flock

potluck at her house after church


1:45 Exercise

6;15 CWF

7:00 Choir


8:00Men’s Breakfast

7:00 pm. AA



5:00 Casual Service

12:15 Youth
2:00 BAHS


1:45 Exercise

7:00 Choir


8:00Men’s Breakfast

7:00 pm. AA




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