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‘True Singapore ghost stories’ is an exciting and aghast book about a lot of true ghost stories. The stories are set in Singapore. It was written by Russell Lee and a ‘team of ghost writers’ and published by Angsana Books.

There are many main characters in the stories, so I choose two characters to introduce. The first one is a teacher who is a twenty-nine-year-old male. He does not believe in ghost. The second one is a female banker who is adventurous. She wants to find out the truth about ghost.
Because there are a lot of short stories, I choose two stories, which are my favorite. In the beginning of the first story, Terry, who is a secondary school student, takes a bus home. Then, he begins to feel aches and pains all over his body. His family are really concerned about him. After that, Terry starts having strange and frightening nightmares. In the middle of the story, his family want to take him to see a spiritualist, but anything would happen to prevent them every time. Finally, the spiritualist comes to their house. He says that Terry is possessed. Thankfully, the spiritualist is very powerful. He dislodges with the spirit.
The second story is set in a school in Singapore. In the beginning of the story, a girl goes to toilet after school. Then, she sees a girl in full uniform, hanging there and swinging. In the middle of the story, the spirit attacks the students who go to toilet. Finally, the students find the story behind it.

I enjoy this book for several reasons. Firstly, it is very aghast to read about ghosts. Another reason I enjoy the book is that the stories are very exciting. Also, I like this book because every story seems true. I think this is a good book for somebody who believes in ghosts.

WONG Yan Wing(6A)

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