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Aaron, Thomas E., Henry J. Mann, and Timothy Taylor, eds.

Values and Public Policy, 37: 436.

Abd-Allah, Umar F.

Islamic Struggle in Syria, The, 26: 548­-49.

Abernathy, Glenn

The Right of Assembly and Association, 4: 223-24.

Aberth, John

Criminal Churchmen in the Age of Edward III: The Case of Bishop Thomas de Lisle, 39: 805-06.

Abraham, Gary L.

Max Weber and the Jewish Question: A Study of the Social Outlook of His Sociology, 36: 858.

Abraham, Henry J.

Freedom and the Court: Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States, 9: 396-97.

Justices and Presidents: A Political History of, Appointments to the Supreme Court, 17: 530-32; 29: 345-46.

Abramov, S. Z.

Perpetual Dilemma: Jewish Religion in the Jewish State, 21: 349-51.

Abrams, Elliott, ed.

The Influence of Faith: Religious Groups & U.S. Foreign Policy, 45: 184-85.

Abrams, Ray

Preachers Present Arms: The Role of the American Churches and Clergy in World Wars I and II with Some Observations on the War in Vietnam, 11: 527-29.

Abrecht, Paul, and Roger L. Shinn, eds.

Faith and Science in an Unjust World: Report of the World Council of Churches’ Conference on Faith, Science and the Future, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cam­
bridge, USA, 12-24 July 1979. Vol. 1: Ple­nary Presentations; Vol. 2: Reports and Recommendations, 23: 339-40.

Abu-Amr, Ziad

Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza, 39: 346-47.

Abzug, Robert H.

Cosmos Crumbling: American Reform and the Religious Imagination, 38: 178.

Ackerman, James S, Jenks, Roger L. Alan Wilkin, and Edward B. Jenkinson

Teaching the Old Testament in English Classes, 16: 340-41.

Acton, Lord

Acuerdos Concordatarios Espanoles y la Re­vision del Concordato Italiano, Los, 25: 349­-51.

Essays on Church and State, 11: 521-23.

Adams, James Luther

Growing Church Lobby in Washington,The, 13: 358-59.

Prophethood of All Believers, The, 30: 569-70.

Voluntary Associations, 30: 569-70.

Adeney, David H.

China: The Church’s Long March, 30: 345-46.

Adeney, Frances S.

Christian Women in Indonesia: A Narrative Study of Gender and Religion, 46: 134-35.

Adler, H. G.

The Jews in Germany: From the Enlighten­ment to National Socialism, 13: 539-41.

Adler, Mortimer J.

The Plurality of Religion and the Unity of Faith, 33: 619-20.

Adolph, Walter

Die katholische Kirche im Deutschland Adolf Hit/ers, 20: 356.

Kardinal Preysing und zwei Diktaturen: Sein Widerstand gegen die totalitiire Macht, 17: 524-26.

Agu, Charles Chikezie

Secularization in Igboland: Socio-Religious Change and Its Challenges to the Church Among the Ibo, 33: 135-36.

Ahdar, Rex

Worlds Colliding: Conservative Christians and the Law, 45: 172-73.

Ahdar, Rex, ed.

Law and Religion, 43: 607-08.

Ahlstrom, Sidney E.

A Religious History of the American People, 15: 123-25.

Ahmed, Jamal Mohammed

The Intellectual Origins of Egyptian Na­tionalism, 4: 235-36.

Ahn, Yong Choon

The Triumph of Pastor Son, 21: 366.

Aho, James A.

This Thing of Darkness: A Sociology of the Enemy, 38: 913.

Ahroni, Reuben

Yemenite Jewry: Origins, Culture and Literature, 31: 152.

Akenson, Donald Harman

God’s People’s: Covenant and Land in South Africa, Israel, and Ulster, 35: 896-97.

Akers, Charles W.

Called unto Liberty: A Life of Jonathan Mayhew, 1720-1706, 8: 293-94.

Divine Politician, The: Samuel Cooper and the American Revolution in Boston, 27: 345-46.

Akhavi, Shah rough

Religion and Politics in Contemporary Iran: Clergy-State Relations in the Panlavi Period, 23: 133-35.

Alas, Higinio

El Salvador £ Por que la Insurreccion?, 25: 348-49.

Albanese, Cathenne L.

Sons of the Fathers: The Civil Religion of the American Revolution, 21: 110-12.

Alberdi, Christina, and Victoria Sendon

Aborto, 25: 350-51.

Albert, James A.

Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice?, 42: 595-97.

Albright, Madeline with Bill Woodward.

The Mighty and the Almighty. Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs, 49: 779-80.

Alcal, Angel, ed.

The Spanish Inquisition and the Inquisitorial Mind, 31: 146-48.

Alexander, Charles C.

The KuKlux Klan in the Southwest, 8: 302-04.

Alexander, Edward

Classical Liberalism & the Jewish Tradition, 45: 611-12.

Alexander, Stella

Church and State in Yugoslavia Since 1945, 26: 140-41.

Alfs, Matthew

The Evocative Religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses: An Analysis of a Present-Day Phenomenon, 34: 871.

Algar, Hamid

Religion and State In Iran, 1785-1906: The Role of the Ulama in the Qajar Period, 18: 330-31.

Wahhabism: A Critical Essay, 46: 890-91.

Algar, Hamid, trans.

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 23: 159.

Allen, John L., Jr.

Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger, 47: 883-84.

Allen, Richard

The Social Passion: Religion and Social Reform in Canada, 1914-28,17: 322-23.

Alley, Robert S.

James Madison on Religious Liberty, 30: 612.

School Prayer: The Court, the Congress, and the First Amendment, 37: 433.

Without a Prayer: Religious Expression in Public Schools, 41: 845-46.

Alley, Robert S., ed.

The Constitution and Religion: Leading Supreme Court Cases on Church and State, 42: 582-83.

Allison, Robert J.

The Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776-1815, 38: 919.

Allitt, Patrick

Catholic Converts: British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome, 40: 904-05.

Catholic Intellectuals and Conservative Politics in America: 1950-1985, 36: 862.

Religion in America Since 1945: A History, 46: 900-01.

Almog, Shmuel

Nationalism and Antisemitism in Modern Europe, 1815-1945, 34: 146-48.

Almog, Shmuel, ed.

Anti-Semitism Through the Ages, 32: 427-28.

Alnor, William M.

UFO Cults and the New Millennium, 42: 395-97.

Alonso, Harriet Hyman

Growing up Abolitionist: The Story of the Garrison Children, 46: 415-16.

Peace as a Women’s Issue: A History of the U.S. Movement for World Peace and Women’s Rights, 37: 159.

Alpert, Rebecca T.

Voices of the Religious Left: A Contemporary Sourcebook, 43: 616-18.

Alter, Robert, and Frank Kermode, eds.

The Literary Guide to the Bible, 30: 611-12.

Altmann, Walter

Luther and Liberation: A Latin American Perspective, 36: 599-600.

Alves, Rubem A.

Protestantism and Repression: A Brazilian Case Study, 29: 137-38.

Theology of Human Hope, A, 18: 358-59.

Alvis, Robert E.

Religion and the Rise of Nationalism: A Profile of an East-Central European City, 48: 466-67.

Alwall, Jonas

Muslim Rights and Plights: The Religious Liberty Situation of a Minority in Sweden, 43: 811.

Amburger, Erik

Geschichte des Protestantismus in Russland, 5: 272-73.

American Association of School Adminis­trators

Religion in the Public Schools: The Report of the Commission on Religion In the Public

Schools, 8: 119-20.

Ami, Ben

Between Hammer and Sickle, 11: 561.

Ammerman, Nancy Tatom

Baptist Battles: Social Change and Religious Conflict in the Southern Baptist Convention, 34: 624-25.

Bible Believers: Fundamentalists in the Modern World, 30: 613.

Amstutz, Mark R.

Healing of Nations, The: The Promise and Limits of Political Forgiveness, 48: 205.

International Ethics: Concepts, Theories, and Cases in Global Politics, 2nd ed., 49: 769-70.

Anastaplo, George

The American Moralist: On Law, Ethics, and Government, 35: 407-08.

Anbinder, Tyler

Nativism and Slavery: The Northern Know Nothings and the Politics of the 1850s, 36: 183-84.

Andelson, Robert V.

Imputed Rights, An Essay in Christian Social Theory, 14: 507-08.

Anderson, Clifford V.

The Christian and Social Concern, 18: 132-34.

Anderson, Gerald H., ed.

Studies in Philippine Church History, 13: 350-51.

Anderson, Gordon L.

Philosophy of the United States: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, 47: 642-43.

Anderson, Gordon L., and Morton L. Kaplan, eds.

Morality and Religion in Liberal Democratic Societies, 35: 904-05.

Anderson, Irvine H.

Biblical Interpretation and Middle East Policy: The Promised Land, America and Israel, 1917-2002, 49: 565-66.

Anderson, John B.

Between Two Worlds: A Congressman’s Choice, 14: 350-51.

Anderson, Margaret Lavinia

Windthorst: A Political Biography, 25: 165-66.

Anderson, Norman

Issues of Life and Death: Abortion, Birth Control, Capital Punishment, Euthanasia, 21: 154-55.

Anderson, Ronald. D.

Religion and Spirituality in the Public School Curriculum, 47: 891-92.

Andrews, James F.

The Citizen Christian, 11: 537-39.

Angell, Stephen W. and Anthony B. Pinn

Social Protest Thought in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 42: 589-90.

An-Na’im, Abdullahi Ahmed

Proselytization and Communal Self-Determination in Africa, 43: 353-55.

Toward an Islamic Reformation: Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and International Law, 33: 806-07.

An-Na’im, Abdullhi A. and Jerald D. Gort

Human Rights and Religious Values: An Uneasy Relationship?, 38: 196.

Ansbro, John J.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Making of a Mind, 27: 348-49.

Antieau, Chester J., Phillip Mark Carroll, and Thomas Carroll Burke, eds.

Religion Under the State Constitutions, 8: 465-67.

Antieau, Chester J., et al.

Freedom from Federal Establishment: For­matIon and Early History of the First Amend­ment Religion Clauses, 8: 461-63.

Antoine, Charles

Church and Power in Brazil, 16: 541-43.

Antonides, Harry

Stones for Bread: The Social Gospel and Its Contemporary Legacy, 29: 152­-53.

Antoun, Richard T.

Understanding Fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Movements, 44: 572-73.

Apostolidis, Paul

Stations of the Cross: Adorno and Christian Right Radio, 43: 371-72.

Appleby, Scott, ed.

Spokesmen for the Despised: Fundamentalist Leaders of the Middle East, 40: 174-75.

Aptheker, Herbert

The Urgency ofMarxist-Christian Dialogue,14: 159.

Araujo, Robert John, S.J. and John A. Lucal, S.J.

Papal Diplomacy and the Quest for Peace: The Vatican and International Organizations from the Early Years to the League of Nations, 47: 883-84.

Arberry, A. J., ed.

Religion in the Middle East: Three Religions in Concord and Conflict, 11: 348.

Arendt, Hannah

The Jew As Pariah: Jewish Identity and Politics in the Modern Age, 22: 165.

Ares, Richard

L’Eglise et les projets d’avenir du peuple canadien-franrais, 21: 148.

Arias, Bishop David

Spanish Cross in Georgia, 38: 429.

Arieli, Yehoshua

Individualism and Nationalism in American Ideology, 8: 124-25.

Arjomand, Said Amir, ed.

From Nationalism to Revolutionary Islam, 28: 132-33.

Arkoun, Mohammed

Rethinking Islam: Common Questions, Uncommon Answers, 38: 182.

Armstrong, Brian G.

Calvinism and the Amyraut Heresy, 14: 331-34.

Armstrong, George D.

The Christian Doctrine of Slavery, 13: 543-44.

Armstrong, Marjorie Moore, and O.K. Arm­strong

Baptists Who Shaped a Nation, 19: 127-28.

Indomitable Baptists,The, 9: 411-12.

Arnold, O. Carroll

Religious Freedom on Trial, 22: 158-59.

Arnott, Peter

The Byzantines and Their World, 16: 341.

Aronsfeld, Caesar C.

The Ghosts of 1492: Jewish Aspects of the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Spain, 1848-1976, 23: 158.

Asad, Muhammad

The Principles of State and Government in Islam, 5: 269-70.

Ashley, Maurice, ed.

Cromwell, 11: 558-59.

Ashton, Nigel

Ambivalent Alliance: The Catholic Church and the Action Francaise, 1899-1939, 30: 178-79.

End of an Elite, The: The French Bishops and the Coming of the Revolution, 1786-1790, 36: 167-69.

Askew, Thomas A. and Richard V. Pierard

The American Church Experience: A Concise History, 48: 222-23.

Aston, Margaret

Thomas Arundel: A Study of Church Life in the Reign of Richard II, 10: 452- 54.

Ateek, Naim Stifan

Justice, and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation, 32: 641-42.

Ateek, Naim S. and Marc H. Ellis

Faith and the Intifada: Palestinian Christian Voices, 36: 879.

Atherton, John

Marginalization, 46: 146-48.

Public Theology for Changing Times, 43: 346-47.

Atherton, John and Hannah Skinner, eds.

Through the Eye of a Needle: Theological Conversations Over Political Economy, 49: 777-79.

Atkinson, James

Great Light: Luther and Reformation, The, 12: 515-18.

Trial of Luther, The, 14: 331-34.

Attwood, David

Paul Ramsey’s Political Ethics, 35: 906-07.

Au, William A.

Cross, the Flag, and the Bomb, The: American Catholics Debate War and Peace, 29: 128-30.

Audi, Robert and Nicholas Wolterstorff

Religion in the Public Square: The Place of Religious Convictions in Political Debate, 41: 156-57.

Auerbach, Jerold S.

Rabbis and Lawyers: The Journey from Torah to Constitution, 36: 604-05.

Aughey, Arthur

Under Siege: Ulster Unionism and the Anglo-Irish Agreement, 33: 364-65.

Augsburger, Myron S.

Nuclear Arms: Two Views on World Peace, 30: 347-48.

Augustin, Pius

Religious Freedom in Church and State: A Study in Doctrinal Development, 11: 145-46.

Aukerman, Dale

Darkening Valley: A Biblical Perspective on Nuclear War, 32: 893.

Reckoning with Apocalypse: Terminal Politics and Christian Hope, 37: 663.

Ault, James M., Jr.

Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamental Baptist Church, 47: 892-94.

Averill, Lloyd J.

Problem of Being Human, The, 19: 362-63.

Religious Right, Religious Wrong: A Critique of the Fundamentalist Phenomenon, 32: 883-85.

Avis, Paul

A Church Drawing Near: Spirituality and Mission in a Post-Christian Culture, 47: 649-51.

Avi-Yonah, Michael

A History of Israel and the Holy Land, 46: 889-90.

Avnery, Uri

Israel without Zionism: A Plan for Peace in the Middle East, 17: 145-50.

Avni, Haim

Argentina and the Jews: A History of Jewish Immigration, 34: 869-70.

Avruch, Kevin and Walter P. Zenner, eds.

Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Religion and Government, 40: 173-74.

Ayubi, Nazih N.

Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Arab World, 34: 619-20.

Babbie, Earl R., Charles Y. Glock, and Benjamin B. Ringer

To Comfort and to Challenge: A Dilemma of the Contemporary Church, 10: 157-58.

Babin, Pierre

The New Era in Religious Communication, 34: 402-03.

Babris, Peter J.

Silent Churches: Persecution of Religions in the Soviet-Dominated Areas, 22: 532-33.

Bacchiocchi, Samuele

From Sabbath to Sunday: A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observ­ance in Early Christianity, 21: 109-10.

Backman, Clifford R.

The Decline and Fall of Medieval Sicily: Politics, Religion, and Economy in the Reign of Frederick III, 1296-1337, 39: 151-52.

Backman, Milton V., Jr.

Christian Churches of America: Origins and Beliefs, 20: 592-93.

Bacon, Margaret Hope

Quiet Rebels, The: The Story of the Quakers, 29: 575-76.

Bacote, Vincent E.

The Spirit in Public Theology: Appropriating the Legacy of Abraham Kuyper, 48: 470-72.

Bahro, Rudolf

Building the Green Movement, 29: 149.

Baier, Helmut

Die Deutschen Christen Bayerns in Rahme; des bayerischen Kirchenkampfes, 14: 354-05. Kirchenkampf in Nurnberg: 1933-1945, 20: 357.

Baig, M. R. A.

The Muslim Dilemma in India, 18: 565-66.

Bailey, Betty Jane and J. Martin Bailey

Who Are the Christians in the Middle East?, 46: 138-39.

Bailey, David C.

Viva Cristo Rey! The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict in Mexico, 17: 520-21.

Bailey, Hugh C.

Edgar Gardner Murphy: Gentle Progressive, 12: 143-45.

Bailey, Kenneth K.

Southern White Protestantism in the Twentieth Century, 8: 306-07.

Bainton, Roland H.

Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, 3: 93-94.

Erasmus of Christendom, 13: 150-51.

Baird, Robert M. and Stuart E. Rosenbaum, eds.

Bigotry, Prejudice and Hatred: Definitions, Causes and Solutions, 36: 178-79.

Review of Animal Experimentation: The Moral Issues, 35: 185-86.

Baker, Christopher John

The Politics of South India: 1920-1937, 19: 340-42.

Baker, Derek, ed.

Church, Society, and Politics: Papers Read at the Thirteenth Summer Meeting and the Fourteenth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society, 21: 561-63.

Heresy, Sch’ism, and Religious Protest, 15: 323.

Baker, Derek, and G.J. Cuming, eds.

Popular Belief and Practice: Papers Read, the Ninth Summer Meeting and the Tenth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society, 15: 320-23.

Baker, James T.

A Southern Baptist in the White House, 21: 115-17.

Baker, John W., ed.

Taxation and the Free Exercise of Religion: Papers and Proceedings of the Sixteenth Religious Liberty Conference, Washington D. C., October 3-5, 1977, 21: 327-28.

Baker, J. Wayne

Heinrich Bullinger and the Covenant: The Other Reformed Tradition, 24: 625-26.

Baker, Lucius J., and Twiley W. Parker, Jr.

Freedoms, Courts, Politics: Studies in Civil Liberties, 9: 111-12.

Bakke, Raymond, William Hendricks, and Brad Smith

Joy at Work: Bible Study Companion, 48: 708-09.

Bakvis, Herman

Catholic Power in the Netherlands, 25: 162-63.

Baldwin, Deborah J.

Protestants and the Mexican Revolution: Missionaries, Ministers, and Social Change, 33: 609-10.

Baldwin, Lewis V., et al.

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Boundaries of Law, Politics, and Religion, 45: 185-86.

Baldwin, Marshall W.

Alexander III and the Twelfth Century, Vol. 3: The Popes Through History, 11: 550-52.

Balk, Alfred

The Religion Business, 11: 326-28.

Ball, Milner S.

The Word and the Law, 38: 419-20.

Ball, William Bentley, ed.

In Search of a National Morality: A Manifesto for Evangelicals and Catholics, 36: 164-65.

Balme, J. R.

American States, Churches, and State, 13: 543-44.

Balmer, Randall

Grant Us Courage: Travels Along the Mainline of American Protestantism, 39: 176.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture, 32: 426.

Balmer, Randall and John R. Fitzmier

The Presbyterians, 37: 417.

Balmer, Randall and Lauren F. Winner

Protestantism in America, 45: 179-80.

Baltzell, E. Digby

Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia: Two Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Class Authority and Leadership, 23: 150-51.

Bane, Mary Jo, Brent Coffin, and Richard Higgins, eds.

Taking Faith Seriously, 47: 873-74.

Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis, trans.

Letters on Toleration: Dutch and Persecuted Swiss and Palatine Mennonites 1615-1699, 49: 574-76.

Barber, Malcolm

The Trial of the Templars, 22: 336-38.

Barbour, Hugh

The Quakers in Puritan England, 8: 136-37.

Barclay, John, and John Sweet, eds.

Early Christian Thought in Its Jewish Context, 40: 473-74.

Barkat, Anwar M., ed.

Conflict, Violence, and Peace, 13: 545.

Barker, Eileen, ed.

Of Gods and Men: New Religious Movements in the West, 28: 543-44.

Barker, Ernest

Church, State, and Education, 2: 69-71.

Barker, Lucius J., and Twiley W. Barker, Jr., eds.

Civil Liberties and the Constitution: Cases and Commentaries, 13: 368.

Barber, Malcolm.

The Trial of the Templars, 2nd ed., 49: 571-73.

Barker, William S. and W. Robert Godfrey, eds.

Theonomy: A Reformed Critique, 34: 169.

Barkun, Michael

Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement, rev. ed., 40: 498.

Barlow, Frank

The English Church, 1000-1066: A Consti­tutional History, 7: 450-53.

Barlow, Richard Burgess

Citizenship and Conscience: A Study in the Theory and Practice of Religious Toleration in England During the Eighteenth Century, 7: 270-71.

Barndt, Joseph R.

Why Black Power?, 10: 485.

Barnes, Howard A.

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