Book Title: The Story of Ferdinand Author

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Book Title: The Story of Ferdinand

Author: Munro Leaf

ISBN: 0-14-050234-3

Grade Level: 2nd grade

Book Kit was made by: Jennifer Lee
Concept/Trait Taught: Individuals (point of view)

Others: self confidence, uniqueness, Standing up for who you are, etc.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Raise your hand if you have ever seen a cow? Bull?

  • Raise your hang if you know what a bull fight is?

Listening Focus:

Method for Sharing:

  • The story will be presented as a whole group shared reading for the first time.


  • Ask them to create a venn-diagram comparing and contrasting Ferdinand with other character in the story or self

    • Mother

    • Bumble Bee

    • Matador

    • One of the five men

    • Other bulls

    • Etc.

  • This activity may be down individually or in small groups.

  • This shows that some individuals have similarities and differences with each other and that is acceptable.


  • Revisit intended learning outcome: “Today we learned that we are all individuals. Each individual has similarities and differences when compared to another individual.”


  • Look at the venn-diagram and check for understanding.

Concrete Object:

  • An equals sign on a stick- This will be passed around during the next week or two. When a student sees something that is similar between themselves and another student they can pass the sign on. They can also pass the sign on if they notice a positive difference between themselves and another student.

Game board Ideas:


  1. Choose a place marker.

  2. Place the marker on or near the head of the bumble bee.

  3. Select a card from the pile.

  4. Solve the math problem.

  5. Move forward with each correct answer.

  6. Start with the player with the biggest shoe size.

  7. Then continue to the player on the right.

  8. See how many times you can travel up and down the bumble bee.

*cards may be replaced according to what the students are learning*

Activity Cards:

Write what you think makes Ferdinand happy.

Blooms Level: knowledge

Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

Blooms Level: comprehension

Find out more about what a matador is and what their job is. Then write a brief report on your findings.

Blooms Level: knowledge

Act out a scene from the story.

Blooms Level: Application

Re-write the story from the bumble bee’s perspective.

Blooms Level: knowledge

Create a venn diagram that compares and contrasts the characteristics of the real Ferdinand and the Ferdinand that the Spanish people thought he was.

Blooms Level: analysis


  • The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

  • Paper (may be pre-made venn-diagrams)

  • Pencils

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