Boy of the Painted Caves Project Menus

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Boy of the Painted Caves Project Menus

Choose your Reading Homework:

Choice 1: do TWO project menus from list one. They are due Oct. 12th & 19th

Choice 2: do ONE project menu from list two. It is due Oct. 19th

List 1: Each project is worth 50pts. Choose 2, Due Oct. 12th & 19th

  • Create a personal dictionary- choose 20 new words from your daily reading and create a personal dictionary. Use the vocabulary quadrant as the format for your dictionary.

  • Research Cave paining—Write-5-10 questions you have about Cro0Magnon man/cave painting at Lascaux, France. Write a 1-2 page paper describing what you’ve learned.

  • Research how paints have been made through history and write a 1-2 page report describing the process.

  • Write poetry on the themes and feelings from the perspective of two characters in the story—you have free choice on the form of the poems, they should have at least 20 lines of text and focus on direct events from the story.

  • Your own creative idea_____________________ ( _____) teacher initial.

List 2: Each project is worth 100pts., Choose 1, Due 10/19

  • Read another book by the same author/ or a similar theme and do a compare and contrast essay

  • Read another book set during Neolithic times: like Maroo of the Winter Cave. Complete a chapter chart for each chapter like we’ve been doing in class

  • Research Cro-Magnon man Write 15-20 research questions & find the answers to the questions. Share what you’ve learned in your own way: Q & A booklet with pictures, make a Powerpoint slide show, or write a 3-4 page report

  • Research how paints have been made through history and write a 1-2 page report describing the process. Paint an image of your favorite scene from the story using paints you made using the information you learned from your research.

  • Create a sound track for the book: Identify 6-8 events in the story & identify songs that go along with those events. Download the songs onto a CD OR print out the lyrics. Write a paragraph for each song explaining why you’ve chosen it. Include lines from the lyrics that complement the story’s events.

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