Boy Vs. Aliens What if What if What if aliens invaded the earth took over and tortured us until death. Well this story tells us about a writer’s opinion about what would happen if we were invaded by aliens


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Boy Vs. Aliens
What if…….What if………..What if aliens invaded the earth took over and tortured us until death. Well this story tells us about a writer’s opinion about what would happen if we were invaded by aliens.

Marcus a young boy seventh grade and only 12 he had a normal life average grades, average family. The year was 2008 and everything was going great for Marcus, he got a girlfriend named Beyonce, and things were going great. But then one day October 15 the first ever UFO that had been seen personally by many people and highly believed real land on earth in NY, but he lived in Michigan.

But he was out with his girlfriend at the movies when they informed Michigan about the aliens landing, so him, his girl friend, and everyone at the movies didn’t know. So when it was time to leave the movies the aliens came to the movies and took Marcus and Beyonce into their ship. They were frightened of what the aliens would do to them or whether they were good or evil, so the aliens put them in a cell for holding while the aliens just stayed in the orbit. Mean while on earth captain Knoital was discussing with the army and marines to plot how they would get the two kids back.

They decided that they would send captain Knoital to go get them so he did, he was sent into orbit to find the ship. He found it after about an hour even though he was in a space ship, he then quietly landed on the edge of their ship and boarded alone. He had to navigate through the aliens ship creeping along walls, hiding in shadows, and climbing ladders he was scared very scared. But then just when he found them and just had to turn a corner to get to them he ran into an alien who was not fond of him.

He was the first person to see the aliens up close, they were green, had a long tail, 4 eyes, one mouth, holes for ears, and long skinny arms and legs. Their skin looked rougher than concrete and a face that could scare blind kids. Captain Knoital kicked it in the stomach and ran to the free the kids, he did get them free but by that time there was now over 4 aliens. Captain Knoital pulled out his gun and shot them then they ran captain Knoital had a photo memory so he remembered where to go. They headed down one hall way than another and another they almost all had heart attacks they were so scared. But they knew they could survive if they kept going.

They reached the ship and were surprised and happy, they made it. When they returned to earth they and everyone that knew them were so happy. But the scary adventure still wasn’t over the aliens were still there. The aliens landed on earth again to talk with the president by hearing our language they learned it so they knew how to talk with us. They told the president what they requested and that was they wanted one human from earth and that was Marcus no one had no idea why him. But Marcus disagreed but then the alien’s said they would destroy the world, so Marcus agreed to the request. And Beyonce said no and cried and cried she said she loved Marcus. But then one brave soul stood up and said, “None of these young children should suffers so I’ll go.” This mans name was only known as The Giver the aliens agreed to this request and The Giver left with the aliens Marcus and Beyonce were very grateful.

So in conclusion Marcus, Beyonce, The Giver, and everyone else that lived to see that day, were burned with the memory of these aliens. The Giver was built a statue in remembrance of his sacrifice for the two kids.


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