Braidy Lesson: The Story of the Valentine

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Braidy Lesson: The Story of the Valentine

Created by Ellen Weber, SLP 2/11

Target Students: 1st/2nd grade Time: approx. 60 min.

Target Skills: Identifying fiction vs. non-fiction, identifying story elements, vocabulary development, applying narrative icons to informational writing, identifying cause-effect.

Materials needed: The Story of the Valentine powerpoint

laptop/overhead projector or smart board

enough copies of slide 13 to give each student

scissors and glue sticks

Whole class activity:

1. Review difference between fiction and non-fiction.

2. Read story to class on smart board/screen, discussing vocabulary items (words in blue).

3. Stop at slide 13 and give directions for assignment.

Small group activity:

1. SLP works in small group with SI students to complete the assignment.

2. IRR teacher works with small group on goal work.

3. Gen Ed teacher pulls individual students for reading assessments/conferences.

4. Remaining students work cooperatively at tables to complete assignment.
Wrap up:

Entire class reviews answer on board (slide 14).

Curriculum Standards:
ELA1R5.a Vocabulary: Reads and listens to a variety of texts and uses new words in oral and written language.
ELA1R6.c Comprehension: Asks and answers (implicit, explicit, and evaluative) questions about essential narrative elements (e.g., beginning-middle-end, setting, characters, problems, events, resolution) of a read-aloud or independently read text.
ELA1R6.e Comprehension: Distinguishes fact from fiction and identifies literary forms (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama).

ELA1R6.i Comprehension: Recognizes cause-and-effect relationships in text.
ELA1W2b Response to Literature: Begins to demonstrate an understanding of the text through oral retelling, pictures, or in writing.
ELA1LSV1.d Listening/Speaking/Viewing: Increases vocabulary to reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge.

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