Brief Report of spj’s 5th successive public hearing on violation of child rights and social justice at Bijapur We are struggling to provide treatment to our child Laxmiputhra

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Brief Report of SPJ’s 5th successive public hearing on violation of child rights and social justice at Bijapur

We are struggling to provide treatment to our child Laxmiputhra

I am Mrs. Yallamma W/O Sharanappa aged 28 years, belongs to Kuruba community and resident of Rampur village, Shindagi Taluk of Bijapur district.

I have two children and among them my elderly son 6 years old Laxmiputhra is suffering from malnutrition. He looks like 2 years baby. For his treatment we made more than Rs.50, 000 loan and his health condition is not improving. Even then every week we are taking him to the hospital.

So far we did not received any help or assistance from the Anganawadi worker neither from the health department about his health problem and required treatment. Government hospital doctors are ill-treating us whenever we approach them for the treatment.

My son needs proper medical care and nutritious food, which I did not get during my pregnancy.

Our village Anganawadi centre has become touring tent and children are refusing to eat readymade packet food

My name is Mr.Sunnababu Sirasur and I am 32 years old, residing at Somajala village, Sindagi taluk, Bijapur district.

There are 719 families and 2287 population in our village and out of this around 144 families and 1200 population is there in our Muslim street. Out of 3 village Anganawadi centers, one Anganawadi centre (No.185) is running in our area, where 80 children are going for pre primary school education. This centre was started 25 years earlier and like touring talkies it is shifting from one place to another place, since it doesn’t have its own building. So far it changed 3 buildings and now running in the 4th rented building.

Anganawadi readymade packet food is creating indigestion, loose motion, stomach pain kind of health problems to our children. My son is saying that, this powder food doesn’t have any taste and very difficult to eat and swallow. My wife is also afraid of this food. Children are not willing to go to Anganawadi centre, because they scared of this food.

Our Anganawadi assistant Mrs.Lalbhi Allasab is not coming to the Anganawadi from the last 10 months due to ill health and Anganawadi teacher is facing difficulty to look after 80 children alone. Even then concerned officials are not considering these problems seriously.

We need own building and Anganawadi assistant for our Anganawadi centre and on behalf of the Anganawadi going children; I urge the state government to cancel the readymade powder packet food, in the name of nutritious food.

No sign language teachers to teach for speech and hampered children

I am Santhoshi Shetteppa Singhe, aged 15 years, belongs to Scheduled Caste and the resident of Huvinahalli village, Sindagi taluk, Bijapur district.

We are 8 children to our parents and my father is taking care of us by coolie. I am second child and from birth I am a speech and hampered disabled. Our village government school is having 1st to 8th standard classes and at present I am studying in 8th standard. Our school doesn’t have very basic amenity like toilet and sign language teaching teachers.

We 3 speech and hampered children are facing serious problem to hear, understand and learn the lessons, since we need teaching in sign language. Then what about our further education and future?

Therefore we demand the concerned department officials to fulfill our basic needs.

My 10 years old daughter Avvamma has been denied home based education

My name is Mrs.Mallamma W/O Shankarappa Madivalappa Poojari, aged around 38 years, belongs to Poojari community and the native of GolaGeri village, Sindagi taluk and Bijapur district.

I have 4 children. 10 years old Avvamma is my elderly daughter and she is a child with Sevier cerebral palsy (CP) disability. We are doing all her day to day work and cleanliness, including feeding. People are saying that government is providing home based education for Avvamma kind of CP children through special teachers.

My daughter already completed 10 years and so far no one approached us regarding her basic education and her name is not enrolled in the school also. We are illiterate people and not aware of government schemes.

My only one ambition is to get home based education to my daughter Avvamma, in order to prepare her to take care of her day to day needs.

In spite of having around 5000 population, our villages Byakod do not have high school

I am Sunil Ningappa Balukutti, aged 21 years, belongs to Lingayat community and the native of Byakod village, Sindagi taluk, Bijapur district and studying in 2nd year B.A.

There are around 600 families in our village and it’s total population is around 5000.There is a government school from 1st standard to 8th standard in our village and 428 students are studying there. For further study they have to go to Sindagi or Gubbevada which are 10 km away. More over there is no proper transport. As a result of this around 80 students, most of them are girl children and disabled children have discontinued their education (Dropouts) and staying at home.

Our village students’ immediate need is proper transport as a short term relief and a government high school for the permanent solution.

Dropout children’s strength is increasing in our Village Handiganur due to non existence of government high school

Our name is Shivalila and Rajeswari, aged 18 years, belongs to Pathar community and residents of Handiganur village, Sindagi taluk and Bijapur district.

There are around 600 families in our village and it’s total population is around 5500.Most of them are involved in agriculture and coolie. There is 1st to 10th standard education system in our village. After completing SSLC, every year minimum 20 students are becoming dropout. It is well known fact that, most of them are disabled and girl children.

After SSLC our village students have to go Sindagi taluk head quarter which is 20 km away or else a private college at Koravaara, whch is 5 km away. It is difficult for socially and economically weaker class students to study in the private college. Therefore we need a government college in our village.

Sindagi Government Pre-metric Student’s Hostel is a den of problems

I am Amaresh Girimalla Mandoli, aged 19 years, belongs to Scheduled Caste Community and the native of Korahalli village, Sindagi taluk, Bijapur district.

At present I am studying in 2nd year B.A. and earlier I was the hosteller of Sindagi Government Pre-metric Student’s Hostel and now I am sharing my own experience about the kind of problems, which I faced there. Earlier there were only 30-35 plates for 180 students and now those plates are also missing. Therefore hostel students are eating in tin plates. Few of them have brought plates from their home itself. Earlier we uses to get bore well water and currently that bore well sign itself is not there! For bathing, drinking and for all other essential purpose, we have to cross the main road to get the water from near by farms.

This hostel is having 22 rooms and 180 students. The tragedy is that only one peon and assistant cook have to take care of all the things. Because of this students are not getting food on time. Bath room and toilets are in a worst position and not fit for use. No tube lights in the rooms and in spite of several request wardens is not showing interest.60 voltage bulbs are shining every where! Some time we have to sit in the darkness, since generator is also under repair from a few years. There is no street light surrounding the hostel. No library system and only one daily paper is coming for name sake. There are computers but no separate room and teaching person. Students are not receiving holiday period stifundary,I myself didn’t receive 1 ½ months stifundary.

From “Dalit Vidyarthi Parishath” we organized a protest dharna on 2nd August, 2010 at in front of Sindagi taluk social welfare department office and urged the local Thashildar to come and respond to our demands. Finally he came, received our memorandum and assured to provide all the necessary amenities before the end of September, 2010. Even now situation is not changed. This is not only the true story of this hostel students. Like way number of hostel students are facing similar kind of problems in the district.

SPJ’s 5th successive public hearing on violation of child rights and social justice

These are the few samples of complaints which were deposed in the public hearing of Samajika Parivarthana Janandola (SPJ) public hearing which was held at Sabha Bhavan, Zilla Panchayath Office, Bijapur on 25th February, on the issues of malnutrition, health, Anganawadi, schools, high schools and hostels.

Ms.Nina P. Nayak, Chairperson, Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has inaugurated the public hearing. Mr.K.V.Rajanna, State Commissioner for Disability Act has been presided.SPJ state committee member Mr.Ambanna Arolikar gave introductory speech.

Dr.K.C.Raghu, Nutritionist & Editor-Food & Nutrition World, Mr.Haseem Peer Walikar, State President-Rajya Manava Hakkugala Mandali and Advocate Danesh Avati were the juries.

Various department officials also participated in good number to hear and respond towards the issues. Some of Prominent officials, their designation and department names;

  1. Mr.A.N.Patil 5. Ms.D.P.Vasantha Prema

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DDPI

Zilla Panchayath Women & Children Development Department

  1. Mr.V.G.Upadhyaya 6. Mr.A.C.Hiremutt

District Disabled Welfare Deputy Director

Officer Public Education Department

Disabled & Senior Citizens

Welfare Department

  1. Dr.L.S.Lakkannanavar 7. Mr.V.G.Joshi

Deputation of District District Officer

Health Officer District Social Welfare Department

  1. Mr.C.R.Naduvina Mani

Deputy Director

Pre University Education


Around 26 child rights violation cases were deposed by victim children and parents before the juries and more than 500 representatives were participated in this successful and effective public hearing.

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