Briefly summarize the main (or relevant) ideas in the article

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Before you start, decide if you want to do your paper on technology – Image boards – or online service – 4chan – so you can structure your paper better. If you are doing your paper on image boards, then focus your research on densha otoko thesis, as it offers a stronger social impact. However, if you are doing your paper on 4chan, then you would want to avoid the densha otoko thesis for any social related matter (you can still cite it for things such as anonymity [last 6 to last 3 lines on page 11]). Alternatively, if you have time, it might be interesting to take it both ways, and answer the last “question” (section 5) by saying the same technology can go both ways depending on how it is used, and in the end, it is the users that makes what they are.

  1. Describe the technology you have selected. Is it a personal technology or device, an online service, or part of a media infrastructure? What does it do? How is it used?

Image-boards are online services that were originally created to share images and discuss on specific subject matters. Unlike discussion forums, and bulletin board systems, most Image-boards offer an environment where the users can post anonymously (Sauthoff, 2009). Even though the Japanese lead the trend in image board usage (Alexa, 2010), image board usage is still very prominent in the subcultures of North American internet communities. 4Chan <> is just an example of one of such image-board driven communities that are popular in North American internet community.

  1. Find a research, news or magazine article that describes a social, cultural or political effect that has been brought about by your technology.

<<1: densha otoko thesis>>

<<2: pedobear olympics article>>

<<3: 4chan in general, could stem from the Vancouver sun article from pedobear point above>>

  1. Briefly summarize the main (or relevant) ideas in the article.

<<1: Discuss the story densha otoko>>

<<2: Discuss the social impact of 4ch in North American culture>>

  1. Do you feel that this effect is positive or negative? Why?

<<1: Densha otoko incident offers hope for otaku, and offers positive influence to do good>>

<<1: Discuss beach cleaning incident (cite thesis, page 25)>>

<<2: Pedobear incident reflects negatively on journalism, and spreads false information>>

<<3: 4chan’s Anonymous’ bomb threats (cite news article from Bloomberg, News8 Austin, Heraldsun, and The Local)>>

  1. Try to think of a plausible way that this effect could be reversed or overcome by another technology or social trend.

<<”Based on these historical actions, it is safe to infer that anonymous image-board communities can offer both positive and negative effects to the society…” etc. etc. Suggest to conclude with positive note if possible, so reader ends with a happy thought.>>


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