Bud, Not Buddy Final Reflection Projects

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Bud, Not Buddy Final Reflection Projects

As we wrap up our unit of study from the novel, Bud, Not Buddy, it’s time to think about a project that you would like to complete to show your understanding of the concepts learned in your reading. Students will be working on their projects in class and will likely need to do some at home as well. No other reading novel homework will be assigned during this project time.
Possible themes include:

The Great Depression

President Herbert Hoover’s plans to improve life during the Great Depression

Life in America in the 1920’s



Soup kitchens


Family Life in the 1920’s-1930’s in America


Jazz music from the Great Depression Era
Your final projects should include information you learned about a topic or a person through the novel and how this information made you feel about the time in America known as the Great Depression.

Project ideas might include: These are just a few ideas…..

*A written reflection of the book or specific characters (4 paragraphs)

*A report on factual/historical information from this time period (4 paragraphs)

*An advertisement for Bud so that he could be adopted (detailed poster/descriptions)

*Acrositc poems for characters/character traits written as sentences( Four characters)

*Time Line of story events (15 event minimum)

*Compare/contrast yourself to Bud or another character using at least 10 character traits (poster with description or written paragraph)

*Role play a favorite scene and write a one page description of why this scene is important to you and the story (limit 3 students per role play-each student writes their own page description)

*Diorama of your favorite scene with written description of what is in your diorama and it’s meaning/importance to the story (description 2 paragraphs)

*Listen to a piece of jazz music from this time period and reflect on how it made you feel

( 3-4 paragraphs)

*Cartoon panels of scenes from the novel with written descriptions of the scenes and their importance to the novel/time period.

*Prezzi or slide show/power point presentation about one of the novel’s theme with pictures included

FINAL PROJECTS will be presented in class starting on Wednesday, November 19th
If you need help with materials, please let me

(Mrs. Manka) know right away.

Once you have a plan for your final project, submit your idea to Mrs. Manka in writing before next Tuesday, November 11th.

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