Buddhist and Buddhist Inspired Resources for Children and Parents The Mouse and the Buddha


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Buddhist and Buddhist Inspired Resources for Children and Parents

The Mouse and the Buddha

Kathryn Price

A mouse discovers the Buddha at the temple and learns about sharing and showing love. Nicely illustrated picture book.
Little Stone Buddha
By K. T. Hao, illustrated by Giuliano Ferri

Becoming Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha
By Whitney Stewart, illustrated by Sally Rippin
Prince Sidhartha

Jonathan Landow and Jane Brooks

A children’s story of how Prince Siddharta became Buddha, the Awakened One. (ages 5 and up).
Becoming Buddha The Story of Siddhartha

Whitney Stewart and Sally Rippin

With a foreward and meditation guide by H.H. the Dalai Lama


Beautifully illustrated picture book (ages 4 to 10).
Buddha Stories


A retelling of a few Jataka tales (ages 4 and up).
Buddha at Bedtime

Dharmachari Nagaraj

Ten minute stories just the right length for settling down for children ages 3 to 9.
The Star Catchers

David Fontana

The stories start with a short ritual of relaxing the body and taking your lantern down the garden path to see where it leads you. Also works very well for naptime or bedtime for 3 to 9 year olds.

Mindful Movements

Thich Nhat Hanh

Simple movements that teach awareness and bring enjoyment to the body with an emphasis on breath.

The Hermit and the Well

Thich Nhat Hanh

A story from his childhood in Vietnam and finding the stillness within. Ages 4 and up.

Each Breath a Smile

Thich Nhat Hanh

Nice to use when teaching children about breathing and meditation. Ages 3 to 9.
The Cononut Monk

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Sun in My Belly

Sister Susan

A simple story of friendship, conflict, finding inspiration from listening to nature and making things right again. (ages 4 to 9).
Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas

Naomi C. Rose

A small collection of stories with nice illustrations. My little liked the Om Mane Padme Hum chant that is part of one story and went around chanting “Oh Mommy, Poppy, home” (ages 3 and up).
In Search of the Thunder Dragon

Sophie and Romio Shrestha

The illustrations alone are worth the price of this book. Sophie travel to her father’s homeland in Bhutan and with her cousin searches for the Thunder Dragons with the help of a magical lion. We love looking at the picture of the mountain lion radiating a rainbow aura.
Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Adults

Susan Conover

This is one of those books I recommend to everyone and they have yet to be disappointed. These are retellings of some of the classic Buddhist stories with sparse illustrations. Great for reading aloud at bedtime or storytime or reading alone. Ages 6 and up.
The Lost Thing
Written and illustrated by Shaun Tan

The Mountains of Tibet

Modicai Gerstein

Mordicai Gerstein introduces children to the cycle of rebirth through the tale of a Tibetan boy who lives in a beautiful and loves to fly kites. After a long life, the boy dies and is faced with the choice of becoming "part of the endless universe some call heaven" or being reborn somewhere among "the hundreds of millions of worlds."

Tenzin’s Deer

Barbara Soros

Iillustrated by Danuta Mayer,

A tender story of compassion, healing, and the guiding power of dreams. Tenzin, who lives in the rugged but beautiful mountains of Tibet is both kind and wise. He finds a wounded deer named Jampa and learns about the art and science of healing through the experience.

Is There Really a Human Race?

Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell

Neither Night nor Day

Written and Illustrated by Meryl Dowman

Peaceful Piggy Meditations

Kerry Lee McClean

Peaceful Piggy Yoga

Kerry Lee McClean

Samsara Dog

Helen Manos

This book is about a dog who lived many lives until one day he learns about love.
What is God?

Etan Boritzer

A book that explores the different ways people understand God. It affirms the child’s ability to experience God for herself and offers a simple technique to do that. (ages 4-8)

The Gift of Nothing

Patrick McDonnell

A book about how to find the best gift for your best friend.

(Ages 3-6).

Because He Hugged His Mother

David L. Rice

A simple act of kindness sets in motion unselfish acts that are far reaching.

(Ages 4-12)

The Dandelion Seed

Joseph Anthony

The journey of a single dandelion seed that was afraid to let go and see where the winder winds would carry it. (Ages 3-10)

Born Yogis

Susie Arnett and Doug Kim

Great gift book for new or expectant parents. Photos of children doing natural yoga poses in their journey to become vertical. Each photograph has an inspiring contemplative quote. Intended to open our eyes to the depth of spirit present in our children.

A Quiet Place

Douglas Wood

The Quiltmaker's Gift

Jeff Brumbeau

The Quiltmaker’s Gift tells the story of a greedy king, who with the help of a generous quiltmaker, learns to find happiness by giving to others (ages 4+).
There is a Flower at the Tip of my Nose Smelling Me

Alice Walker
The Three Questions

by Jon Muth

Based on the Leo Tolstoy short story, a Mahayanist take on what the most important things are for a child to keep in mind. Beautifully illustrated by the author.

Zen Shorts

by Jon Muth

Visual and verbal humor for adults and the preschoolers that talk about zen values. Beatifully illustrated with watercolors by the author.

Zen Ties

by Jon Muth

More beautiful illustrations and plays on words. In this story a nephew only speaks in haiku and by the end the friends and an elderly woman have learned how to help each other.

The Legend of Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching


A biography of Lao Tzu the mysterious philosopher credited with writing the Tao Te Ching. Includes several passages. For children and adults.

The Wisdom of the Crows and other Buddhist Tales

Retold by Sherab Chodzin and Alexandra Kohn

Thirteen traiditional Buddhist tales of humor, generosity, compassion and life after death. Includes Zen parables, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Burmese folktales. (ages 4 and up).

Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories

Mark McGinnis

Traditional Jakata tales use animal characters to illuminate human virtues and foibles. Ages 5 and up.
I Once Was a Monkey: Stories Buddha Told

Jeanne M. Lee
The Golden Goose King: A Tale Told by the Buddha

Judith Ernst


The Bear Who Wanted to be a Bear

Jorg steiner and Jong Muller

Issues of identity environmental protection and the pursuit of one’s true self are explored with humor and imagination in this modern fable of a bear who wakes up and finds a factory has been built over his den. He is mistaken for a human and forced to work in the factory. In the end his bear nature asserts itself despite attempts to make him conform to the human world.
Hey Little Ant

Phillip and Hannah Hoose

Through the eyes of an insect we learn about empathy and nonviolence.

The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness

Children’s parable by Nick Kettles

The all-seeing boy believed there must be a way to make people happy. He meets a mysterious hobo who taught him about the blue sky of happiness and our inherent, somewhat magical ability to bring happiness to others. Ages 6 -10.

The Little Stone Lion

Kim Xiong

A quiet and dignified small stone lion watches over the villagers and holds their collective memory. Children walking at night see him and feel safe, old people stroke his head and remember their childhood.

The Three Silver Coins

Veronica Leo and Tashi Daknewa

Three coins, three wishes, a folding magic wand, and a clever cat accompany a young boy on a magical journey. Teaches children of the true fortune that comes when we follow the kindness of our hearts. Ages 4-10.

Where is Tibet?

Gina Halpern

Where is Tibet is a way of asking where is happiness? This book takes children on a double journey to a real country and into their own hearts in their universal search for a place of peace. Ages 4-8.
Buddhist Books for Teens
Just Say Om: Your Lifes’s Journey

Soren Gordhamer

Wide Awake: A Buddhist Guide for Teens

Diane Winston

The Way of Youth: Buddhist Common Sense for Handling Life’s Questions

Daisaku Ikeda

Buddha in Your Backpack: Everyday Buddhism for Teens

Franz Metcalf

Blue Jean Buddha: Voices of Young Buddhists

Jack Kornfield

Buddhist and Buddhist Inspired Parenting Books
Everyday Blessings: The Inner work of Mindful Parenting

Myla and Jon Kabatt-Zinn


The Parent’s Tae Te Ching: A New Interpretation Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

William Martin


A rewrite of the ancient Tao Te Ching for Parents.

10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Soul

Mimi Doe and Marsha Walch


The Tao of Motherhood

Vimala Schneider McClure, et al.


inner-mamaExcerpted from: “The Sacred Chaos of Parenthood,” in Finding Your Inner Mama: Women Reflect on the Challenges and Rewards of Motherhood. Edited by Eden Steinbe


The Tao of Parenting: The Ageless Wisdom of Taoism and the Art of Raising Children

Greta K. Nagel.


Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood

Karen Maezen Miller

The Family Meditation Book

Kerry Lee McClean

Dharma Family Treasures: Sharing Buddhism with Children

Ed. Sandy Eastoak

Essays writeen by members of the San Francisco Zen Center, Thich Nhat Hanh and others.
Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment

Ariel and Shya Kane

Buddha Heart Parenting

CL Claridge

This book is written by a child psychologist, practicing Buddhist and mother to nine children.http://www.buddhaheartparenting.com/
Spirit Games

Babara Sher

Connection Parenting: Parenting through Connection instead of Coercion, Through love instead of Fear

Pam Leo

This book is compassionate, practical and based on Non-Violent Communication skills.


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