Buffalo Tales Requirements

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Buffalo Tales Requirements

The topics should be about a person, event, or place in/from Buffalo County and can be as in depth or general as the author wishes. Buffalo Tales vary in length. A standard story length is about 3-4 standard typed pages double-spaced. It can be longer or shorter than that. If it is longer, it may be edited to fit and/or divided into two parts. If it is shorter, multiple stories may be used to fill the issue. If you do not have a long story but have many related pictures, feel free to send them in to use as a "photo journal" issue of Buffalo Tales.
If the author has pictures they would like included with the story, please send them also or if the author knows of pictures in the BCHS archives that would work well, please note that and they will be located to add to the issue.
Articles then need to be e-mailed to bchs.buffalotales@hotmail.com in the body of an e-mail or attached as a word document. Pictures can be in the word document or attached to the e-mail as a PDF.
You may also drop off a hard copy of your story and/or pictures to the Trails & Rails Museum at 710 W 11th St., Kearney OR you can mail a copy to BCHS, P.O. Box 523, Kearney, NE 68848-0523.
Please include your contact information with the story (Name and e-mail address or phone number).

If your story is selected, we ask that you fill out an Author Release Form before the issue containing your story is printed. Electronic copies can be found on our website. These can be e-mailed, mailed, or dropped off with your story. No story may be used without the completed Author Release Form.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help and to preserve Buffalo County’s vast history.

Thank you for sharing your stories and histories with us and we look forward to hearing from you!

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