Bulbs to Blooms (The Gardner)

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Bulbs to Blooms

(The Gardner)
Every fall Mr. Connor plants ______ in his yard. The bulbs look like big, ugly brown lumps. It’s hard to imagine them _________ roots and stems and becoming plants. Yet, in early spring dozens of tulips and daffodils will be _________ in Mr. Connor’s yard. It is a wonderful sight. Mr. Connor has won awards _________ his yard for its _________. He is very proud of his bulbs. Fortunately, he also has a sense of ________.

One day last fall, I was sitting on the porch with my dog Max. Rain _________ had made the ground wet and soft. Mr. Connor had just finished planting his bulbs. I told Max to stay on the porch with me. He was playing with his toys. I was reading a book. Then I started to ________. When I woke up, Max was in Mr. Connor’s yard, digging up the bulbs! I was horrified, but Mr. Connor just laughed. He said he could have used a good used a good hold digger. Then I helped him replant the bulbs.

showers blooming bulbs humor

sprouting doze beauty recognizing

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