Bunnicula Book Test

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Book Test

Directions: Answer each question in a complete sentence. Remember to restate the question inside the answer. Use your best handwriting and spelling.

  1. Give two ways that Bunnicula is different from other rabbits?

  1. How did Bunnicula get his name?

  1. Read the chart below. It shows the order in which some events happen in the story. Fill in the blank box with the appropriate event.

Chester tries garlic.

Chester tries Steak.


Chester tries starvation.

  1. Which of these words describes how Chester probably feels about Harold’s lack of concern?

    1. Proud

    2. tired

    3. annoyed

    4. frightened

  1. Why does Chester want to get rid of Bunnicula?

  1. What is the setting of the story? (Include both settings of time and place.)

  1. Look at this diagram of information from the story. Fill in the blank box with the correct information.





Sleeps during the day

White vegetables


  1. Which of these statements does NOT help explain why Harold likes Toby?

    1. Toby talks to Harold.

    2. Toby lets Harold sleep in his bed.

    3. Toby gives Harold snacks.

    4. Toby reads books.

  1. Why do the Howes write this story?

  1. Fill out the Venn diagram below. Compare and contrast Chester and Harold.

Brian You

Define each of these words without help from a dictionary.






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