By: Jerry Spinelli Why was David so mad at the world? His mother died

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By: Jerry Spinelli

  1. Why was David so mad at the world? His mother died

  2. What was Primrose’s room of her own? A rusty no-tire 1977 Dodge van

  3. What did the mother of Primrose do for a living? She was a fortune teller.

  4. When did David first see Primrose?
    David’s grandmother took him to an Easter Egg Hunt. David found a yellow egg on a pile leaves. Buried under the leaves was Primrose. He thought she was dead.

  5. What did David believe would bring his mother back?
    David believed if he never broke a rule that somehow his mother would come back.

  6. Where did David see Primrose again a few weeks after the Easter Egg Hunt? At the library

  7. Who was Willy?
    Madame Dufee’s teddy bear. He slept with her every night. Madame Dufee was Primrose’s mother.

  8. How did David find Primrose?
    Primrose gave David her mother’s business card at the library.

  9. What did David and Primrose do the first night they snuck out together?
    They went trash picking.

  10. When David and Primrose were going out at night, what was the signal they used for each other?
    Primrose would yell – BALONEY!

  11. Who was the only other inhabitant of Tulip Street besides Primrose and her mother? Refrigerator John

  12. Who did Refrigerator John see on the news that fascinated both he and the children? The waving man

  13. David and Primrose began catching night crawlers (worms) for Refrigerator John’s bait store. What was Primrose saving her money for?

    Primrose wanted to buy paint for her “room” in the van.

  14. What did Primrose and David do to each other when they fought over a giant night crawler?
    David dumped all of her worms. Primrose left David in the dark.

  15. Primrose and David went to the flea market to sell their trash pickings. What did David see at the flea market that both excited and frightened him?
    David saw several picture frames with Primrose’s father’s picture in it.

  16. Who did David’s grandmother tell him the picture in the frame was? Clark Gable, a movie star

  17. Primrose wanted her mother to be a normal mom. What did Primrose tell David she went to the library for and what did that have to do with her mother?
    Primrose went to the library for Story Hour because her mother never read to her.

  18. Primrose wanted to go see “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” at the library. What did she dress up as so she and David could go? It was a parent/child activity so she dressed up as a mother.

  19. What happened at the library at the Midsummer’s Night event?
    Primrose got caught up in pretending to be David’s mother. When she told him to put the cookies down, they fought. He screamed, “You’re not my mother”, and yanked off her wig.

  20. What was the memento that David carried in his pocket that reminded him of his mother?
    A purple plastic turtle

  21. When David awakened on the porch after falling asleep, he started running around and screaming, “Not yet.” Why?
    His mother promised him they would see the sunrise together. He didn’t want the sun to rise without her. He ran to Refrigerator John’s and buried his head in a pillow so he would not see the sunrise.

  22. After 2 weeks of not talking to Primrose, she wrote David a note telling him to come over. What was different about her place?

    She had fake splattered eggs on the windows and wallpapered the inside.

  23. Primrose told David they were going to Philadelphia. How were they getting there?
    Walking – along the railroad tracks

  24. As they were walking to Philadelphia, it was getting dark. Primrose picked up a stone and threatened David. What did he say he would do if she threw it at him?
    David said he would tell her something that would make her feel bad. When she tossed the stone he told her the man in her pictures was not her father.

  25. Why were David and Primrose going to Philadelphia? To see the waving man

  26. What did David do for Primrose by the light of the moon?
    He read her a story from a comic book they found in the trash and then made up other stories all night long.

  27. When Primrose took David out on a dam in the middle of the river, what did they see? The sunrise

  28. A policeman came out onto the dam and took the children home. What did David show Primrose on the way home?
    David showed Primrose his memento, the little purple plastic turtle.

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