C101 Midterm faqs: Section B2 What is covered?

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C101 Midterm FAQs: Section B2

What is covered? No material past chapter 3 (ch1-3)

Will historical information from Chapter 1 be included? no

Will C++ code be included (either to understand or write)? no

Will there be questions in which I have to generate pseudo-code to design an algorithm? yes

Will there be multiple choice? no

Will there be true/false? yes, but you have to explain why you said true or false!

What kinds of questions will there be?

  • an algorithm will be given and you will have to provide the values of certain variables, given certain input. Very much like lab exercises and tracing machine states in class

  • a description of some desired algorithmic behavior will be given, and you’ll be asked to write an algorithm in pseudocode to get that behavior

  • What is this algorithm doing?

  • This algorithm is intended to do ….will it work correctly?

  • This algorithm currently does …modify it so that it behaves

How can I best study?

  • review the lab exercises you did—the focus is on algorithm comprehension

  • review the class examples that were given and the kinds of points that were stressed in lecture

  • review the major algorithms discussed in class (on handouts) and in the book. You will not need to be able to produce an entire algorithm like binary search or a sorting algorithm.

  • Ddo the practice exercises (for which there are answers) in the back of the book

  • Do the same questions on line and time yourself. Treat them like a real test, see how much you can do, and only THEN look at the answers.

What about “Big O”notation and time efficiency?

  • this is a very important aspect of the course

  • you should know what those concepts mean

  • don’t get hung up on what they call the “data clean up” algorithms in Chapter 3 (shuffle left, copy over, etc) , which they use to illustrate time efficiency and space efficiency. Instead, focus on the big story they use those algorithms to tell, and make sure you understand the conceptual issues presented in the book and in the lecture notes.

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