Cabaret, the story… Berlin, 1930’s, before the Nazis come to power

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Cabaret, the story…

Berlin, 1930’s, before the Nazis come to power.

Sally Bowles, an American, and Brian Roberts, from England, witness to what happens in Germany. Sally sings in a cabaret, the Kit Kat Club. Brian is an English teacher.

During Brian’s class, a student of his named Fritz meets Natalya Landauer, the daughter of a rich Jew. At first, Fritz is more interested in money than women. He learned English in an effort to meet rich American widows. He falls in love with Natalya. There is one problem – Natalya is Jewish, and in those days, before the new German laws, it was forbidden for a Jew and a Christian to marry.

Finally, Fritz reveals his own secret – his real name is not Muller. It’s Morganstern – he’s Jewish!

It was very difficult in those days for a Jew to find work in Germany or live a free life. Therefore, he changed his name and told everyone he was Christian. At the end of the play, Fritz and Natalya married under a chupah. Will there be a happy ending to the story?

We see in the play how the Nazis grow in number and strength during the 1930’s in Germany.

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