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International Education Committee (IEC)

Year-End Report 2008-2009
Steering Group

Chair: Elaine Haglund (Fall) Chair: Vlatka Velcic (Spring)

Vice-Chair: Hamdi Bilici At-Large Member: Sharon Olson

AVP., International Education and Global Engagement: Kenneth Curtis

Senior Director, Center for International Education: Nathan Jensen

Recording Secretary: Craig Fleming

Faculty Voting Members

Anglin, David (At-Large) Martin, Catherine (Natural Sciences/Mathematics)

Bilici, Hamdi (Business Administration) McEneaney, Betsy (Liberal Arts)

Blazey, Michael (Health & Human Services) Medora, Nilufer (Health/Human Services)

Bosch, Eileen (Library) Nord, Leslie (Liberal Arts)

Druzgalski, Chris (Engineering) Pavri, Shireen (Education - Fall)

Fernandez, Esteban (At-Large) Portnoi, Laura (Education sub-Shireen Pavri, Spring)

Fleming, Craig (At-Large) Rivera-Chang, Jose (At-Large)

Haglund, Elaine (Education) Silveira, Carlos (The Arts)

Ji, Yu (The Arts) Smith, Edward (Business Administration)

Kelty, Tom (Natural Sciences/Mathematics) Vatter, Sherry (At-Large)

Lu, Bei (Engineering) Velcic, Vlatka (Liberal Arts)

Marcus, Richard (Liberal Arts sub—Rich Haesly)

Ex-Officio Voting Members

Allen, Terre (Faculty Ctr. Prof. Develop.) Kennedy, Leslie (Instruct.’l. Technical Svcs.)

Benitez, Juan (Center for Comm. Engagement) Lee, Robin (Career Development Center)

Browne, Elson (Housing/Residential Life) Lindsay, Cecile (Academic Affairs)

Curtis, Ken (Center for Internat’l. Education) Olson, Sharon (Staff Council)

George, Simon (Internat’l. Comm. Council) Reis, Raul (CSU Acad. Council/Int’l. Programs)

Hostetler, Michael (Student Services) Richmond, Lynne (Univ. College/Ext. Services)

Jensen, Nathan (Center for Internat’l. Educ.)

Student Voting Members

Denila, Marilei Jung, Woosung

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member

Scotton, Paul (Curr. & Educat’l. Policies Council)

Adjunct Non-Voting Members

Groff, Rebecca (Student Athlete Services) Portnoi, Laura (Special Academic Projects – Fall)

Hurley, Jennie (President’s Scholars Center) Williams, Emyr (Education Abroad Subcommittee)

Jackson, Duan (University Honors Prog. - Fall)

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INTRODUCTION: The International Education Committee (IEC ), in close cooperation with the Center for International Education (CIE), is an Academic Senate Standing Committee reporting to the Curriculum and Educational Policies (CEP) Council.
During the 2008-2009 academic year, the International Education Committee met each month

and coordinated with its subcommittees, as listed below. As part of the IEC’s mission to have broad and diverse representation throughout the university, one new ex-officio position was added to the committee — Dr. Juan Benitez (Center for Community Engagement).

Subcommittee and Task Force Chairs/Co-Chairs
Area/Regional Subcommittees

African Studies (Ikaweba Bunting)

East Asian Studies (Victor Wang and Teresa Chen)

European Studies (Vlatka Velcic)

Latin American Studies (Norma Chinchilla, Alicia del Campo, and Jayne Howell)

Middle East/Near East Studies (Houri Berberian and Ali Igmen)

South Asian Studies (Bipasha Baruah)

Education Abroad Subcommittee (Emyr Williams)

Awards Task Force (Michael Blazey)

Overview of the Year: In the 2008-09 academic year, the IEC continued its traditional activities and chose to start working on a new complex and vital initiative “Internationalizing the Experience of CSULB ‘s Visa and U.S. Students” which will definitely take more than one academic year to accomplish. Dr. Ken Curtis has been appointed the new Assistant Vice-President for International Education and Global Engagement and, as such, he continued to work on a number of vital projects to internationalize the university. Nathan Jensen, as Senior Director of the Center for International Education, sustained his responsibilities with both our international and our education-abroad students, amid a host of other programs. Currently, the committee is undergoing a transition in leadership; as the IEC’s long-term Chair, Dr. Elaine Haglund who has provided the committee with invaluable leadership, long-term expertise, and a wide-range of resources, is retiring. Also, committee activities are impeded by the lack of available funds and overworked faculty (and staff) members who are not properly credited for their unstinting efforts in internationalizing the university through curriculum initiatives, recommended policies, linkages with overseas universities, and multiple extra-curricular programming of events.

COMMITTEE’S SPECIAL PROJECT: “Internationalizing the Experience of CSULB’s Visa and U.S. Students”: In the Fall semester, committee members started to develop a long-term initiative, based on the idea originally suggested by Dr. Sherry Vatter, an active committee member. At the outset, she and Daniel Yoder and Inemesit Williams from the Center for International Education, established the blueprint for the project that guided the work of the committee throughout the year.
At its final meeting in May, the members voted to proceed with the project this next year. They have divided themselves into 4 sub-groups to explore possibilities to: 1) Improve Media and Extra-Curricular Links (leader - Sharon Olson); 2) Internationalize Courses (leader - Sherry Vatter); 3) Develop More Academic Support (leader - Daniel Yoder). Finally a group of members led by Betsy McEneaney is to develop surveys to identify the needs and Interests of international students and US students as related to international topics. During several meetings in the Spring semester the members met in breakout sessions and developed specific tasks that each subgroup is to accomplish before next Fall semester so that the committee can immediately go forward with the project.

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INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS AWARDS PROGRAM: This past year, the committee saw an

increase in the number of proposals as well as the amount of the funds available for the awards. The Awards Task Force (Michael Blazey, Craig Fleming, and Laura Portnoi) based their selection on the degree to which the proposed projects would directly benefit students with regard to increased internationally related knowledge, awareness, and skills. They followed revised criteria adopted by the committee. Of the 31 proposals submitted, 19 were recommended for varying amounts of the $10,000 sum, all of which were approved by the committee and are listed below.

Modernizing” Islam: A Case Study of Bangladesh

Bipasha Baruah (Geography)

Summer Session Study Abroad Course

Alwin Baum (Comparative World Literature and Classics)

Mariachi de la Playa

Alicia Doyle (Music)

The Fall of the Wall — A Film Series

Nele Hempel-Lamer (German)

Large-Scale Local Development Methodology Workshop

Gary Hytrek (Sociology)

Translation and Cultural Context

Alexandra Jaffe (RGRLL) and Clorinda Donato (RGRLL)

A Study of Children and Families in new Zealand

Nilufer Medora (Famiily and Consumer Sciences)

French and Francophone Studies Colloquium Series

Aparna Nayak-Guercio (RGRLL)

Bamboo as a Sustainable Construction Material

Richard Nguyen (Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Mgt.)

A Second Golden Age

Leslie Nord (RGRLL)

Service Learning in Ecuador

Heather Rae-Espinoza (Human Development)

Service Learning in Guatemala

Leslie Reese (Teacher Education & Center for Language Minority Education & Research)

Death and Dying in South Africa

Pamela Roberts (Human Development)

Latin American Film Series

Jose Sanchez-H. (Film/Electronic Arts)

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(Internat’l. Projects Awards, Cont’d.)

(Internat’l. Projects Awards, Cont’d.)

International Cooperation on Biomedical Research

Barry Shahian (Electrical Engineering)

California-Mexico Project

Armando Vazquez-Ramos (Chicano & Latino Studies)

Colloquium Series (Romance, German, Russian Languages & Literature)

Lisa Vollendorf (RGRLL)

A Passage Beyond

Yu Ji (Art)

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK (IEW): The U.S. established International Education Week in 2000 as a joint initiative of the Department of State and Department of Education to acknowledge the global exchange environment between the U.S. and other countries.  In response to this nationally recognized event, CSULB marked its own 9th annual International Education Week (November 17th - 21st) with the theme Local Meets Global.  Through the excellent coordination of the staff of the Center for International Education, members of the IEC and its subcommittees, and various departments of the campus, there were panel presentations, film screenings, art displayed, musical performances and a wide variety of other activities that attracted a large number of students, faculty and staff.  This year also included an unprecedented number of student led presentations.
INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONAL LINKAGES: Over the years, the university has initiated and maintained a number of institutional exchange arrangements, thus connecting CSULB with a considerable variety of campuses throughout the world.
However, because several of the bilateral agreements were no longer active, the committee formed a task force in Spring 2008 (chaired by Nathan Jensen) to 1) review the status of each linkage as to whether activity would warrant continuance and to 2) examine the current linkage policy.
This past year, the committee subsequently approved the task force’s recommendations involving the clarification of procedures and roles through which the IEC makes recommendations to the AVP for International Education and Global Engagement, the Provost, and the President. The committee further approved the following actions:

• Form an IEC International Linkage Standing Committee composed of 3 staff members from

the Center for International Education, 4 faculty members (3 from the IEC and 1 who in most circumstances would be the chair, or designee, of the appropriate Area Subcommittee

• Charge the International Linkage Standing Committee with the responsibilities of 1) receiving and evaluating linkage proposals; 2) promoting connections between the overseas institutions and CSULB students, staff, and faculty; and 3) making ongoing recommendations concerning the proposal process and the roles of the CIE, the area subcommittees, the IEC, and campus administrators.
CSULB currently has 53 official overseas agreement arrangements, including the two listed below that were approved this past year. (See Attachment #1: Active Linkage Agreements Between CSULB and Overseas Institutions.)
• University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (Sharon Olson)

• Tenri University, Japan (John Tsuchida, Asian and Asian American Studies).

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GLOBAL GENERAL EDUCATION CERTIFICATE AND/OR MINOR: The committee is still interested in the development of a Global GE Certificate/Minor. This idea had been originally proposed during the last academic year (2007-08) by Ken Curtis, and a group of members (under the leadership of Sharon Olson) reviewed a list of courses that satisfied the Global GE requirement and also to consider appropriate themes and categories for the certificate program. The campus-wide GECC has imposed this academic year a moratorium on new GE courses and programs, and at the end of the academic year it developed a new set of criteria with which to review GE courses. Because of the GECC review process, the committee was not able to proceed with the project. Since the moratorium is lifted and the new criteria are established, the committee hopes to take up this initiative this next academic year.

THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM: As part of CSULB’s global engagement efforts, plans are in process for integrating aspects of the Academic Outreach Program (from East Carolina University). Campus pilot programs are being initiated that will bring the globe into the classroom through the use of technology for sustained interaction with students at universities around the world.

GLOBE: The GLOBE (Global Learning Options for a Broader Education) project, now in its tenth year, is a targeted learning community created to encourage an increased number of students to become more globally literate and to study or intern abroad. Students enroll, as a cohort, in both content and skill-building courses adapted by faculty to be globally focused. Students also receive advisement in their individualized academic programs and career planning, as well as guidance in applying for financial aid and study abroad opportunities. For the last three years, new international freshmen have been taking General Education foundation courses with the GLOBE students and receiving general education academic advising from the GLOBE staff.

With this past year's 60 new GLOBE students, a total of 519 students have been involved in the program.  Noteworthy is the fact that retention rates among GLOBE students has consistently been considerably higher than those of the university’s other matriculating students. See Appendix 1: One-Year Continuation Rates for GLOBE Students.

GLOBE students have studied, worked, or volunteered abroad for summer, winter, semester, and one-year programs (or will be leaving for their study abroad experience in fall 2009) in Argentina (2), Australia (6), Belgium (1), Bolivia (1), Brazil (7), Cameroon (1), Cambodia (6), Chile (1), China (2), Costa Rica (2), Cuba (1), Ecuador (1), England (19), France (6), Germany (2), Greece (1), Ireland (2), Italy (18), Japan (4), Mexico (3), New Zealand (1), Russia (2), Spain (15), Summer at Sea (1), Sweden (2), and Taiwan (1). Several have participated in multiple programs abroad.  Some are also pursuing graduate degrees or working abroad as a result of their study abroad experiences, and three GLOBE alumni have joined the Peace Corps.                                                        

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The work of the International Education Committee is significantly advanced by the endeavors of its various subcommittees, one of which is the Education Abroad Subcommittee that focuses on expanding the opportunities for students either to study, intern, or participate in service learning in another country. Most of the subcommittees, however, are formed by faculty, students, and staff who represent an interest and expertise in a particular region of the world. The primary purposes of these area-study subcommittees are to promote knowledge of the particular area, as appropriate, through curriculum development, specific short-term study-abroad courses, cultural events, panel discussions, films, etc., and through liaisons with the surrounding community. (Within the membership lists below, the underlined names refer to committee the chair/co-chairs.)

  • Education Abroad Subcommittee: The subcommittee met four times during the 2008-’09 academic year.

At the first meeting, the subcommittee passed the following motion regarding the composition of the Selection Panel whose responsibility it is to recommend the applicants to serve as the director of each London Semester Program.

The Selection Panel for the London Semester Program is to be comprised

of the Chair of the Education Abroad Subcommittee, the Chair of the Inter-

national Education Committee, two veteran directors of the London program,

one other member chosen from the membership of the Education Abroad Subcommittee, the Assistant Vice-President for International Education and

Global Engagement, or designee, and a representative from the Center for International Education.

The subcommittee also stipulated that beginning Fall 2009, the candidate interviews for the London Semester Program shall be conducted for two successive years, i.e. 2011 and 2012. Additionally, applications for future London Semester Program faculty shall be due the third week of October, and interviews will be conducted the second week of November.

Applications for the 2010 London Semester program were reviewed, and all candidates were interviewed. From the pool of many very strong applicants, Neil Hultgren (English) was selected as next year’s faculty director.
The subcommittee commended Sharon Olson, once again, for her diligent work in promoting the mission of the Education Abroad subcommittee, such as having coordinated and completed the promotional video for education abroad opportunities for CSULB students. The video is available on line at

With Sharon’s new responsibilities in the Center for International Education, she has been remarkably instrumental in advancing short-term study-abroad opportunities for CSULB faculty-led overseas programs. Consequently, there has been a very considerable increase in the number of overseas courses offered in both the winter and summer sessions. Over 500 students will participate in a study abroad course in the summer of 2009.

Membership:  Emyr Williams, Kenneth Curtis, Cecilia Fidora, Steve Fleck, Richard Haesly, Elaine Haglund, Jayne Howell, Jeff High, Duan Jackson, Nathan Jensen, Linda Olson Levy, Sharon Olson, Laura Portnoi, Ed Smith

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Area Studies Subcommittees

  • African Studies Subcommittee: Although the subcommittee did not formally convene, the chair of the subcommittee, Dr. Ikaweba Bunting, coordinated with the Department of Africana Studies to offer and lead the second group of students to Tanzania, as well as other areas of East Africa during the summer session.

  • East Asian Studies Subcommittee: The subcommittee conducted eight monthly of during the 2008-’09 academic year, maintained its website and disseminated relevant information to the larger communities on campus.

  • During the International Education Week, a presentation titled Chinese Tradition and Culture in Health and Daily Life was conducted.

  • A Singaporean Film titled “I Not Stupid” was shown.

  • Two visiting scholars from China were hosted while completing. their research activity.

  • Study Abroad Experiences in China and Taiwan were shared by participating students.

  • Art Exchange Programs in China proceeded as usual..

  • Student leaders from the Chinese Student Association and Taiwanese Student Association attended our meetings.

  • The Chinese Spring Festival celebration campus was successfully conducted and was well attended.

Membership: Victor C.X. Wang and Teresa Chen, Shu Hua An, Xiaoying Chen, Kenneth Curtis, Nathan Jensen, Guotang Li, Xiaoping Liang, Ping Lin, Victor Wang, Jeffrey Winters, Xiaolong Wu, Tim Xie, Wen qing Xue, Ronnie Ye, Ji Yu, Daniel Yoder

  • European Studies Subcommittee: The European Studies subcommittee continued to work in conjunction with the CSULB Center for European Studies (CES). The subcommittee also continued its exchange of information with other programs in the surrounding area such as the UCLA Center for European and Eurasian Studies.

While the subcommittee members were too over-worked in the Fall semester to organize

the European Culture Bowl event, the subcommittee plans to continue the event in Fall ’09.

During the academic year, the subcommittee members organized and co-sponsored many events such as the Russian Studies’ Dostoevsky’s Festival, organized by Professor Harold Schefski, but the subcommittee’s major event was:

  • A screening of the film Before the Rain by Macedonian director Mancho Manchevski and a discussion with the film director via visual Skype.

Three members of the subcommittee have been teaching an interdisciplinary College of Liberal Arts class on Eastern European Borderlands. And the committee continues to work on proposing a European Studies Minor, as well as new funding for the subcommittee (and the Center). Since the subcommittee’s chair, Dr. Vlatka Velcic, became the chair of IEC, Dr. Christopher Karadjov has organized most of the work of the subcommittee, and he is willing to continue as the chair of the subcommittee (which needs to be formalized in the Fall of 2009).

Page 7 (European Studies, Cont’d.)

(European Studies, Cont’d.)
Membership: Vlatka Velcic, Alwin Baum, Laura Ceia-Minjares, Nhora Serrano, Carlo

Chiarenza, Clorinda Donato, Teresa Fiore, Steve Fleck, Bonnie Gasior, Cheryl Goldstein, Cora Goldstein, Nele Hempel-Lamer, Jeffrey High, Ali Igman, Andrew Jenks, Christopher Karadjov, Lloyd Kermode, Larry Martinez, Caitlin Murdock, Aparna Nayak-Guercio, Chuck Noble, Larry Nolan, Leslie Nord, Harold Schefski, Norbert Schurer, Don Schwartz, David Shafer, Dmitri Sidorov, Martine Van Elk, Lisa Vollendorf

  • Latin American Studies Subcommittee: Members of the subcommittee organized the following activities and curricular initiatives during the 2008-2009 academic year.

Film Series and Film Festival: During the fall semester, the Latin American Film Series group, as organized by Professor Jose Sanchez-H, provided free screenings of 35mm films to audiences of 300-400 members on the campus and through community media outlets.  These were the largest audiences yet for the film series, which augurs well for the ongoing interest in Latin American studies. Guest speakers from academia and from the Film Community were invited to introduce the films and conduct a Q&A session. Also, Alicia del Campo and her students created a newsletter discussing the various films in the series. Under the heading of “Love Stories: Diverse Visions,” the films offered this year were: “Los Andes No Creen en Dios” (The Andes don’t believe in God), “Asegure a Su Mujer” (“He trusted his wife”), “Madrigal,” and “Maldeamores” (“Lovesickness”). Funding for the film series this year came primarily from the Film and Electronic Arts Department as a result of budget cuts in the funding that is normally available from the College of the Arts.

With support from an International Projects grant, Bonnie Gasior and Nhora Serrano hosted a Cuban film festival titled: ¡Viva Cuba!: Cinematic Commemorations of the Revolution” during the Spring 2009 semester. The festival was co-sponsored by the Spanish Club, RGRLL, the Department of Comparative Literature and Classics, and Latin American Studies.The movies included “Suite Habana,” “Vampires in Habana,” “Viva Cuba,” “Balseros”(“Rafters”) and “Habana Blues.”

Theater Performances: During Spring 2009, Teatro al Sur was organized to produce a student play in Spanish on campus. This endeavor was a whole semester’s work directed by Prof. Alicia del Campo. The production had the valuable participation of Prof. Ariel Gutierrez who came as a visiting director from Argentina, and the play was presented on May 15 &16 to a full audience in the Theater Showcase room. The performance of “Nuestra Señora de las Nubes,” written by the Argentinean playwright Arístides Vargas, was a full 70 minute play performed by a cast of CSULB students completely in Spanish. The response from the community has been phenomenal and the Teatro al Sur group is looking forward to being able to present the play again and in new venues over the next year.

Lectures: A well-received lecture was presented by Frank Zephyr on “Artisans, slaves, and real estate: An experiment with spatial history in 10th century Rio de Janeiro,” organized by Professor Lise Sedrez and given on March 26, 2009 was co-sponsored by the Department of History and Latin American studies.

Professor Ariel Gutierrez gave a lecture titled “Theatrical Cartographies: an urban approach to theater in the global City” at the Karl Anatol Center, May 12, 2009, an event that was very well attended by faculty and students.

Page 8 (Latin American Studies, Cont’d.)

(Latin American Studies, Cont’d.)

Throughout the year, other speakers from a range of disciplines were invited to campus to speak at colloquia and in classes.

Curriculum and Classes: Newly developed graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of departments have been integrated into both the LAS minorand certificate programs.

The ‘Introduction to American Studies’ (HIST/LAS/SOC 161), a GE course, has been taught for three years by Professor Dennis Kortheuer, with the support of the cross-listing departments, and as with other interdisciplinary courses on Latin America, has had a wide appeal.

RGRLL offered 2 Portuguese courses in Fall 2008 (1st and 3rd semester Portuguese) but had to cancel Spring semester offerings because of budget cuts and low early enrollments.

Several short-term study abroad programs were organized for the 2008-2009 academic year. However, the economic situation led to limited enrollment, and as a result a number of courses were cancelled.

Student Outreach: The subcommittee’s web site continues to be an effective way of communicating with students, faculty, and the community. Also, a new brochure has been developed as a means of recruiting more students to Latin American courses and programs.

Partnership and Exchanges: At the initiative of Professor Armando Vasquez-Ramos, a formal relationship between CSULB and the National University of Mexico (UNAM) was established. As part of that relationship, a group of CSULB students were hosted by UNAM during their California-Mexico Project Spring Break trip to Mexico to participate in the two day “Re-Encentro Chicano Conference.” Under the same umbrella, CSULB and host department, Chicano and Latino Studies, welcomed its first Mexican university sabbatical scholar, Ana Uribe in May of the spring semester. (See Appendix #3: Description of the California-Mexico Project. Activities—Academic Year 2008-‘09)

Membership:  Norma Chinchilla, Alicia del Campo, and Jayne Howell, Luis Arroyo, Emily Berquist, Roland E. Bush, Margaret Costa, Alejandra Cox Edwards, Antonia Garcia-Orozco, Bonnie Gasior, Liesl Haas, Gary Hytrek, Dennis Kortheuer, Javier Lopez-Zetina, Claire E. Martin, Rita Palacios, Carlos Piar, Catha Parquette, Heather Rae-Espinosa, Raul Reís, Victor Rodríguez,Clarissa Rojas, José Sanchez-H, Anna Sandoval, Lisa Sedrez, Carlos Silveira, John Tsuchida, Armando Vasquez-Ramos, Julie Weise

  • Middle East/Near Eastern Studies Subcommittee: The subcommittee had a very exciting year. The membership organized the following very successful and well-attended events throughout the past academic year.

Screening of a film by Fatih Akin on the Istanbul music scene, Crossing The Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, on February 24.

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(Middle/Near Eastern Studies, Cont’d.)

(Middle/Near Eastern Studies, Cont’d.)
Gaza and Human Rights Panel on March 18, featuring

• Richard Falk, Visiting Professor, Global and International Studies, UC Santa Barbara and Emeritus Professor, Princeton University United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights; Author of Achieving Human Rights (2009); Costs of War: the UN, International Law and World Order After Iraq (2008).

• Lisa Hajjar, Associate Professor and Chair of Law and Society Program, UC Santa Barbara; author of Human Rights: Critical Concepts in Political Science, Vols. 1-5. Co-edited with Richard Falk and Hilal Elver (Routledge, 2008) and Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza (Univ. Calif. Press, 2005).

• Gabriel Piterberg, Professor of History, UCLA; author of The Returns of Zionism: Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel (Verso, 2008); An Ottoman Tragedy: History and Historiography at Play, (Univ. Calif. Press, 2003).

Celebrating Arab Hip Hop: a two-day event, April 28 & 29, featuring two films, a talk, and a performance.

• Documentary Film: Slingshot Hip Hop

• Performance by Syrian-American Hip Hop Artist, Omar Offendum

• Talk, “Hip Hop in the Middle East and North Africa” by H. Samy Alim, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, UCLA

• Documentary Film: I Love Hip Hop in Morocco

Membership Houri Berberian and Ali Igmen: Elizabeth Dahab, Dennis Kortheuer, Olfat Mohammed, Sophia Pandya, Sharlene Sayegh, Sherry Vatter

  • South Asian Studies Subcommittee: Below is a summary of events conducted by the subcommittee during the 2008-’09 academic year.

• International Education Week 2008: “Outsourcing: The Other Side of the Story:”

In keeping with the week’s them of “Local Meets Global,” the subcommittee hosted a discussion on outsourcing to India, along with a screening of the romantic comedy, “Outsourced,” which tells the story of an American novelty products salesman who is sent to India to train his replacement after his entire department is outsourced.
• South Asia Day 2009: Journey to the Hidden Kingdom — Bhutan: A lecture on the history, culture and politics in Bhutan was presented by Britta Das, author of “Buttertea at Sunrise: A Year in the Bhutan Himalaya.” This event was scheduled for April 2009 but was postponed to the Fall 2009 semester due to last-minute changes in the speaker’s availability.

• Solanki Lecture featuring Pico Iyer — “Our Global Century and Its New Possibilities”:

Pico Iyer is one of the most revered travel writers in the world. He is the author of nine books, including, Video Nights in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk, Cuba and the Night, and The Global Soul. On April 16th, 2009, Iyer was invited to deliver the Seventh Annual Solanki Lecture at CSULB. Following his excellent and welll-attended presentation, he signed copies of his new book, The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, which is based on his conversations with the Dalai Lama over the last 33 years.

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(South Asian Studies, Cont’d.)

(South Asian Studies, Cont’d.)
Membership: Bipasha Baruah,Tina Arora, Pravina Cooper, Ken Curtis, Simon George, Nathan Jensen Arnold Kaminsky, Tim Keirn, Mohammad Khan, Linda Olson Levy, Tina Matuchniak, Aparna Nayak-Guercio, Sophia Pandya, Jyotsna Pattnaik, Shireen Pavri, Namika Raby, Praveen Soni


Concerns and Recommendations
Once again, the IEC recommends that coordination be established between the Academic Senate’s Nominating Committee and the International Education Committee, based on the Senate’s original commitment when several years ago it restructured its committee protocols. The basis for this arrangement was due to the IEC’s unconventional make-up of its members — that of faculty, staff, and students with demonstrated records of international involvement. With greater coordination between the Nominating Committee and the IEC, the reappointment of current members would be appropriately considered, especially in terms of members who have consistently been leaders of long-term and ongoing IEC projects.

It is also suggested that consideration be given to earlier distribution of the annual electronic request forms that solicit faculty interest in various committees. If the process were initiated early in the Spring semester, the Academic Senate Office would more likely be able to compile the received responses in a timely manner for the Nominating Committee to have its recommendations in order by the middle of April. Thus, plans for the new year that involve reappointed members could go forward, uninterrupted by the loss of certain members. Also a slate of officers — that may include reappointed members — could be elected by the end of the academic year and thus be well positioned to prepare in advance for the year ahead.

Prospects — A View to the Future
Although the university faces an even more challenging year in terms of budget restrictions, the International Education Committee is poised to move ahead with its charge of further augmenting international education efforts at CSULB. The committee is motivated to fulfill its multifaceted goals, especially in coordination with Dr. Ken Curtis, Assistant Vice-President for International Education and Global Engagement, the staff of the Center for International Education, as well as with the new internationally oriented endowment by the IEC’s long-term chair, Dr. Elaine Haglund.
The committee will continue its support of the IEC’s seven subcommittees and help advance their goals, especially through the special project of “Internationalizing the Experience of CSULB’s Visa and U.S. Students.” This complex project seeks not only to respond to the needs and interests of our visa students and internationally involved U.S. students, but also to enhance the campus’ level of global literacy — through the curriculum, faculty development, and expanded overseas connections and opportunities.
Page 11 (Prospects, Cont’d.)

(Prospects, Cont’d.)

As time permits, the committee will continue to invite key players of the university to its meetings — thus benefiting from the enriching and informative exchange of information from various administrative areas of the campus. Also anticipated is the installation of the software, “Studio Abroad,” an application that should significantly help in reaching a broader constituency on campus once the program is customized and populated with CSULB-specific data. In tandem with “Studio Abroad, ”the campus’ newly developed online searchable technology — “Digital Measures, ”a space for faculty CVs and research activities — there is considerable potential for increased international interdisciplinary partnering throughout the campus, both academically and programmatically.

On a broader scale, it has been noted by Dr. Ken Curtis that currently there is no central coordination of the various education-abroad programs that are offered by universities within the CSU system. In the event that Dr. Curtis is interested and is encouraged to spearhead a coordinated effort among the statewide campuses, the committee stands ready to assist in developing a prospectus for consideration by interested CSU universities.

Elected Officers for 2009-2010
Chair: Vlatka Velcic (Comparative World Literature & Classics)

Vice-Chair: Hamdi Bilici (Finance)

Recorder: Leslie Kennedy (Academic Technology Services)

At-Large: Sharon Olson (Staff Council and Center for International Education)

#1 Active Agreements Between CSULB and Overseas Institutions
#2 One-Year Continuation Rates for GLOBE Students
#3 Description of the California Mexico Project (CMP) Activities – Academic Year 2008-‘09

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