Cam high School Parent-Student Handbook

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CAM High School

Parent-Student Handbook


Mission of the CAM Community School District

“The mission of the CAM Community School District is to develop in all students the knowledge and skills required to be life-long learners and responsible citizens in an ever-changing society.”


CAM High School


Mission of the CAM Community School District

“The mission of the CAM Community School District is to develop in all students the knowledge and skills required to be life-long learners and responsible citizens in an ever-changing society.”


a. Course Changes: After the start of the semester, changes in a student's class schedule will require the permission of the parents, classroom teachers, principal and the counselor. At the end of first semester, leaving a yearlong course will require a signature from the counselor, classroom teacher, parents and there must be a meeting with the teacher, student and parents. Yearlong courses are defined in the high school course handbook.

b. Registration Procedure: Students are required to discuss their schedules with their parents. Each student must meet with their homeroom teacher and the counselor to complete registration. A date will be set for “Final” schedule changes. After that date changes will be granted only be approval of the Principal for sound academic reasons that are demonstrated by the family of the student involved.

c. Procedure for Transfer Credits: Students transferring to CAM High School are expected to work for graduation requirements of the CAM High School. Credit will be transferred for all passing courses at previous schools attended and the type of schedule will be considered. Future schedules will be set up assuming the student will graduate from CAM High School and the coursework taken previously.
d. With transfer students only: In case of incomplete work, partial credit will be issued, i.e. one quarter's work will result in one-half of a semester's work. Mid-year transfers will be placed in current year requirements, if possible. Credit will be awarded for the part of year completed. State requirements will be completed as soon as possible.


Cumulative records may be maintained separate from permanent records in the office.


Letter grades are given at the close of each quarter of schoolwork and averaged at semester. Eligibility is figured at the end of each quarter. Grades used by teachers have the following values:
100-96=A 95-92=A- 91-89=B+

88-86=B 85-83=B- 82-79=C+

78-75=C 74-73=C- 72-70=D+

69-67=D 66-65=D- 64 or below=F

a. Numerical equivalents of letter grades:

A............... 4.0 B-.............. 2.67 D+............. 1.33

A-.............. 3.67 C+............. 2.33 D............... 1.0

B+............. 3.33 C............... 2.00 D-.............. 0.67

B............... 3.0 C-.............. 1.67 F............... 0.0

  1. Scholarship applications: A student may use the higher of grade point averages using all A, B, C, D, F grades with the corresponding number equivalent or A, A-, B+, B-, etc. also with the corresponding number equivalent. Ex. The student with all A’s and two A-’s will be able to use a 4.0 grade point when applying for a scholarship. Class rank will still be determined by using +’s and -’s when appropriate. Any questions, please see the principal or guidance counselor.

c. Incomplete grades: One week is allowed to make up an incomplete grade at the end of a quarter or mid-term. (Exception may be made for long-term illness.) This time is given from the end of the grading period. After one week's time, the grade is recorded as an F. Teachers are responsible for notifying students with an incomplete grade and letting them know what they need to finish prior to the due date and the week expires.

d. Mid-term deficiency reports: Halfway through the quarter or nine-week grading period, reports are sent to the parents of students who are failing or in danger of failing. These serve to inform a parent or guardian of the student's unsatisfactory work. They are asked to discuss the student's work with him/her and find where the difficulty lies and seek a conference with his/her teacher or counselor. These reports may be sent at other times as the teacher deems necessary. (Student eligibility will also be based on mid-term grades.)

Teachers may also send progress reports to those students who are doing good work.


In order to qualify for graduation, all students must earn 56 credits by completing the required classes listed below. All seniors must complete an electronic portfolio before graduation. (1 semester = 1 credit)

Minimum Academic Requirements for Graduation:

English 9 2 - Semesters

English 10 2 - Semesters

English 11 2 - Semesters

English Electives 2 - Semesters

Physical Education:

Modern Health or Health & Fitness 1 - Semester

Physical Education Each semester enrolled in school**

**Can waive PE for participation in athletics and/or one semester in four years.
Social Sciences:

Cultural Geography 2 - Semesters

American History 2 - Semesters

American Government 1 - Semester

Applied Economics 1Semester

Electives No required


Computer Application 1 - Semester

Parenting or Child Development 1- Semester

Fine Arts (Art,Band,Vocal) 1 - Semester

Practical Arts (Ag,IA,F&CS) 1 - Sem. additional to Parenting/Child Dev.

Mathematics 6 - Semesters with succcessful completion of Algebra 1

Consumer Math or Intro to Bus. 1 – Semester (Con. Math); 1 -Year (Intro to Bus)


Physical Science 2 - Semesters

Biology 2 - Semesters

Science Electives 2 - Semesters

Total Credits required for graduation: 56

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