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Leadership in the Canadian Forces – Conceptual foundations
Flight Comment (Propos de Vol)
On Target (Droit au But)
Air Force Magazine
Safety Digest de Securite
The Maple Leaf (La Feuille d’Erable)
CanOkie Times
Canadian Military Journal (Revue Militaire Canadienne)
A Guide to Reading on Professionalism & Leadership 2006
Canadian Honours & Awards-Bestowed Upon Members of the CF
Honours & Recognition-for the Men & Women of the CF
Beyond Transformation: The CPO1/CWO Strategic Employment



Mount St-Helens

Harp Seals

Death of the Nile


Africa’s Ragged Edge

Black Pharaohs

Great White of the North

Circle of Life

Lynx of the Line

Our Newest Ocean Park


No mercy by John Walsh

The search by Iris Johansen

The Lord of the rings-Return of the king by Tolkien

A mother’s story-The fight to free my son David by Milgaard

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

Darkness more than night by Michael Connelly

-An Unwelcome Silence-

Elmendorf’s Response to the Loss of Yukla 27

History of Elmendorf AFB

The Science of War during the 2nd War

By Donald H. Avery
Canadian’s Air Force Vol. 1-2-3

By Larry MilBerry

-Metal Canvas-

Canadians and WW2 Aircraft Nose Art

By Stephen M. Fochuk

The Crucible of War 1939-1945

Official Story of the Royal Canadian Air Force vol.3

By Greenhous, Harris, Johnston. Rawling

Canadian Military Heritage vol. 3- 1872-2000

By Serge Bernier

-Canada’s Army-

Waging War & Keeping the Peace

By J.L. Granatstein
The Heritage of the Canadian Military Music

By Kopstein & Pearson

History of Women in the Canadian Military

By Barbara Dundas

Military Justice at the Summary Trial Level

Office of the Judge Advocate General

-Aerodrome of Democracy-

Canada & the British Commonwealth

Air Training Plan 1939-1945

By F.J. Hatch

-Challenge and Commitment-

A Defence Policy for Canada National Defence

-Battle Lines-

Eyewitness Accounts from Canada’s Military History

By Granatstein – Norman – Hillmer
-The Other Battle-

Luftwaffe Night Aces vs. Bomber Command

By Peter Hinchliffe
Les Forces Armées du Canada 1867-1967

By Lt Col D.J. Goodspeed

A Diary between Friends

September 11 2011

Cockpit of the Cold War

By Donald Nijboer

-Show No Fear-

Daring actions in Canadian Military History

By Col. Bernd Horn

-A Soldier’s View-

The Personal Photographs of Canadians

At War 1935-1945

By Blake Heathcote
Canadian forces in WW2

By René Chartrand

-Vimy Ridge 1917-

Byng’s Canadians Triumph at Arras

By Alexander Turner
The Canadian Corps in WW1

By René Chartrand

Aces, Warriors & Wingmen

Firsthand Accounts of Canada’s Fighter

Pilots in the Second World War

By Wayne Ralph

The Ships of Canada’s Naval Forces 1910-2002

By Macpherson & Barrie

Canadian Combat & Support Aircraft

A Military Compendium

By T.F.J. Leversedge
Flying Under Fire vol. 1-2

By Lee Waller

-Soviet Air Power-

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Warsaw Pact

By Sweetman & Gunston

-Jane’s Land-

Based Air Defence 1993-1994

By Tony Cullen & Christopher F. Foss

-Generally Speaking-

The Memoirs of Major-General Richard Rohmer

-Line Shoot-

Diary of a fighter Pilot

By Arthur Sages
-Fighter Pilot-

The 1st American Ace of WW2

By William R. Dunn
-Fighter Boys-

The Battle of Britain – 1940

By Patrick Bishop
-Flying Legends-

A Photographic Study of the

Great Piston Combat Aircraft of WW2

By John M. Dibbs

Air War Normandy

By Townshend Bickers

-Arrows to the Moon-

Avro’s Engineers & the Space Race

By Chris Gainor
Avro Aircraft & Cold War Aviation

By Randall Whitcomb

Casemate – spring 2007
-Sixty Years-

The RCAF & CF Air Command 1924-1984

By Larry Milberry
Modern Battlefield Warplanes

By David Donald

-Big Wings-

The Largest Aeroplanes Ever Built

By Philip Kaplan
-A Tradition of Excellence-

Canada’s Air show Team Heritage

By Daniel V. Dempsey
-The First World War-

A Complete History

By Martin Gilbert

-The Operational Art-

Canadian Perspectives – Context & Concepts

By English, Gosselin, Coombs & Hickey
Canada’s Air Force Today

By Larry Milberry

The Pictorial History of Air Warfare

By Chris Chant

The Art of War

By Sun Tzu

Canadian Military History since the 17th Century

By Yves Tremblay

The Complete Idiot’s Guide of World War 1

By Alen Axelrod

The Complete Idiot’s Guide of World War 2

By Mitchell Bard

Handley Page Halifax

By Stachim & Tattersall

-Canada’s Warplanes-

Unique Aircraft in Canada’s Aviation museums

By Dan McCaffery

Boeing CC137 (707-347C)

By Stachiw & Tattersall
Canadian Military Aircraft Serials & Photographs 1968-1998

By griffin, Smith & Castle


A Documentary History

By Alfred Price
The Encyclopaedia of British Military Aircraft

By Bernard Fitzsimons

The Smithsonian Book of Flight

By Walter J. Boyne


A Hundred Years of Military Aviation

By Peter R. March

Alpha – Bravo – Delta

Guide to Warplanes

By Lt Col Larson (USAF) & Benson

- Six Days of War -

June 1967 and the Making of Modern Middle East

By Michael B. Oren
The German Army at D-Day

Fighting the Evasion

By David C. Isby
-The Admirals-

Canada’s Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth century

By Whitby, Gimblett & Haydon
-Towards the Brave New World-

Canada Army in the 21st Century

By Lt Col Horn & Gizewski

The Outside Looking in: Media & Defence

Analyst Perspectives on Canadian Military Leadership

By Col Bernd Horn

-Soviet Military Power-

Prospects for Change 1989

By Department of Defence USA
-Generalshif and the Art of the Admiral-

Perspectives on Canadian Senior Military Leadership

By Horn & Harris
-The Unpublished Photographs 1939-1942-

Poland-Low Countries- France-North Africa-Blitzkrieg

By Ian Baxter
The Canadair Sabre

By Larry Milberry

Spitfire-The History

By Morgan & Shacklady

-Canadian Fighter Pilot-

A Legacy of Courage and Dedication

By John McQuarrie
History of Air-to-Air Refuelling

By Richard M. Tanner M.B.E.

-The Sky Their Battlefield-

Air Fighting and the Complete List of Allied Air

Casualties from Enemy Action in the 1st War

British Commonwealth & United States

By Trevor Henshaw
-Wolf Pack-

The Story of the U-Boat in WW2

By Gordon Williamson
-A Cold War Legacy-

A Tribute to Strategic Air Command 1946-1992

By Alwyn T. Lloyd
-The Great Book of Fighters-

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of

Every Fighter Aircraft Built and Flown

By William Green & Gordon Swanborouglt

-In Harm’s Way-

On the Front Lines of Leadership

Sub-Unit Command on Operations

By Col Bernd Horn
-How to Make War-

A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare in the 21st Century

By James F. Dunnigan

-Sky High-

Stories of Survival from Air & Space

By Clint Willis

Une Histoire Militaire du Canada 1606-1991

De Desmond Morton

-Attack & Interceptor Jets-

300 of the World’s Greatest Aircraft

By Michael Sharpe


Tuesday, February 13, 1945

By Frederick Taylor

Auro Aircraft Since 1908

By A. J. Jackson

American Legends of WW2

By Jeffrey Ethell

The Discipline of Getting Things Done

By Larry Bossidy & Ram Charam
-Tarnished Brass-

Crime & Corruption in the Canadian Military

By Scott Taylor & Brian Nolan
Canada at Dieppe

By T. Murray Hunter

-Dieppe 1942-

A Prelude to D-Day

By Ken Ford


AWACS Canadian Forces

This is AWACS (16 MIN)


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