Candy Cane Story Starters

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Candy Cane Story Starters

Choose one of the candy cane story starters below!

  1. O
    ne cold, wintry day, I found a candy cane with a clue attached to it.

  2. The little elf told me that if I planted it a special candy cane tree would grow!

  3. I will never forget the day it snowed candy canes!

  4. “Don’t eat me!” the candy cane begged.

  5. When I found out that all the candy canes had been stolen, I got on the case right away.

  6. One day everything I touched turned into red and white candy canes.

  7. One December night I dreamed that I visited Candy Cane Land.

  8. Imagine my surprise when I found a magic candy cane.

  9. I woke up with red and white stripes all over, I knew that I had Candy Cane fever.

Now see if you can add some candy cane story starters of your own!

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