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CANTERVILLE GHOST the children’s book

NOTE: First lines are the visual. Next line is the written words on the page.
(Maybe have the actual “Promise” on the page on a scroll, so it’s not really part of the story, but nonetheless there.)
Oscar sitting on a shiny star with curtains on either side. The two twins sit in audience seats.

Once upon a time there was a ghost....
Picture of Sir Simon.

...he wasn’t just any ghost. He was Sir Simon de Canterville, a noble British Ghost.
Picture of Oscar doing nails with other servants around.

The house was empty and so all of his servant ghosts were bored.
Picture of door with Mr. Otis and Lord Canterville.

Then one day the front door was kicked open.
All the ghosts hiding behind things.

And all of the ghosts hid like scared mice.
Mr. Otis shaking Sir Simon’s hand.

I’ll take it!” said Mr. Otis.

But it is haunted,” replied Lord Canterville.

Well, then I’ll just have to charge the ghost rent.”

And they left.
Sir Simon’s raging face.

Charge me rent? I’ll charge them rent and the lease will be signed in blood!” He then laughed a dreadful laugh.

Sir Simon coughing.

which made him cough and cough. “Oscar! Water!”

Otis family on a steamer ship with Statue of Liberty and Fireworks in the background.

Back in America, the Otis Family packed their bags and set off to conquer England.
Picture on Otis Family busting through the front door.

I call the ghost!” said Lewis.

No fair, you can’t call a ghost!” said Clark.
Oscar dressed as Mrs. Umney.

And that is when we first met.
Mrs. Otis hugging Mrs. Umney. Mrs. Umney winking at the reader.

Mrs. Umney, this is our family.
Close up of Virginia carrying large bags.

I knew that Virginia was the one who might break the Canterville Curse.
Virginia looking at spot on the floor.

Mrs. Umney, there is a spot on the floor.
Oscar/Umney with a glint in his eye.

That is the blood of Lady Eleanor.
Washington standing with a scrub brush.

Washington Otis used his Champion Stain Remover and the spot was gone in a jiffy.
Close up on Sir Simon’s rage.

They removed the stain! To battle!
Oscar excited by Sir Simon.

Oooh, I just love haunting…the colors, the costumes…the terror! Which costume will it be tonight?
Page of all the servant ghosts wearing different costumes.
Sir Simon going out in a dowdy ghost costume. Oscar looking dismayed.

Sir Simon chose blasé old stand by.

Sir Simon walking by doors with lighting in the background.

He rattles his chains and cause the floorboards to groan.

Mr. Otis flings his door open, holding a colorful bottle in his hand.

Sir! I must insist that you oil those chains. Here is a bottle of Uncle Sam’s Oil Slick. Thank you!
Sir Simon standing with his mouth agape.
Sir Simon being hit by pillows and the twins laughing in the background.

We got the ghost, we got the ghost.
Sir Simon raging in his chambers. Oscar trying to calm him.

These Americans! They don’t know how to treat a Noble British Ghost.

If it’s war they want, then it is war they shall have!
Compilation of Sir Simon in Different Costumes doing different scary things while the family only yawns.
Mr. Otis looking very sleepless.

Incorporate “Man Who Never Dies” marquee.

This has got to end. I need sleep. I offer a reward for whoever catches

that ghost.”
Compilation of twins winning against the ghost. Bucket of water over his head; Trip over line; Firecrackers in the hall.
Mrs. Umney/Oscar helping the twins light some fireworks.

Oh, you’re not supposed to see that. I would NEVER be unkind to my master.
Sir Simon laying on a bed. Oscar next to him.

Sir you can’t give up. You have to teach these good-for-nothing Americans a thing or two.”

Oscar winking at the reader.

I had almost finished my plan.
Sir Simon stealing Virginia away.

Why don’t you steal Virginia Otis away.

Sir Simon sitting on the steps panting.

But, he was a little out of shape.
Virginia looking at the ghost with pity.

I’m sorry that my family has been so rude to you, Mr. Ghost.” I too should be very mad. You used my favorite paints to keep up your silly bloodstain. Who’s ever heard of blue blood?”

Close on Virginia as a tear goes down her cheek.
Sir Simon seeing her cry.

Why are you crying for me? After all those awful things I have done.
Oscar crying too.

I couldn’t help it. I cried too. The Canterville Curse was finally broken and we were free!
All of the ghosts celebrating.

It was a party to wake the dead.
Mr. Otis rolling his eyes.
The ghosts all leaving with their bags packed.

And then the house was silent.
Same picture as the start.

And I got to go the heaven on a shining star! Au revoir!
Oscar with the twins winking and giggling at the reader.

The End. (As a sign hanging on the shining star.)


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