Carpet Trifecta

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Carpet Trifecta

It isn’t often that a truly revolutionary event happens in carpet. We had nylon in the ‘50s and stain treatment in the ‘80s. So the buzz and excitement about what is being touted as the “most significant invention since nylon” is totally understandable.
When we ask consumers about their major carpet concerns, they say durability and stain protection. And, recently, there’s been a movement toward eco-friendly options.
Mohawk has achieved the carpet trifecta! SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer offers it all – durability, stain protection, and environmental sensibility. No tradeoffs.
The stain resistance is engineered into the fiber so it will never wear or wash off. The durability is as good as, or better, than nylon. And there is a revolutionary environmental story.
Bio-PDO, the key Sorona ingredient is produced from corn sugar. Yes, that’s right - CORN! By utilizing this new ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona will be made from renewable resources, resulting in major energy savings. When compared to nylon, energy savings from the production of seven square yards of Mohawk SmartStrand carpet produced from this exciting new innovation is equal to one gallon of gasoline. How can you not get excited about that?
How can you not get excited about the fact that Sorona polymer production requires 40 percent less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon?

How can you not get excited that greenhouse gas emissions from the Sorona operations are 60 percent lower than nylon manufacturing?
This is exciting for consumers and the flooring industry, not just for Mohawk!

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