Case Studies Form for eft practitioner Trainees

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Case Studies Form for EFT Practitioner Trainees

Please fill in this form with your 5 case studies and send by email to with “EFT Case Studies submission” as the subject.
5 case studies are to be submitted.
Below is a suggested (but not compulsory) format for case study submission. Sessions often don’t go in a simple sequential format as written below; however please answer the questions as far as possible.
Note: You will need to copy-paste the first section 3 times for each of the case studies you do on others.
For sessions you conduct on others and on yourself
Name” of client (do not use their real name unless it is yourself!).
Initial Notes
Issues / Symptoms Presenting
Issue / symptoms working with today
SUDs (Subjective Units of Distress out of 10) on initial feelings or emotions, or alternatively / additionally initial VOCs (Validity of Cognition – i.e. the degree to which a belief feels to be true, out of 10)
The protocol you used – e.g. Tearless Trauma, Movie technique, general tapping on feelings, Telling the Story Technique.
The Session
An outline of the session, what you worked on, emotional layers, the originating events you worked on.
The End of the Session

Post-session SUDS / VOCS about the issue worked on – compare the SUDs / VOCs levels you recorded at the beginning.

Notes about work that needs to be done in the future on this issue. Include any other core issues that may need to be worked on that came up as a result of the session.
Conclusions about the Session
What did you enjoy about the session
What did you found challenging about the session?
What did you learn from the session that could again help you in the future?
Is there anything that you need to learn in the future that could have helped you in the session?
For sessions you are on the receiving end of:
Use the above form as far as possible, however often it is difficult to remember the details when you are surrendering your issue to another facilitator.
In particular, answer the following questions:
Is there anything that the facilitator did that you thought was important – and that you yourself should bear in mind and use or be aware of in future when you are facilitating yourself?
Is there anything that the facilitator did that you thought could have been handled better for you in this session?

Having been on the receiving side, is there anything else you have learned that would make you a better practitioner in the future?

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