Question 701 topic : Marriage Is it allowed to marry a \Question 701 topic : Marriage Is it allowed to marry a 'Catholic' woman? If yes, what are the obligations to be fulfilled? Answer 701
In the Holy Qur’an, (5: 4), Allah (S. W. T) states that it is possible to marry women ‘who are given the Book.’ This refers to Jews and Christians. They are not allowed to marry polytheists (Mushriks)
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Excerpted from Dean Lueck, “First Possession”Excerpted from Dean Lueck, “First Possession”
Perhaps just as important, rules of first possession are intimately related to the “justice of acquisition,” a major topic in philosophical and political discussions of distributive justice (Nozick 1974)
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Being BuddhistBeing Buddhist
These people became know as Dharma followers or Dharma practitioners. They did not become Buddhists and they did not follow Buddhism. Neither of things existed during the Buddha’s lifetime
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William Burroughs cities of the red nightWilliam Burroughs cities of the red night
Roads, The Western Lands, Interzone, The Cat Inside, My Education: a book of Dreams and The Letters of William S. Burroughs 1945-1959, is a member of the American Academy and Institute for Arts and Letters
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Nature, Mind and Body in the Age of MechanismNature, Mind and Body in the Age of Mechanism
By reconstructing a history of the status of the self-aware, human mind through the history of scientific explanation, I address the question of whether or not a complete, scientific explanation of higher consciousness is possible
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