Appendix a – Pre-presentation activity and PowerPoint Presentation ScriptAppendix a – Pre-presentation activity and PowerPoint Presentation Script
This Education Kit was produced with the support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (cida)
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Afghan Institute of Learning (ail)Afghan Institute of Learning (ail)
Afghans received education, health services and teacher training or benefited from ail teachers trained and magazines published
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Taleban Government Appoints Two New MinistersTaleban Government Appoints Two New Ministers
Under a decree by his eminence Amir al-Momenin [Mola Mohammad Omar], Mawlawi Ahmad Jan has been appointed as the acting minister of mines and industries and Mawlawi Jalaloddin Haqqani as the acting minister of borders
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Afghanistan 2Afghanistan 2
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Military ResistanceMilitary Resistance
The Longest Time In Solitary Confinement Of Any Prisoner In United States History”
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Seminar «security and development : the case of afghanistan»Seminar «security and development : the case of afghanistan»
Let me first thank all participants to this seminar for the remarkable contributions that were brought up. We hope that you share our opinion, that this seminar was really meaningful and useful
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Afghanistan Death TollAfghanistan Death Toll
Kabul, Afghanistan a roadside bomb killed four U. S. soldiers in eastern Afghanistan yesterday, adding to the toll in what has already been the conflict's deadliest month for Western forces
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