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India’s role, how this role was perceived and why? It is also a good time to draw lessons from the experience since we must get down to the business of developing positions on the negotiations to which we have committed ourselves along with other wto members
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In wto adjudicationIn wto adjudication
1985, Oxford; J. D., 1989, Harvard. Angier B. Duke Scholar, 1980-84; Marshall Scholar, 1984-86. Professor Bhala is the author of International Trade Law: Theory and Practice
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Appellate bodyAppellate body
Table 4: wto agreements addressed in Appellate Body reports circulated in 2014 14
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Annex a submissions of BrazilAnnex a submissions of Brazil
Annex a-1 Response of Brazil to Communication of 16 May 2001 from Canada to Brazil
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Initial briefs of parties and third partiesInitial briefs of parties and third parties
Brazil’s Brief on Preliminary Issue Regarding the “Peace Clause” of the Agreement on Agriculture
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List of abbreviations 444 table of casesList of abbreviations 444 table of cases
Panel Report, Australia – Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon, wt/DS18/R and Corr. 1, adopted 6 November 1998, modified by Appellate Body Report, wt/DS18/AB/R, dsr 1998: VIII, 3407
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