Chapter 3 – The Basic News Story Exercises 3 Crime storyChapter 3 – The Basic News Story Exercises 3 Crime story
Read the following information and write a focus sentence at the top of your story. Then jot down an order for your story. Assume that you are a reporter in Tampa, Fla., and you are writing this story for the Monday morning newspaper
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What, Why, and How?What, Why, and How?
Adverbs: These are words you can use to modify—to describe or add meaning to—other words. Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns. Examples: young, small, loud, short, fat, pretty. Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs
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By David EvjenBy David Evjen
Kanye West released his new video that shows him on a motorcycle with a naked Kim Kardashian. It’s really quite breathtaking with the couple riding down the road and the wind whipping through Kim’s ass
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Children & youth ministryChildren & youth ministry
At the end of the 30 seconds, put two pairs together and give the foursome a minute to find something all 4 students have in common. Finally, each group can present the list of things they have in common
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The Rationale For the IssurThe Rationale For the Issur
Gemara (B’rachos 17a): It is assur to daven from a high point on the ground. The Gemara adds certain items that would also be problematic such as chairs, benches, and beds
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The jolson storyThe jolson story
A quaint turn-of-the-century street with horse-drawn carriages and the Capitol building in b g
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Burglary storyBurglary story
Use quotes where you think they fit best. In the burglary occurred yesterday, your interviews today and the story and will appear and tomorrow’s newspaper
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The oldest version is "Yeh-hsien" from China, over 1000 years old; however, that some of the common elements of Cinderella occur in an Egyptian story from some 3-4,000 years ago
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The destructorsThe destructors
Wormsley Common Gang. No one was surprised except Mike, but Mike at the age of nine was surprised by everything. 'If you don't shut your mouth,' somebody once said to him, 'you'll get a frog down it
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45 Narrative Prompts Imaginative/Fictional Narrative45 Narrative Prompts Imaginative/Fictional Narrative
Suppose you had invented a time machine. Write a story about what you did with it
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Leaving hotel calafornixLeaving hotel calafornix
Ending the dam ages, forcing the collection of that which falls from the heavens and/or your ass, o camillo
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Scottish highlanderScottish highlander
Afterwards mrs. James gooden, london, a noble-souled woman, whose warm-hearted and patriotic
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Nyswma october 14, 2006 Meeting ReportNyswma october 14, 2006 Meeting Report
The regular meeting of the nyswma was held on 10-14-06 at the Ling Ling Restaurant. It was attended by Greg Speiss, Bob Meakin, Dale Stockton, Darren Pinzer, Jack Sincock, and Bert Mead
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Warning signs and opportunitiesWarning signs and opportunities
Rosa Parks had been thrown off a city bus in Montgomery because she had refused to enter through the back door of the bus. The driver then kept her money, told her to step outside, and drove away
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The Club of the Seven DreamersThe Club of the Seven Dreamers
I had passed, and through which certain others who once were men had passed! And I knew the endless cycle of the future which none like me may escape…I shall live forever, be conscious forever
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