Saralee Bernstein, Retired LibrarianSaralee Bernstein, Retired Librarian
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Book and Film ReviewsBook and Film Reviews
Reviews are short descriptions of books, films, plays, tv programmes… They are written to give your opinion/recommendation about whether (or not) people should read a book or see a film/play…
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Discovering the Story: a city and Its CultureDiscovering the Story: a city and Its Culture
Underground Railroad. Upon viewing the painting, students will discuss the individuals represented in this work of art and their contributions to the story of the Underground Railroad. Students will also discuss the ways in which art can portray a moment
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Press release for immediate releasePress release for immediate release
Interest in their baby cousins’ nappies brings victory for Jack m and Nicola b from Glasgow, uk, in the Xperimania school competition. The 'Check out the property!' competition, run via the Xperimania website
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Regulatory Mode Theory Running Head: regulatory mode theoryRegulatory Mode Theory Running Head: regulatory mode theory
Modes of Self-Regulation: Assessment and Locomotion as Independent Determinants in Goal-Pursuit
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Stone Fox Teacher’s Book  Part I  Teacher’s Guide and Teaching PlanStone Fox Teacher’s Book  Part I  Teacher’s Guide and Teaching Plan
Willy decided to enter the National Dogsled Race for the prize money. But he had to compete against Stone Fox, an Indian who had five beautiful Samoyeds and had never lost a race. Stone Fox also needed the prize money badly
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The object of focus, theThe object of focus, the
Cincinnati Art Museum, and post-videoconferencing lesson activities. Students, through this lesson, will reinforce skills in observation, comparison and contrast, and writing conventions
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2500 California Plaza2500 California Plaza
It may be connected to elementary students’ personal experience with spina bifida or their questions about prenatal development and recent news stories on prenatal surgery
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Week 2 assessment: project proposal draftWeek 2 assessment: project proposal draft
To bring a fresh, technological, innovative, and new visual experience to the game industry
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Stone Fox Teacher’s Book  Part I  Teacher’s Guide and Teaching PlanStone Fox Teacher’s Book  Part I  Teacher’s Guide and Teaching Plan
They also write creatively in the form of a diary, an acrostic poem and an extended story
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Grassroots training manualGrassroots training manual
Organizations such as the California Chiropractic Association (cca) that are successful at influencing policy-makers frequently increase their effectiveness through the mobilization of local community support
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