Book and Film ReviewsBook and Film Reviews
Reviews are short descriptions of books, films, plays, tv programmes… They are written to give your opinion/recommendation about whether (or not) people should read a book or see a film/play…
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English 9 Mrs. Sauberlich Silent Reading Reading the ClassicsEnglish 9 Mrs. Sauberlich Silent Reading Reading the Classics
My hope is that through reading the classics, you will grow in awareness, knowledge, and wisdom about literature and life. Here’s how Reading the Classics will work this year
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Genre Study: Book ReviewGenre Study: Book Review
Like Atwell, I have to ask, how are book reports improving literacy when they are merely regurgitations of plot summary, and how are they relevant to “real-life”?
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Enga 5831: American Crime StoriesEnga 5831: American Crime Stories
Karen Halttunen, Murder Most Foul: The Killer and the America Gothic Imagination
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Review for Through the Magic Door™Review for Through the Magic Door™
We refer to this outcome as transparency, i e the reviews are a shortcut to the determination to buy the book and then can be used as a tool for the effective use of the book, without, in the beginning
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Prof. Bruce Harvey aml 5505 Modern Southern FictionProf. Bruce Harvey aml 5505 Modern Southern Fiction
Biscayne Bay Office and Hours: ac1 320, 305-919-5254, 6: 00-7: 30 and by appointment
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