A magnolia pictures release the good doctorA magnolia pictures release the good doctor
Martin’s way and he can’t seem to shake off his insecurities. When 18-year-old patient Diane (Riley Keough) is admitted for a kidney infection, Martin steps in, getting the much-needed boost of self-esteem he craves
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Blues, then and now the History of the Blues Frank LeanzaBlues, then and now the History of the Blues Frank Leanza
It began in Africa and was brought to America with the slaves. It portrays a condition of depression or melancholy. It is often associated with sadness, sorrow, loneliness, protest, tragedy and sexuality. It is the story of the blues
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Jump Into JazzJump Into Jazz
For a complete and detailed jazz dance history, as well as jazz dance technique lessons, and all other basics a jazz dance student needs to know, look for the book Jump Into Jazz, Fifth Edition, 2005, by Minda Goodman Kraines and Esther
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Who is Steve Amerson?Who is Steve Amerson?
He was also one of three tenors chosen to record demonstration tapes used by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in preparation for “The 3 Tenors” performances
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Written by Barry StringfellowWritten by Barry Stringfellow
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Irene Sharaff: a life in Technicolor Initial InterestIrene Sharaff: a life in Technicolor Initial Interest
I planned to focus on her designs for musicals, but her work throughout her career proved interesting and significant, so the breadth of my project expanded from merely musicals to a retrospective on her life’s work
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