Tcaps montessori Upper Elementary CurriculumTcaps montessori Upper Elementary Curriculum
The upper elementary students, ages 9-12, transition to more abstract thinking relying more heavily on books and other resource material as they strengthen the work begun in the lower elementary
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Welcome to mill lodge primary schoolWelcome to mill lodge primary school
Thank you for your interest in Mill Lodge Primary School. This prospectus is part of a set of resources that will inform you about our school
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Foundation Stage Teaching & Learning Messengers/WitnessesFoundation Stage Teaching & Learning Messengers/Witnesses
Show photos of people who work in school and match them to a message, ‘Who would say that/this?’ ‘John won’t be in school today – he’s unwell’
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Reading JournalsReading Journals
Entries can take an infinite variety of forms to include jottings, diagrams, charts, lists, mind maps, questions, predictions and letters, as well as more formal writing such as reviews or pieces related to close analysis of character
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Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Geneva, 13-15 September 2006
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