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Rob: Whenever I speak to high schools, and every once in a while I do a high school commencement or I speak for my incoming students at Montclair State, I tell them about John Stephen Akhwari. John Stephen Akhwari, a-k-h-w-a-r-i, 1968
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Marketing packMarketing pack
Candoco Dance Company celebrates its 20 years of groundbreaking dance with two bold and unexpected commissions
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Burning down the house: round oneBurning down the house: round one
Were you one of the tens of Americans who watched the American Music Awards this year? If so, you’ve got a leg up on this bonus. Name these winners ftpe from the category of ffpe if you need the name of their album
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Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) CompositionComposer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) Composition
The Marriage of Figaro is an opera Mozart composed in 1786. An overture is a piece of music that is performed before the opera story begins; it prepares the audience for the rest of the story of The Marriage of Figaro
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The event of mubahila part 1The event of mubahila part 1
In the early days of Islam, Najran was a large centre of people who had changed from idol worship to Christianity. The Prophet (S) had sent letters to the heads of different countries inviting them to Islam
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