Uestions for discussion Inside DetentionUestions for discussion Inside Detention
Why did the news recently report on this story about asylum seekers and immigration detention centres?
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Geography – Year 6Geography – Year 6
Students will consider the obligations people may consider they have as active and informed global citizens
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Uestions for discussion Leadership MovesUestions for discussion Leadership Moves
In the BtN story what do they mean when they refer to the Prime Minister’s job as being risky?
147.89 Kb. 1
Uestions for discussion Canberra ShuffleUestions for discussion Canberra Shuffle
In the BtN story, what style of dance was used to describe the recent cabinet shuffle?
21.3 Kb. 1
October 2016 uestions for discussionOctober 2016 uestions for discussion
Discuss the Btn haiti Hurricane story as a class and record the main points of your discussion
115.94 Kb. 1
Uestions for discussionUestions for discussion
Over the years whale numbers have declined due to whaling which have put some species at risk of extinction. True or false?
169.63 Kb. 1
Uestions for discussion Revisiting NepalUestions for discussion Revisiting Nepal
Before you watch the Revisiting Nepal story, record what you know about the recent earthquake in Nepal
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