Administrative separationsAdministrative separations
Summary. This regulation provides installation units with administrative separation procedures and guidelines to ensure timely and effective processing of legal actions
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Cadet handbook (Revised: August 2008) Table of ContentsCadet handbook (Revised: August 2008) Table of Contents
He or she is courteous, obedient, motivated, dedicated and respectful. He or she has a positive attitude, is a team player, is responsible, and, most importantly, has self-discipline
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W. E. Lopez hc-66, Box 11014W. E. Lopez hc-66, Box 11014
Load them into a magazine, jam it into the well of the m-16 and just wait for Mister Rat. At close range, the soap bullets were lethal. They were particularly effective at night, using a starlight scope to spot the pesky critters
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Aviation Battalion \" Phoenix\"Aviation Battalion " Phoenix"
I'll come get you today out of that hot lz because tomorrow you may have to make the same decision. The Phoenix suffered more casualties in a two year period than any other aviation unit in Viet Nam
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Chapter : (2) The Box chapterChapter : (2) The Box chapter
In 1965 asa began building a major intercept site at Udorn, a Thai town in the far north, near the Mekong River. Called Ramasun Station, it became the location for an flr-9 antenna, and at the height of the Vietnam War, it housed over 1
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