What is a trial?What is a trial?
Trial is a word which is associated with the process of justice. It is the essential component on any judicial system that the accused should receive a fair trial
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Rule by aesthetics: World-class city making in DelhiRule by aesthetics: World-class city making in Delhi
Forthcoming in Ananya Roy and Aihwa Ong (eds) (2011). Worlding Cities: Asian Experiments and the Art of Being Global. Oxford: Blackwell
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Guidelines for arrestGuidelines for arrest
The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the matter of Joginder Kumar Vs State of up ( Crl. Wp no. 9 of 1994 ) made the following observations
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[current affairs] 13 – 19 May 2017[current affairs] 13 – 19 May 2017
Maldives have participated in the project. Pakistan pulled out of the project. The participating nations would be given at least a dedicated transponder for their exclusive use
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Left in Lurch – Struggle for SurvivalLeft in Lurch – Struggle for Survival
Ms. Ishwar Devi is a spinster sister of Shri M. K. Sachdeva and lives with her ailing mother, Smt. Chander Kala (80 yrs.) who is suffering from arthritis
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Ancient culturesAncient cultures
Gender variance or androgyny was often linked to the sacred. Some cultures regarded semen as the essence of male energy and blood the essence of female energy. Both fluids were considered magical substances
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