Co-op History Walking Tour Start at Bldg 6Co-op History Walking Tour Start at Bldg 6
It was fully occupied in February of 1928. The street address is 74 Van Cortlandt Park South. But none of the entrances are on a main street. Instead they are within an inner court. Each entrance leads to 11 apartments 2 or 3 families per
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Questions for discussionQuestions for discussion
Should all buildings in high risk areas be earthquake resistant? Explain your answer
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Design Guide for Single One-off HousesDesign Guide for Single One-off Houses
Much of the rural house design throughout the county over the last few decades are a result of “catalogue” type housing, where new dwellings are randomly located on a site with no reference to existing site contours, orientation
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KS1 Topic: Oceans and Seas Block F: Boats And ShipsKS1 Topic: Oceans and Seas Block F: Boats And Ships
Paint, make sketches, write journal entries, use code and write ship telegrams. Carry out floating and sinking experiments, construct boats and finally put on a regatta with sandwiches and prizes!
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Before watching the BtN story, record what you know about tsunamisBefore watching the BtN story, record what you know about tsunamis
What early warning systems are in place to know when and where a tsunami is likely to hit?
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I. copyrights a. IntroductionI. copyrights a. Introduction
If distinguishable variation. Originality means little more than a prohibition of actual copying. Can have independent creation. Mezzotints were versions of works in public domain. But exact copy not protectable
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February 2016 uestions for discussionFebruary 2016 uestions for discussion
Before you watch the Nuclear Dump story, predict what you think the story is about
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