Mpa eBulletin, Dec. 28, 2011Mpa eBulletin, Dec. 28, 2011
The pace at which newspapers are joining the effort to upload pdfs to mpa's ftp site has leveled off. That is not good. Even though dozens of newspapers are uploading pdfs of their pages to the ftp site
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Grapevine newsletterGrapevine newsletter
All Grapevine/La Viña Digital magazine subscribers have been upgraded to the all-inclusive Grapevine Online (gv online) subscription
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The Language of the HeartThe Language of the Heart
Gift Certificates are now available at the aagrapevine org Store for Grapevine, La Viña print magazines; Grapevine Online & Grapevine Story Archive
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Paper for discourse & communication titlePaper for discourse & communication title
Title: Turkish Newspapers’ role in winning votes and exasperating Turkish-Kurdish relations: The Ağrı shootings
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Dot-font talking about fontsDot-font talking about fonts
Batty Publisher. I am distributing the text under a Creative Commons License; you’re welcome to read it, copy it, print it out, pass it on, quote from it
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