The history of the telephone by herbert n. CassonThe history of the telephone by herbert n. Casson
Thirty-five short years, and presto! the newborn art of telephony is fullgrown. Three million telephones are now scattered abroad in foreign countries, and seven millions are massed here, in the land of its birth
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Grace united church council minutesGrace united church council minutes
Moved by Val Adamson and seconded by Shirley Willis that the agenda be approved. Carried
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The poll taxThe poll tax
Nearly a year after the first bills were sent out, hundreds of thousands of working class people have not paid a single penny of their bills. Millions more are massively in arrears. Councils are despairing of ever recovering their money
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Literature from classics to modern (2) Sir Walter ScottLiterature from classics to modern (2) Sir Walter Scott
Scottish novelist, poet, historian, and biographer who is often considered both the inventor and the greatest practitioner of the historical novel
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Great, great, great grandparentsGreat, great, great grandparents
Norway. In Russia he erected the chapel for the Presbyterians that stood so near the old Russia Union Church; was always a trustee of the Russia Union Church. Silvanus was one of the founders of Knox College, Illinois. See
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Blankenship, Sr. March 27 2001 Generation No. 1 Ralph1 blankenshipBlankenship, Sr. March 27 2001 Generation No. 1 Ralph1 blankenship
Ralph1 blankenship, sr was born Abt. 1662 in Northumberland, England, and died 1714 in Roxdale, Henrico Co., Va. He married martha ? 1690 in Virginia. She was born Ab
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Wartime memories of the 1940-1946Wartime memories of the 1940-1946
Unfortunately, there are gaps in the temporal context. It is a subjective view of his own experiences. Story takes place here in the restricted field of view. Any political opinion or ideology is not represented here
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Jefferson County Relocation PackageJefferson County Relocation Package
Introduction 2
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Grand Lodge of New York Masonic Lodge Histories Lodge Nos. 201-230Grand Lodge of New York Masonic Lodge Histories Lodge Nos. 201-230
Copy of 1910 Grand Lodge Historian’s Report kindly provided by R.’. W.’. Thomas Savini, Director
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