D. Salinger Author: Ruth Prigozy FromD. Salinger Author: Ruth Prigozy From
What is most striking, after thirty years of critical attention, are the contradictory, even antipodal responses to each of the collected stories
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Romulus, my fatherRomulus, my father
But the glamorous Christina feels increasingly out of place and depressed in this desolate and foreign land, and struggling with her role as a mother and wife, eventually deserts the family, running off with Romulus’s best friend
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Completed Discussion Foster, Selected ChaptersCompleted Discussion Foster, Selected Chapters
Introduction”, “Interlude: Does He Mean That?”, “Interlude: One Story”, “Is That a Symbol?”, “Is He Serious? And Other Ironies”, “Envoi”
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History of Bipolar DisorderHistory of Bipolar Disorder
Variations in moods and energy levels have for centuries been observed as part of the human experience. The words "melancholia" (an old word for depression) and "mania" have their origin in Ancient Greek
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Fiction point of View SamplesFiction point of View Samples
Write a scene or short-short story with an emotional arc—i e some value change
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