Lorraine Sherer, Education: Los AngelesLorraine Sherer, Education: Los Angeles
Robert G. Cowan. Number 20 of 300 copies printed by the Ward Ritchie Press. This authentic work examines the old Mojave Indian family system, giving specific data concerning family names. [Paher 1786; Rocq si638]
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Die fledermausDie fledermaus
When he turns himself in at the jail, he finds Alfred and Rosalinda already there. The three confront each other, the rest of the cast magically appear, tension dissolves and all unite in singing the praises of champagne
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Unveiling New Orientalism: An Exploration in ImagesUnveiling New Orientalism: An Exploration in Images
Western consciousness? It is essential to note that it is not my intention to pass any sort of judgment on the practice of veiling. I am primarily interested in exploring what we in the West can learn about ourselves in the way we chose to depict the veiled
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Shia LiteratureShia Literature
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Greater Sins Vol. 3 1 2 Greater SinsGreater Sins Vol. 3 1 2 Greater Sins
Alhamdolillaah, Islamic Study Circle is pleased to announce the publication of the third and the final volume of the English Translation of Ayatullah Dastghaib’s Gunahaane Kabeera
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This is an electronic version of an article published inThis is an electronic version of an article published in
Bilingual poetry: expanding the cognitive and cultural dimensions of children’s learning
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3rd European Independent Living Day, May 5th 2016 – Report Introduction3rd European Independent Living Day, May 5th 2016 – Report Introduction
Living Day was celebrated in Europe (and beyond!) with the presence of 30 countries. Although this year 5th May was a bank holiday at many places, the overall participation increased in comparison to 2015
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The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna By m forewordThe Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna By m foreword
Rarer still, however, are the competent reporters and recorders of that genius. The world has had many hundreds of admirable poets and philosophers; but of these hundreds only a very few have had the fortune to attract a Boswell or an
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On Surat Al Kahaf First SermonOn Surat Al Kahaf First Sermon
All praise is due to Allah. He revealed the Book (Quran) and has not made therein any deviance. He also provided relief and a way out for those who obey Him. I bear witness that there is no deity save Allah, having no associates
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Dear Sai brothers and sistersDear Sai brothers and sisters
Vrata Pooja. We were posting these methods/procedures in 8 parts in our ‘saidevotees worldnet’ website. Many members wanted this as a consolidated post
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Prashanthi vahiniPrashanthi vahini
Prashanthi Nilayam, and this book is the English Translation of a series he wrote, on the subject, "Prashanthi". Study it with devotion, dear reader, and practice its lessons, for they are from the Avatar of the Lord Himself
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Links & Connections Chapter-by-chapterLinks & Connections Chapter-by-chapter
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Marco massignanMarco massignan
Working knowledge of English language. Basic knowledge of German, French, and Spanish languages
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Joseph Finds Favor Bible Background • genesis 41: 1-52 Printed Text • genesis 41: 37-45, 50-52Joseph Finds Favor Bible Background • genesis 41: 1-52 Printed Text • genesis 41: 37-45, 50-52
By the end of the lesson, we will: study how Joseph’s faithfulness is rewarded; explore how superior performance can lead to honor; and commit to responsible actions and superior performance
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